Customs Gamechanger In Switch To Click2clear


Marlon Johnson

By Natario McKenzie

Tribune Business Reporter


CUSTOMS officials said yesterday they had reached a "major milestone" having integrated New Providence seaport to the Click2Clear Portal which will become its primary processing system on September 1.

Superintendent Tyrone Sands, underscoring the importance of this move, stated: "This is important because over 80 percent of cargo coming into The Bahamas comes through the New Providence seaport in the Click2Clear business portal. As of September 1, the legacy system known as eCas (Electronic Customs Automated Services) will not be the primary system used for Customs processing."

He added: "This new system creates a level playing field for all importers. Customs processing will be more transparent, efficient and affordable. The system allows us to move toward a cashless Customs and reduce leakage of duty and revenue collection. In October we will introduce online payment."

Crimson Logic is the technology provider for the electronic single window software.

Financial Secretary Marlon Johnson said: "One of the things that the automated system will do is allow for greater compliance. It will give us a platform to encourage greater compliance simply because it will be a lot more of a challenge to move things around without it being detected. As goods are entered into the system there is artificial intelligence built into the system that will also us to track trends automatically. We can see when there are trends that seem anomalous. We can see when there are specific vendors a group of vendors in the same sector that seem out of sync. It's a gamechanger in a lot of ways."

He continued: "Many businesses are already registered but all businesses should be registered by September 1 to ensure seamless integration. For individuals it will be September 30, so those persons who are importing should be registered."

As to who needs to register on the system Mr Johnson clarified: "If you travel abroad bringing back your own bags you don't have to be registered in the system to declare your bags coming with you. The only individuals who need to be registered are those persons who shop online or bring in goods through brokers or couriers. Bringing in something through a broker or courier you will need to be registered. We know there is some confusion regarding that."


proudloudandfnm 11 months, 3 weeks ago

All this does is piss me off. This says to all of us that duty AND VAT is here to stay....

And I bet money if these guys win next election VAT is going up... Again...

All to pay useless, lazy, unprofessional government employees....

And what does Marlon know about customs procedures? This man is on a drive to make everything in this country complicated and expensive. Time for him to go back to the phone company. He's 100% useless in government...


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