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Tuesday, December 31

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Office of the Prime Minister: We're making progress (video)

The Office of the Prime Minister released a video on New Year's Eve entitled 'We're making progress' . . .

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12312019 EDITION

Tuesday, 31st December, 2019.

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Bishop Hanchell denounces marijuana decriminalisation

BISHOP Walter Hanchell has denounced marijuana decriminalisation, saying it will cause moral destruction, a spike in criminal activity and greater social ills.

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BPL reminds customers of upcoming bills change

BAHAMAS Power and Light has reminded customers about an upcoming change to bills in 2020, saying that in the midst of this the company is committed to correcting their many challenges.

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Mitchell hits out at 'shameless partisanship' over Kelly, Culmer honours

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party Chairman Fred Mitchell said the Official Opposition disagrees with the selection of former Olympian Godfrey Kelly and Free National Movement chairman Carl Culmer for Queen Elizabeth’s 2020 New Year’s Honours.

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Men in custody after two women shot

TWO men are in police custody in connection with shooting two women.

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Man accused of helping in killing granted bail

A MAN charged with helping another man kill a teenaged father last year has been granted bail ahead of his trial by the Court of Appeal.

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'All plans are on' for New Year's Parade

“ALL plans are on” for the New Year's Day Parade to start at 2am Wednesday, Junkanoo Corporation New Providence Chairman Dion Miller assured The Tribune, adding that there was no threat of showers for the event.

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Creating the perfect New Year’s Eve look last minute

Tonight is New Year’s Eve and there is no better way to welcome 2020 than with a whole lot of style.

EDITORIAL: Get these potholes fixed quickly

IT’S a bumpy drive to work if you have to cross the junction of Shirley Street and Village Road at the moment.

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PETER YOUNG: What troubles lie ahead as the year rolls on?

Writing this column on the eve not only of another year but a new decade as well, it is almost obligatory to reflect on immediate past events as well as to look at prospects for the foreseeable future.

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FACE TO FACE: ‘We have two hands. One for ourself the other to help someone up.’

It’s the finale! The end of 2019 and the end of an entire decade! Many people are in reflection mode today as the year 2020 is imminent. Tomorrow, it will be a brand new day, a brand new year and a brand new decade.

Prayers for two men missing at sea

HAROLD Fitzgerald was expected home before the end of Christmas. Instead, his family wants help over his disappearance at sea. His stepson, Kortney Cartwright, told The Tribune the fisherman went to catch conch and crawfish on Christmas Day morning

Tariffs dropped for plastic ban

THE law has been amended so biodegradable materials can be imported tariff free before the single-use plastic ban goes into effect tomorrow. The amendments, circulated yesterday by Bahamas Information Services, were gazetted on December 19th. Among

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Breanna killing accused wait as prosecution rests

THE Crown has formally closed its case against two women accused of murdering teenage mother Breanna Mackey last year.Prosecutor Cassie Bethel announced yesterday afternoon that the Crown would not be calling any more witnesses to testify against Zar

Foreign fishermen sue over crawfish permit rejection

THE government is being sued for denying 20 foreigners permits to harvest crawfish.The applicants are mostly nationals of the Dominican Republic and Honduras. According to a lawsuit filed by their lawyer Dion Smith, they have either spousal permits o

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Drivers urge BPL to fix potholes properly

MOTORISTS forced to navigate the pothole-riddled road at the traffic lights of Village Road and Shirley Street are calling for something to be done about the junction. Many of the drivers who use the road as part of their daily commute, told The Tri

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Farewell to Gardener Jack

John “Jack” Hardy, known to gardening aficionados as “Gardener Jack”, passed away on December 27 at 5:18am at the Princess Margaret Hospital after he lost his fight with cancer.Jack had been a Tribune columnist for 31 years delighting readers with hi

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BPL: Boat propeller damaged Harbour Island cable

BAHAMAS Power and Light Company yesterday revealed boat propellers were responsible for damaging undersea cables, which caused a major blackout in Harbour Island over the Christmas holiday. In a company statement BPL confirmed that cables connecting

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‘Stop beating up on private sector’

The government’s labour chief has been told by a prominent businessman to “stop beating up on the private sector” over The Bahamas’ long-standing workforce quality and “brain drain” woes.

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Most Bahamians to miss growth benefits

A well-known businessman yesterday voiced fears that the “overwhelming majority” of Nassau residents may not feel the benefits even with the capital’s economy poised for “a good inning” in 2020.

