No One Has The Divine Right To Be Nominated

EDITOR, The Tribune

What is it, people demanding nominations?

No person has the divine right, to be nominated to any political party, or even any social appointment.

This is total arrogance and misunderstanding of democratic process. Parties should not put an age limit…as long as the person is of sound mind, has no criminal record, is not a bankrupt – he or she has all the rights to nominate.

Politicians not understanding, that there is an end to every length of rope…hint Mr. Miller - hint Mr. Wilchcombe - hint to all other potential candidates.

Drownings? Glad to see Eye Witness News addressed the issue of that today, daily in the height of summer, swimming season, no Life Guards on Junkanoo Beach, Western Esplanade, Saunders Beach and Goodman's Bay - why? If you cannot afford them instruct the Commodore RBDF to assign marines daily to that duty. No life should be put in danger, especially when you made so much fuss, when you put up the Life Guard stations, which are empty!

Signs - oh those signs! Environment go around and collect them all. My guess is that none has approvals/permits.



August 7, 2019.


August 3, 2019.


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