Fox Hill community centre shut after govt fails to pay staff

PLP Chairman Fred Mitchell. (File photo)

PLP Chairman Fred Mitchell. (File photo)

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party chairman Fred Mitchell says the Fox Hill Community Centre has been “effectively shuttered” after the government failed to pay staff for five months.

The former Fox Hill MP said staff of the facility were unable to work on Friday, underscoring this development came as the government opened the Coconut Grove Community Centre, named after the late Edmund Moxey.

Both centres are sponsored by the Inter-American Development Bank’s Citizen Security Programme, with the Fox Hill facility serving as the pilot project.

Yesterday, Mr Mitchell claimed a scheduled government programme could not operate “because the government has not paid staff of the centre for five months and has paid nothing for the use of the facility and its upkeep.”

“This last of payment of the staff is the third time that this has happened since I lost office in May 2017,” Mr Mitchell said.

“The MP for the area appears unable to do anything to assist.”

The failure to pay staff “adds to the list of other commitments in default,” the PLP Senator continued.

“You will remember my constantly pointing out that the Government despite its promise and publicly announced commitment to do so did not pay the power bill and allowed the facility’s power to be tuned off last year this time and it was without power for eight months until a loan was extended to the Board to return the power. It appears that the power is on the verge of being cut off again.

Mr Mitchell said: “I have since learned that the facility in Quakoo Street which was the second one of the Community Centres in the citizen security initiative sponsored by the IDB has been closed and the staff let go. I am advised that the Minister of National Security listed both Fox Hill and Quakoo Streets at the opening in Coconut Grove as examples of the citizen security initiative.

“Surely the IDB ought to question what the Government is doing in both Fox Hill and in Quakoo Street,” he added.

Mr Mitchell pointed to reports that the Quakoo Street centre has also been shuttered, and called for full disclosure on the matter.

He insisted the Fox Hill facility was “badly needed”, and expressed concerns it was under threat of having its electricity shut off for a second time due to non-payment.

He said it appeared the FNM administration had “convenient amnesia” over commitments made by the former PLP administration.

“My interest is that the Government should live up to its commitments: pay the staff, the utility bills and the contractors so that the end stage repairs can be done,” Mr Mitchell said.

“They can leave the politics for another place and time.”


ohdrap4 5 years ago

i guess the pool will rot till there are tree roots growing in it . AGAIN. the foundation of the original building at fox hill sat there till there were trees growing in it.

perhaps mr. mitchell cam help pay for the pool maintenance.


OMG 5 years ago

I love it-Fred telling this government to live up to its commitments. PLP squandered money left right and center and just one of Freds money wasting trips could have kept this center going for a year at least. On the flip side yes the government should pay u.


joeblow 5 years ago

... and despite that its impact in the community has not decreased!


sheeprunner12 5 years ago

So true OMG ........... Probably he can tell us about the "cost over-runs" during the 2012-17 period that plagued the FHCC ............ He needs to go and RIP


proudloudandfnm 5 years ago

PLP couldn't pay police, nurses, their own ma on time and he runnin on????

Fred is one serious a-hole.....


realfreethinker 5 years ago

My question is. Is this community center a " government" community center,or is it center created by Fred for his personal grandisement?


sheeprunner12 5 years ago

Fred wanted to create a "community center" without investing any personal MP money ........... so he got this IDB scheme to front for his "good works".


licks2 5 years ago

This building was done many years before the IDB initiatives came around. . .this was started by the PLP candidate before Fred. . .Fred completed the center about 15 years ago. . .it may have been placed on the IDB list during the last PLP government. . .but that canter is not a government center. . .it is a community build and ran center. . .


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