We Need To Get Tough On Immigration Laws

EDITOR, The Tribune

Countries all around the world are getting serious about protecting the borders of their country. Why is the Bahamas being so passive? I saw an article in a paper where a former politician was saying that the government should make illegal immigrants legal and I was shocked! ALL Illegal immigrants should be sent home along with their children. If they choose to go to another country that is their choice but they should not be allowed to stay here. I recently saw a documentary on line about how the Dominican Republic, which is right next to Haiti, changed their constitution and made it retroactive to 1929, so that all illegals, even if they were born there must leave their country. Even those who had citizenship lost it due to this law change. I was shocked. Why doesn’t a particular lawyer and the Haitian activists go to the Dominican Republic and fight them for changing their laws? Their country is bigger than ours and they are Haiti’s neighbours. These people will not go there because the Dominican Republic will not entertain them. They are doing what they feel is best for their country and so should we.

We need to change our laws and the constitution as well if necessary to protect our land from illegal immigrants of all nationalities. The longer we do nothing, the worse things will become. Our schools and health care systems are overcrowded. Why are we giving so many licences for businesses to foreigners? There is a Chinese store on almost every corner! The government needs to do whatever is necessary to deal with the immigration problem now!



July 18, 2019


Economist 5 months ago

Suggest you start with the Bahamas Defence Force as they are supposed to protect our boarder. They have let over 30,000 illegals through so far.

Immigration is swamped because the Bahamas Defence Force sits back and lets the illegals in.


DDK 5 months ago

You are so right but our politicians do not have what it takes to protect our country from illegals. In fact, The People have to spend much of their time trying to protect themselves from the very politicians who are collectively responsible for the current state of affairs with regards not only to immigration but the general mess in which we find ourselves today....


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