'Majority Miss Out On Growth'

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis.

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis.


Deputy Chief Reporter


PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis conceded yesterday that only a small group of Bahamians benefit from economic growth in the country, but assured citizens the government is addressing blockages that stifle job creation and perpetuate poverty.

For some, the economic growth has done nothing to ease the burden of living on consumers, Dr Minnis said, many telling him survival remains difficult.

Dr Minnis was speaking during the opening of Bahamas Institute of Chartered Accountants Week at Baha Mar’s Convention Centre.

Following his presentation, the prime minister refused to answer questions from The Tribune and other media regarding the country’s position on a two-year Federal Bureau of Investigation probe that uncovered alleged work permit bribery in the Bahamas as part of a larger US visa fraud scheme.

Reporters were told moments before by a handler that the prime minister would not take questions.

When reporters did ask questions, the handler, a police aid who was positioned to Dr Minnis’ left, swatted the microphones of two reporters, saying: “Don’t put the mic in my face.”

To this Dr Minnis said: “Y’all relax, y’all relax.”

During his earlier presentation, Dr Minnis said the economy was turning the corner, but the improvement was not being felt in the pocket of the common man. He said it was important there was no return to the years of wasteful reckless spending.

“As we meet this year I am pleased that public finances are being restored and that the annual deficit has been reduced by half even as we are making significant social investments in education, entrepreneurship programmes, combatting crime and other initiatives to involve the lives and prospects of our people,” Dr Minnis said during the event.

“My government recently launched the small business development centre in partnership with the University of the Bahamas and the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce.

“Our guiding principle is that sustainable economic growth should be driven by Bahamian investment and creativity in tandem with strategic foreign direct investment.

“We have to continue to address the blockages that prevent Bahamian ownership, that stifle job creation and that perpetuate poverty.

“I have just recently visited Spanish Wells and Eleuthera and I had to remind them that in 2013 our economy grew by a negative 0.6 percent, in 2014 it grew by a negative 1.2 percent, in 2015 it grew by a negative 3.1 percent, in 2016 it grew by 0.6 percent, in 2017 it grew by 1.4 percent and is projected by the IMF to grow in 2018 2.1 percent.

“I say this because I reminded them that we are now turning the corner but we still have a long way to go,” Dr Minnis said.

“And regardless too if our economy grows 2.5, 3.5 or five percent the most important factor moving forward is a small grouping cannot continuously feel the benefit while the majority of us at the bottom still do not feel it. Growth means nothing to the individual if he does not see it in his pocket. That is the first question I am asked as I continually visit most of my friends.

“They tell me that the economy is growing but it is still difficult to pay my light bill and other expenses. It is not affecting me. That, the government must change. Monies must reach the lower level,” Dr Minnis said.


Well_mudda_take_sic 8 months ago

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis conceded yesterday that only a small group of Bahamians benefit from economic growth in the country, but assured citizens the government is addressing blockages that stifle job creation and perpetuate poverty.

The Dimwitted Doc doesn't appreciate that most struggling Bahamians consider him to be by far the single biggest "blockage" to their well-being. Wastful and reckless spending under Minnis is a growth business as is corruption. The only thing that has changed are the faces of the politically elite bandits and their cronies!


TalRussell 8 months ago

OMG ma comrades - what a regressive "miss out" 552 days since Minnis and Brent tooks over reigns power. If you didn't know about "miss out" before day 552 - you mussy hearing dead cause you're now being told by two governing most Imperial reds that if you weren't in red shirts special club most privileged or among politically connected or cushy appoints fully funded not miss out direct access vaults PeoplesPublicPurse...... Then count ya self among majority who were left out opportunities..... That is left you and your children's left be expected get your opportunity weeding grass of the privileged.
More likes a return back in time "weeding grass" for the many since original bloodlines first left straight from African shores be landing in harbour Nassau Town... Only this time, the colonialists too are being asked weed grass,
{ Ma comrades, not my "miss out" made up words. As painful as its meant, this for real }.


birdiestrachan 8 months ago

the problem is doc believes his own lies. imagine him saying Mr small things building is a gift to the Bahamas when they had all of the information and they could underbid

Doc treats Reporters worse than Trump.


birdiestrachan 8 months ago

doc gave the location of the post office to the small group he talks about, The FNM gave the Arawak port to this small group and he will soon give the cruise port to this group

he believes the peoples time voters are stupid. or maybe it is him,


concernedcitizen 8 months ago

Actually Ingraham made it available for Bahamians to buy blocks of shares in the port for as little as 500 dollars ,he also made it so government workers could purchase and have it deducted from their salary , did you buy any ,the people that did have done quite well.He also had the same thing set what w BTC but before it could happen the PLP got back in and pulled strong arm crap to get their cronies back on the board ,,That's the facts


sheeprunner12 8 months ago

We all know who the ONE PERCENTERS are ............ Many sit in Cabinet & Parliament.

They will continue to fleece us ........... and increase the tax burden for their benefits.


SP 8 months ago

PM Minnis has quickly fallen in love with the "hew" and elite Lyford Cay "few" that did all possible to hinder his rise to the prime ministership, and totally lost touch with the majority that gave him power!

The FNM bullshyt about the need to raise BPL power cost due to increases in fuel cost is absolute balderdash. Oil prices are at the lowest for the entire year and falling as oil markets are increasingly oversupplied, and crude prices plummeting. Oil fell yet again on today, with the string of losses starting to mount hitting fresh one-year lows in this morning.


At least Christie danced while bullshyting us!!


bogart 8 months ago

BRUTALLY HONEST ....ASSESSMENT BY THE CEO....CANNOT EVER REMEMBER ANY ADMINISTRATION .....WID CUT TO THE CHASE ASSESSMENT.....NO FLOWERY SPEECHYFYING....NO SUGARY COATING....NO BIG LONG DRAWN OUT TALKING SPEECH......REAL BIG BIG WORDS.....CATCHY PHRASES...INVOKING ERRY EXCUSES UNDER THE SUN.......blaming erry ting else.....'specially da UBP......an errybody else from before Majority Rule.....What dis means....is dat all the so called chosen...selected elites.....to carry out the peoples dem program bring lov to the sufferin...create jobs....punish bullies....victimizers....(still no Whistle Blowers Protection Act....no FOIA...no Financial Ombudxman)......uplift da pore....and achieve goals..da peoples time ..those elites responsible....needs to be fired.....cause dey aint doing dey job...


Chucky 8 months ago

While true the money don't get to the small person.

Also true that anyone who is smart and super hard working with a resaonable manner finds opportunity.

If he's talking about Did it rings for dah small person he must be talking about fixing the education system and changing our Bahamian attitude cause dat what holding everyone back.


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