Hey, I Know Her! Frank And Stubborn


Each woman is a unique blend of strength and softness makes her worth knowing. She can represent the very best of humanity with grace, faith and steadfast love. Of course, as a helper and then as a leader herself, she truly stands out as one of God's greatest creations. According to Proverbs 31, she is able to multiply and perpetuate what is handed to her, blessing not only herself, but those around her.

She does it with talent, determination and myriad other qualities that make her unique. Today we want to look at two other outstanding traits that will make you think to yourself, "Hey, I know her!"

Frank Frances

This personality is aptly named after my mom, who was the epitome of frank and honest. She never ceased to amaze me with her ability to "tell it like it is". She reminded me all the time of Martha, one of the sisters of Lazarus.

Lazarus was a friend of Christ who got sick and died before Christ could get to him. When Christ did arrive, Martha in all of her grief, told Jesus off. She said, point blank, "If you were here then my brother wouldn't have died!"

Women courageous enough to speak their truth are often misjudged as brash, when in actuality they bring a level of integrity to communication that allows us to be honest as well.

Sadly, this personality type is underappreciated due to fear of speaking our own truth. While we are bombarded with thoughts of "What will people say?" and "How will I be regarded afterward?", Frank Frances has no such issues. In many areas, including and sometimes especially at church, a Frank Frances is perhaps just who we need to graciously speak truth and bring to the forefront ideas and ideals that we need to truly grow.

Now, of course you know I have a disclaimer. Don't confuse Frank Frances with a Rachet Rita or a Loud Lucy. These personalities also tell it like it is but they do so with an immaturity that throws reason and reflection out of the window. In short, where these personalities make noise, Frank Frances makes a point.

Another strong personality we want to look at is Stubborn Sandra.

Stubborn Sandra, and those with similar traits, have the quality of being steadfast in their decision making. They never waver, and are mostly if not always resolute in their beliefs, opinions and feelings. Once this personality has made up her mind, woe to the person who has the awesome task of presenting another view, or even telling her she has made a mistake.

How does having this personality in our circles work for us?

If Stubborn Sandra has sided with you, truly befriended you or has decided that she has your back, come hell or high water, she will be there. She's loyal in connection, fierce in protection and determined to stick with you till the very end. You won't get rid of a Stubborn Sandra.

This trait often carries over into other areas of her life. She is tenacious, and strong-minded about career, family, relationships - a woman who finds a path and follows it with steel resolve.

Stubborn Sandra is sincere, but in some cases, sincerely wrong. Dealing with this personality can be difficult but not impossible. The best thing is to give information with certainty and based upon facts, because once she has made up her mind there is little you can do to change it.

Stubborn Sandra is a gem and what makes her special is an abiding allegiance to what she believes and who she believes in.

Frank Frances and Stubborn Sandra - do you know anyone just like this? God bless you this week!


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