Potter's Cay Facing Peril

EDITOR, The Tribune.

It is with great anguish I add the plight of the vendors at Potter’s Cay to the list of fumbles by the government.

There has been a lot of misses this summer by our leaders. Potter’s Cay is definitely by far a big miss out.

The vendors are being treated like second class citizens and customers are being harassed by policemen for parking their cars near the stalls.

I was out there on Saturday and I was almost moved to tears by what I saw. The stalls are practically empty and the few customers that are trying to patronise the vendors are being told (chased) by police to move their cars for wrongful parking.

As a law-abiding citizen, I am always ready to defer to the law. But in this case I would like to take a passage from Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist.

“If the law supposes that,” said Mr Bumble, squeezing his hat emphatically in both hands, “the law is an ass — an idiot.”

The previous Government went to great lengths to enhance Potter’s Cay with parking lots that were supposed to help the vendors’ business.

Unfortunately the opposite has happened causing more harm than good.

Matter of fact, they (the lots) are far from being adequate. Besides being quite a distance from the hub, there is no lighting or security and customers are apprehensive when it comes to not only leaving their vehicles unsecured but taking the long walk to and fro, especially at nights.

Furthermore, the majority of parking spaces are being taken by nearby businesses creating a problem for those of us who want to spend some time with families and friends while enjoying conch salad, conch fritters and fried fish watered down with a cold kalik or some sky juice.

When we reflect on the promises made by the Prime Minister about his plans for Arawak Cay it makes one wonder what the future holds for neglected Potters Cay. Is it on the verge of being obliterated?

There has been mention of a lot of changes for Arawak Cay. Big changes, without going into specifics hopefully these changes will not wipe out the small man.

The ones like Goldie’s, Snapper and McKenzie the pioneers that helped build Arawak Cay from conch stalls to what it is today with no help from government.

And now it appears as if in the not too distant future there will be an encroachment by the big bucks merchants.

As it stands now, Potter’s Cay is a ghost town and unless something is done quickly we will see entrepreneurs like Bones, Tyrone, Skinny, Leslie, and Tall Boy who have invested their lives into Potter’s Cay, closing shop and joining the unemployment line.

What will happen to their children, how will they support their families?

Power men, please do not keep the vendors in the dark any longer, please reveal your plans to them.

“Oh Lord, my God, is there no help for the widow’s son?”



August 26, 2019.


Sickened 5 months, 2 weeks ago

I pray that the vendors at Potters Cay would encourage their patrons to park in the parking lots provided and not to be so damn lazy as to find the need to park mere steps from a conch stand. I do however acknowledge that a distance of over 100ft is a very long and strenuos walk for many of us. And why do the vendors find a need to put the generators in the road? Why not put them in the back to muffle the noise? Is it because they want to show that they got power? They just bring the over-the-hill mentality wherever they go and then wonder why no-one wants to sit at their dirty, nasty, stinky and loud stalls. Sad.


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