Fnm Meltdown?

EDITOR, The Tribune.

IT is written, rightly or wrongly, “That whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad”. Whether or not this applies to the Minnis administration may be moot, but clearly, something is wrong with it’s style of governance. In recent times any number of troubling issues and public policy initiatives seem to be plaguing this regime.

Dr Minnis appears to have squandered the considerable ‘goodwill’ which was generated by he and his party prior to and during the general elections of 2017. In our recorded history no other political party has evolved into the most hated entity, in a little over two years, than the current edition of the FNM. The majority of cabinet ministers are, obviously, unsuited for the portfolios they hold. The communication skills or lack thereof of the administration and its leadership core are dismal at best and deplorable otherwise.

The situation with the junior doctors should never have been allowed to grow to the level which it has without the intervention of the PM and his inner cabinet. Dr Duane Sands, I am sure, is a good man, but his management style or lack thereof are not, in my view, conducive to the smooth and seamless operation of our health care system. He has also been unable to roll out the long anticipated National Health Care Scheme. He should be reassigned.

The majority of the demands made by the junior doctors are reasonable. A number of them, however, are ridiculous in the extreme. The proposed public parking lot is a good idea but should not have equity participation by the medical profession. I would suggest a public/private sector partnership, similar to the Bridge Authority. The other demands like a duty exemption (no more than 50%) on a private vehicle every so often is fine. Payment of whatever is due and would have been due for years, should and must be paid.

The Bahamas Teachers Union, the Public Service Union and workers all over the public sector are up in arms against this enlightened administration. Why? Simple: lack of communications and dire disrespect on the part of the regime. Anthony ‘Ace’ Newbold meant well and, I am sure, Mrs Erica Wells-Cox also means well but, neither of time are political animals and lack or appear to lack the vision plan for the FNM administration.

Thank God there seems to have been a reduction in the frequency of the load shedding and roiling blackouts at BPL following the visit by Dr Minnis. Unfortunately, the long awaited assorted reports and investigations at that entity have either not yet been released or completed. There are too many “investigations” going on but no light at the end of the tunnel.

The average Bahamian is stressed right out and unless he/she gets some relief soon, this could be yet another one term administration. I want the regime to succeed and will do whatever I am able to do as a patriot, but the governance and missteps belong to Dr Minnis & Company. To God then, in all things, be the glory.



August 28, 2019.


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