Latter-Day Saints Help Ready The Crisis Centre For Back-To-School

New and returning Fall attendees, their families and visitors to the Bahamas Crisis Centre, particularly of school age, will not only be warmly welcomed by Dr Sandra Dean Patterson and her team, but will also have the benefit of additional provisions gifted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The donation will be presented at the closing ceremony which takes place today at 6pm at the Centre's facilities.

"We would really like to be able to provide a more substantial hot meal for the children," said Dr Dean-Patterson during an exploratory visit to the Centre by LDS humanitarian missionaries Elder and Sister Arrington.

The two missionaries serve in the Jamaica, Kingston, Mission, of which the Nassau Caribbean District is a part. They were joined on their visit by local Church Public Affairs council members Wendy Brown, director, and Cheryl Alexandre, service missionary and media specialist. They further learned that limited refrigerator space and lack of a full-size stove were obstacles to fulfilling the needs of the Centre..

In addition to the refrigerator, stove and a new water cooler, it was pointed out that some time ago computers were donated, but later found to be non-functional. Dr Dean-Patterson noted that having new computers would greatly benefit in the education and entertainment of clients and aid in the effectiveness and efficiency of volunteer psychologists' counselling sessions.

After submissions and approval, the Crisis Centre became the first organisation for 2019/20 period in the Bahamas to be named a benefactor of the the LDS' worldwide humanitarian efforts.

"Dr Sandra Dean-Patterson is a champion for the cause of all those who have been affected by violence and abuse. She and her fellow doctors are doing a great service to your island home. We found her and the work of the Crisis Centre she oversees to be compelling and we were glad to try to find a way to help," said the visiting missionaries.

Since 1985, LDS Charities has served in 195 countries, providing assistance to millions of people. Garet Charles Kemp, president of the local church branch, located on Soldier Road, said: "We are humbled and grateful for charitable opportunities to follow the example of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, in serving and uplifting our brothers and sisters. Our eyes and ears are open for ways to support, cheer and partner with other organisations like the Crisis Centre who sacrifice in doing the same."

LDS members, missionaries, church auxiliaries and the local Public Affairs Council are charged with the divine calling of seeking out the needy in families, churches and the community, working together to support and galvanise government, non-government, religious and community partners to meet those needs in Christ-like love and service.


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