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BPL fuel charge probe ‘first step’ over regulation

A Chamber of Commerce director yesterday voiced optimism that regulators are poised to take “the first step” in ensuring Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) fulfills its obligations towards consumers.

Private sector is ‘100% ready’ on plastics ban

Major supermarket and fast-food restaurant chains yesterday pledged they are “100 percent ready” for single-use plastics ban that takes effect tomorrow despite the extra costs they will incur.

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PM told: ‘Treat $2bn insurers with respect’

Bahamian insurers yesterday urged the prime minister to “treat the industry with the respect it deserves” over its $2bn Dorian-related payout after he suggested it was “holding back” recovery efforts.

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From the Royal Bahamas Police Force:

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I-Elite hosts free baseball clinic over holidays

INTERNATIONAL Elite Sports Academy partnered with the Pro Youth Foundation to host a free clinic over the holidays to help young baseball players remain sharp during the winter break. The groups hosted dozens of players at the Pinewood Baseball Park

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Miller-Uibo our senior female athlete of year

1. SHAUNAE MILLER-UIBO A season highlighted by a World Championship silver medal, a pair of national records, a rarely contested world record and a litany of awards earned Miller-Uibo the award for another year. Miller-Uibo won silver in the 400

Why have two sets of honours?

National Honours - when given/awarded like they have in 2019 become, in my opinion, worthless and totally redundant and unimportant.

I hope you dance

As the curtain comes down on 2019 and we begin our journey into another decade.

The game is up for us all

We don’t know who the lucky hog, or hogs are, who come to The Downtown Nassau Trough each year, shoving and pushing all the other lesser pigs aside, as they slop up everything they can during the last two weeks of each commercial year.

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Junkanoo groups in Boxing Day protest

JUNKANOO Corporation New Providence (JCNP) chairman Dion Miller has revealed that four to six groups are contesting the Boxing Day Junkanoo Parade results.

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Gospel singer immortalises her kids’ upbringing in new book

Radio personality, journalist, author and award-winning gospel singer Vanessa Clarke has had probably the most tumultuous year of her life, but her trials have not stopped her from pursuing her dreams and fulfilling her life’s purpose.

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Life lines – A mind changer

This year that is almost done has been filled with many changes for me, and although one or two were more than a little challenging at the time, they have now mostly turned out to have potentially positive outcomes as I look forward.

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‘Please forgive me for killing your son’

A 25-year-old man yesterday apologised to the family of a man he shot to death three years ago, asserting that he wishes he was the one who was killed because he has been tormented by his actions ever since.

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Common male issues

Bahamian men are sadly well known for generally showing very little concern for their health and physical well being. They have most of the risk factors for aggressive prostate cancer such as African ancestry, obesity and high alcohol intake.

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New organisation helps youngsters battle cancer

It’s official: a new organisation to help young Bahamians battling leukaemia was launched over the Christmas season.

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‘I couldn’t miss mum’s Christmas dinner’

A 43-YEAR OLD man who escaped police custody on Christmas Day told his lawyer he just wanted to spend Christmas with his mother and family.

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Palacious backing marijuana (just)

FATHER James Palacious is a reluctant supporter of marijuana decriminalisation, warning yesterday that legalising the psychoactive substance may be fair for some reasons but harmful to the country.

Valerie Nesbitt and rebels in the win column

THE Ole Miss Rebels returned to the floor after an eight-day layoff and delivered their most dominant offensive outing of the season as they concluded non-conference play. The Rebels scored a 99-63 win over Alabama State behind some timely shooting

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Man shot dead in year’s 96th murder

A MAN is dead after a shooting incident in Coconut Grove early yesterday morning, police have said.

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'I want to develop my own legacy'

SINCE graduating from Queen’s College in June, versatile Shaun Miller Jr was eagerly looking forward to the day when he will leave home to begin his collegiate career. His journey will begin today when he heads off to Ohio State along with sprinters

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Samson looks to make a name for himself at Tokyo Olympics

SAMSON Colebrooke feels he’s in the right environment under Bahamian head coach Norbert Elliott at Purdue University to make his presence felt on the international track and field scene in 2020. Colebrooke, who became the second fastest Bahamian eve

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High Performance Sprint and Hurdles Clinic 'a great success'

