Hey, I Know Her! Ethereal Eve


Women are such fun creatures. They naturally birth ideas, grow concepts and multiply anything that is given to them. Every woman is a force to be reckoned with.

We are looking at personality traits that will make us say, "Hey! I know her!"

Let's call our first female personality Eve - she is ethereal, the epicentre, mother of all the living. She's the first lady, the first mom, first sinner - somehow the same way we connect to the historic Eve, in many ways we all connect right back to her. Do you know anyone in your circle around whom everything naturally revolves?

The Eve in our groups naturally commands our attention because of an unfeigned, quiet power and natural grace that makes her one of a kind. Anyone familiar with my family knows I have an aunt named Claudette. She is the eldest of her siblings. She was no nonsense, decisive, and confident in her power to run the show. My formative years were spent in fear of her, to be honest. Aunt Claudette was regarded with such respect that they all called her "sister." She is a worker, a matriarch, a wise counsellor, a decision maker, a keeper of secrets. Believe me, Aunt Claudette is a boss.

Whether by birthright or by sheer personality, I've met some other women over the years who never attempt to be anything; they just simply are. Ethereal Eve's deportment is elegant; her attitude and energy - calm but positive; her opinion - highly regarded, and always rich with wisdom. The Ethereal Eve personality affects us whether we like it or not. However, this power of influence can be dangerous if mishandled or abused. Every Eve has the ability to make or break a situation, person or idea. Eve is a helper, by nature, but she also has an innate ability to get things done herself. But she's is not to be confused with a busy, beloved Becky or a motivated and multi-talented Maria.

I'll stop here to say that Busy Becky and Motivated Maria both have similar characteristics as Eve in that they get things done. They are our go-to women. Our corporations, institutions, offices, homes wouldn't run well without them. We need them to function, and without any question they make our lives easier because they are around. I know a handful of these women as well. In fact, because of my personality, I need them in my life. I appreciate and respect them to no end, and we should because we can't do what they can. They command an attention with an awesome ability to organise, put in place, plan and execute, almost faultlessly. Perhaps you know, or maybe you are the "go-to" person in your circle of friends. Maybe it's you everyone calls at night for a number, a bit of advice, or just to have you around. That in itself is a gift. It means that you have been graced to affect change in people's lives. You know things, you know people, you know a lot, and we need you.

So I return to my point - Ethereal Eve shouldn't be confused with Busy Becky or Multi-talented Maria. You see, where Becky and Maria can be very busy and bustling, moving around as they are needed, Eve has a serenity, a tranquillity that sets her apart. It is this endearing quietude that makes us want to follow her; we want to work with her and want her to be a part of what we are doing. And, if we are honest enough to admit it, in some ways, we want to be just like her.

She is a force of nature and worth knowing. Do you know anyone just like that? God bless you this week.


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