What Real Support?

EDITOR, The Tribune.

ON Sunday, 18th August, Our Prime Minister toured BPL Clifton and Blue Hills and declared “It’s a Crisis Now”, and offered the Bahamian people ( at least in Nassau) “sympathy”. I’ve been waiting all week to see if anything else might be offered, and since none has been, presumably there won’t be else.

On Thursday of last week in The Tribune the Chamber of Commerce CEO Jeffrey Beckles urged the Government to give tax breaks to help those fortunate enough to be able to have, or to buy, a generator or solar panels. Still just dark smoke coming from the Cabinet Office. But perhaps we should be looking at the Treasury instead.

On September 17, 2017, the Minister of Finance issued an Exigency Order, in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Well our poor management of BPL has brought more devastation to New Providence than a parade of hurricanes ever could have.

Not only the Duty and Vat on generators themselves, but the additional, and massive cost of fueling these generators, is enormous. I believe that BPL are still enjoying duty and VAT free fuel so if we are doing their job what about extending the courtesy to us. Might our Government not give this some consideration and if there are any good reasons not to issue an exigency order, tell us in plain language. Don’t just leave us in the dark!



August 25, 2019.


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