PARTICIPANTS of the High Performance Track Club’s 2019 Sprint and Hurdles Clinic got a chance to hear some first-hand experiences from collegians Sasha Wells and Samson Colebrooke. The two student-athletes, home for the Christmas holiday, addressed

Unions back work permit 'understudy'

Union leaders yesterday gave their full backing to the “Bahamian understudy” proposal unveiled by the government’s labour chief, arguing that too many work permits are being issued unnecessarily.Obie Ferguson, the Trade Unions Congress (TUC) presiden

Xmas jewellery sales better than expected

Many Bahamian jewellery retailers shrugged off early holiday season pessimism to report “good” Christmas sales that beat 2018 figures by up to eight percent. Denise Cooper, area retail manager for Colombian Emeralds, told Tribune Business: “This is

Govt urged: 'Get a move on' over post-Dorian plan

The Abaco Chamber of Commerce’s president yesterday urged the government to “get a move on” in developing a comprehensive plan for the island’s post-Hurricane Dorian revival. Ken Hutton reiterated to Tribune Business that there will be no major impr

Monday, December 30

Concert scrapped as Lil Durk denied entry

THE promoter behind the “Fresh Unwrapped” concert is hoping to bring back famous American rapper ‘Lil Durk’ to perform for his Bahamian fans in an effort to make amends for the cancelled Christmas event.The concert was called off after the celebrity

The Tribune

RETIRED Archbishop Drexel Gomez fully supports the decriminalisation and medical use of marijuana but insists there must be major control over the substance. After reviewing the draft report from the Bahamas National Commission on Marijuana, Archbis

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Monday, 30th December, 2019.

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12302019 EDITION

Monday, 30th December, 2019.

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WORLD VIEW: A weak, worn out Caribbean will not serve its people in 2020

AS 2019 ends and the New Year dawns, the world faces a troubling period of uncertainty. This precariousness will affect international and regional organisations as some powerful governments pursue a policy of de-linking from the established international system, encouraging fragmentation of regional groups and imposing their own agenda through various methods of coercion.

EDITORIAL: Are you ready for the plastic ban?

WITH only a couple of days to go before the ban on single use plastics comes into effect, we would like to applaud all those in the business community who have worked hard to be prepared.

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INSIGHT: Promises and power cuts - BPL really is a deal breaker for a Minnis second term

AS the decade approaches its end, one would imagine many Bahamians’ Christmas wish was to have efficient and reliable power generation.

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INSIGHT: ‘If Dr King could see Bimini now he’d shed tears of blood’

A recent trip to Bimini, Cat Cay & Ocean Cay, by a team from Save The Bays, has us asking more questions of this Government than we can find answers to.

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Bahamians named in New Year Honours

NEARLY two dozen Bahamians are among 1,097 people chosen for Queen Elizabeth’s 2020 New Years Honours – with former Cabinet minister Tommy Turnquest named as an awardee.

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Capital markets eye $200m ‘busiest year’

A top investment banker is predicting the Bahamian capital markets will have one of “the busiest years” ever in 2020 with around $200m worth of deals needing funding.

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Minister vents on 'butt busting tourism hiccups'

The tourism minister has vented his frustration that “butt-busting” efforts to spark a post-Dorian rebound are being undermined by self-inflicted “hiccups” during the peak winter season.Dionisio D’Aguilar, pictured, told Tribune Business that “we rea

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Harbour Island sees $5m dock 'backlash'

A Cabinet minister yesterday pledged that Harbour Island’s infrastructure needs will be neglected no longer even after a local “backlash” forced the government to suspend a $5m dock upgrade. Desmond Bannister, minister of works, acknowledged to Trib

Bahamas told: Target our marijuana 'niche'

The Bahamas needs to take a more scientific approach and “select our niche market” from 50,000 industrial hemp applications, an advocate for marijuana’s legalisation is urging. Terry Miller, head of the Bahamas Cannabis Research Institute (BACARI),

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Man found dead in Coconut Grove

Police are investigating after a man was found dead in Coconut Grove in the early hours of Monday.

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80 test positive for TB exposure

MORE than 340 people living in two shelters for Hurricane Dorian victims have been screened for tuberculosis - 80 of them with positive skin tests, according to Health Minister Dr Duane Sands yesterday.

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Cannabis moves have Gomez' blessing

RETIRED Archbishop Drexel Gomez fully supports the decriminalisation and medical use of marijuana but insists there must be major control over the substance.

