We Deserve Better Than Being Held Hostage By Bpl

EDITOR, The Tribune.

The recurrent power outages has negatively impacted so many businesses and residents in New Providence. This has left many of us with no air conditioning during the brunt of high tempered conditions, spoiled perishable food items, and for some difficulties involving their health. To this date there are no clear answers and poor communication about resources for mitigation.

As we are aware, the Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) is the only company providing electricity throughout the island. But as complex as New Providence is, we are depending on reliable services, including public utilities. This is why the Bahamian people need clear answers about the recurrent power outages, which disrupt lives.

In addition to the lack of communication, we still are not aware how BPL will provide an updated contingency plan to prepare for future events. It is more than ever clear that BPL has no regards for its customers, and the company's lack of transparency is egregious.

Electricity is precarious to the health, comfort, and economic vivacity of our island and its people. If a monopolistic corporation such as BPL is unable to provide reliable services, while making billions of dollars in net income; it’s time we reconnoiter alternatives, prioritizing consistency and sustainability.

We are being held hostage by this company who displays a level of gangsterism. The Bahamian people should have the right to have reliable power, which BPL has demonstrated time after time that they are not able to provide. We deserve better! This is why our Government must allow the Public Service Commission to investigate the full effect of the outages while working to implement a systemic policy solution which will ensure all Bahamians have access to the basic service to which they are entitled.

The Bahamas Government must take in careful consideration that many consumers are still paying cumbersome bills for inadequate services. This is an outright disgrace, and we are being taken advantage of. Some form of reimbursement or compensation should be given to consumers. We have been through this situation when it was BEC and now BPL time after time, and again, there is no direct plan to handle conditions like this. No prevention for widespread outages in the future. It’s shameful!



August 8, 2019.


Well_mudda_take_sic 3 months, 4 weeks ago

It's the Minnis-led FNM government that is holding us hostage....not BPL. The dimwittted Minnis and his fellow cabinet ministers are afraid of and terrified by Paul Maynard and his goon squad of saboteurs.


lobsta 3 months, 4 weeks ago

Looks like the union came through on their promise that they would start to sabotage the supply if these new engines got installed.


OMG 3 months, 4 weeks ago

years of lack of investment and despite blaming the FNM give thought to which party held the reigns of power after independence and for the majority of the years since. Which party despite having crown land available purchased a hill in Palmetto Point and paying a fortune for cutting the hill down, numerous expensive ministerial visits to the site, paying for expensive plans for a hospital that could not be afforded and never to be built. Add this hair brained scheme to many others throughout the Bahamas and just maybe you would have funds to renew the vital electrical supply an benefit the many rather than the few.


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