Update: Another Fire At Bpl’S Clifton Pier Facility


SUNDAY 10.40pm UPDATE: Police are reporting that there is another fire at BPL’s Clifton Pier facility.


Aftermath of Friday’s BPL fire

This was the scene at Bahamas Power and Light’s Clifton Pier facility in the aftermath of a fire which broke out on Friday night.

Police had reported at 11.30pm that there were three units at the facility to tackle the blaze.

There are few details at the moment, but this photo and video from Bahamas Electrical Workers Union president Paul Maynard shows damage as a result of the incident.


John 2 months, 1 week ago

Hope they investigate for arson.


TheMadHatter 2 months, 1 week ago

BahamaPundit - you should know from Andros that Government tingums dont have no insurance, LOL.


mandela 2 months, 1 week ago

I just hope the light stays on


ThisIsOurs 2 months, 1 week ago

Wake me up when September ends


BMW 2 months ago

Arson! Pick up Paul, I honestly think he is crazy.


DDK 2 months ago

Why is there not 24 hours security AND a police presence at ALL power stations in the Bahamas?


concernedcitizen 2 months ago

Anyone notice when a private company has majority shares and control ,BTC ,ALIV etc you don,t get all of this union nonsense ..,The union can no longer strong arm the government for raises by promising political support ,,ie buying votes .For the love of all that is good the deal w Shell NA to build own and operate the power plant can,t come soon enough .The separation packages that went on at BTC and at BEC are used to get rid of overstaffing and bad apples .This nonsense now is bc people where being brought in to go over the stores ,supplies etc .The union don,t want thar bc you will see where all the "theefin" lack of proper maintenance etc went on .


TheMadHatter 2 months ago

We need to return to British rule. Everyone here is a cousin of the next one - and so there are no real rules or enforcement. Everyone pays a higher price for everyone else trying to "save".

There are no real short cuts, as our country is learning now about the high cost of cheap labour.


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