Strike Force's Greg Taylor Top Scorer In Financial Bowling League

THE top scorer in the Financial Bowling League competition Wednesday night was Greg Taylor of the Strike Force with a 262 high game and a 651 high three game set.

The runner-up was teammate Stan Bethel with a 612 second high set.

Ural Pratt of the Moonlight Strikers downed the pins for the second high game of 227.

The MVP for the ladies was Joy Lockhart of the BTC Night Hawks with a 193 second high game and a 519 high three game series.

She was followed by Micah Hepburn of the Rubis Oil Stars with a 490 second high set.

Tara Culmer of the Moonlight Strikers struck for the high game of 202.

The scores of the evening were as follows:

ZNS Hill Thrillers 2, Moonlight Strikers 1; Best Deal Kirki Bar 2, Rubis Oil Stars 1; Deloitte & Touche 2, BTC Night Hawks 1 and Strike Force 2, Leno Corporate Services 1.

The top five teams after nine weeks of the first half of play are as follows:

Teams W L

Best Deal Kirki Bar

15 11

BTC Night Hawks

14 13

Moonlight Strikers

14 13

Rubis Oil Stars

14 13

Leno Corporate

Services 14 13


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