Pha: Make Use Of Polyclinics


THE Public Hospitals Authority is urging the general public to make use of polyclinics throughout New Providence as Hurricane Dorian approaches.

PHA said that polyclinics would remain open to the general public until 9pm Friday, August 30, 2019.

However, members of the public are urged to only visit the Accident and Emergency Department at Princess Margaret Hospital in the event of a medical emergency.

Injuries or illnesses classified as emergencies that can threaten life or limbs include the following: gunshot wounds, chest pains, head injury, uncontrollable bleeding, loss of consciousness, major trauma or accident, asthma, severe allergic reaction, extensive burn injuries, fractures/broken bones, deep lacerations and cuts, obstetric emergencies and psychiatric emergencies, including suicidal ideation/attempt and aggressive behaviour.

For persons unsure if they should seek care at A&E, are asked to call (242)-326-7014 and speak to a healthcare provider.

Individuals on prescribed medication are also advised by PHA to visit Polyclinics for refills to ensure that they have a minimum of two weeks supply. PHA also advises that medications should be kept in a waterproof container or Ziploc bag and secured in a cool, dry area.

PHA urges the public to complete final hurricane preparations and pay attention to official updates issued by the government regarding Hurricane Dorian.


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