Bpl Tender Issue

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Absolutely no apology! I return to the BP&L RFP/tender issue as there has been no resolution to correct malpractice and breach of the Electricity Act 2015. Your Editorial position believing the opinion of BP&L is wrong - you have not spoken to URCA who controls the practice of BP&L who are not lords unto themselves.

The RFP called for proposals to replace the Aggreko Diesel standby generator…specifically stated 80 MW. Note standby-80MW.

The Shell Americas proposal deals with a 275MW level of generation - not a standby system but a full new generation system powered by LNG gas which at this time has no Regulations to govern the use of.

A blind man can see the difference so can hundreds of others but it seems BP&L, Cabinet can’t…have to wonder why? Where is URCA?

The Chamber of Commerce questioned this process because members felt disadvantaged. Numerous writers clearly in the know questioned the process – the Minister responsible loathes voice probably on orders and the Prime Minister seems satisfied but this was flawed to the hilt. The RFP must be cancelled as it breached the law and process.



September 30, 2018.


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