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48 hours to go until plastics ban

WITH about 48 hours until the government’s single use plastics ban comes into effect, major companies in New Providence are still in the process of making final preparations for the fast approaching January 1 deadline.

No confidence in these rules

So, according to the Rules of the House of Assembly seemingly so unbrilliantly drafted by QC once AG Alfred Sears, no Vote of No Confidence can be brought against a sitting Government…Prime Minister or Minister as soon as you table it it can be countered with a Confidence Resolution…brilliance, but so laughable the PLP caught by their own mischief.

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Marvin Johnson our Junior Male Athlete of the Year

The sheer ridiculous number of Johnson’s medal haul and record setting performances all 2019 gave him the edge over a talented field of junior competitors.

Providence Holiday Classic heats up

DESPITE the fact that they had to adjust the schedule because of some of the teams pulling out at the last minute, the 2019 Providence Holiday Classic has been a very competitive one.

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Hield: ‘I feel like I wasn’t trusted the past two games’

Mired in a losing streak for his Sacramento Kings and shooting slump of his own, Buddy Hield sounded off on everything from his spot in the rotation to trust issues in the locker room as the Kings continue to plummet.

A mess made by BPL

A few weeks ago, BPL trenched the bottom of Village Road on Shirley Street and didn’t bother to reinstate the road.

A mess to clean up . . .

Congratulations, Diane Phillips, on your excellent article . . .

Now is our winter of discontent

2019 will go down as one of the toughest years for the average Bahamian.

POLICE ADVICE: We need to work together to make our society safe again

New beginnings, fresh starts, reaffirmations of love and promises for a brighter future all come to mind as we ring in a New Year. In this New Year, 2020, let us remember the safety of ourselves and others. Let us also remember to come together and create safer communities.

Funeral provider gains $186k through SBDC

A Grand Bahama-based funeral services provider has obtained $186,000 in debt financing from the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) by working with the Small Business Development Centre (SBDC). Le Pavillion, a cemetery and mausoleum service, is owned by Gran

Dorian 'hangover' greater concern for Briland hotels

Harbour Island hoteliers say the post-Dorian “hangover” is a greater concern than the Christmas power blackout, with one resort voicing optimism it can “make up” a 16 percent January booking gap. Dean Spychalla, general director for Valentine’s Reso

Digital B$ provider eyes 3% banking profits rise

The digital Bahamian dollar’s technology provider believes its roll-out can increase bank profits by three percent despite its US counterpart’s dominant role in circulating currency. Simon Kim, managing director of NZIA Ltd, speaking at the Project

Canadians planning 'clean technology' Bahamas visit

Canada’s High Commissioner has revealed plans for a “clean technology and infrastructure mission” to The Bahamas next month in the wake of Hurricane Dorian. Laurie Peters, pictured , who will address next month’s Bahamas Business Outlook conference

Chamber eyes infrastructure 'bump up' following Briland

Harbour Island’s 72-hour Christmas blackout paves the way for discussions on how to “bump up” infrastructure improvements that are vital to Eleuthera’s growth, the private sector is urging. Thomas Sands, the Eleuthera Chamber of Commerce’s president

More than 75% of Exuma firms eager on digital B$

More than 75 percent of Exuma businesses have shown interest in participating in trials of the digital Bahamian dollar, the Central Bank’s governor says.John Rolle, speaking at the launch of the six-month “pilot test” on the island, said he had been

Friday, December 27

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12272019 EDITION

Friday, 27th December, 2019.

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Police: Drivers must abide by regulations to reduce traffic deaths

WHILE the amendments to the Road Traffic Act have been designed to reduce the number of traffic fatalities in the country, traffic police say drivers must make an active effort to abide by all the road regulations to ensure the new rules produce the desired results.

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Harbour Island residents and tourists criticise BPL

RESIDENTS and tourists in Harbour Island over the Christmas break on Friday criticised Bahamas Power and Light for the lack of communication regarding the recent power outages they say have ruined their holiday.

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Police deny allegations of stabbing at Junkanoo

POLICE denied allegations on a video circulating on social media describing a stabbing incident at the Boxing Day Junkanoo parade.

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Power cuts reportedly disturb Baha Mar restaurants

GUESTS dining at Baha Mar restaurants Friday were reportedly disturbed by power cuts.

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Earlier parades being considered

JUNKANOO Corporation New Providence (JCNP) Chairman Dion Miller is considering Junkanoo parades starting earlier in the day instead of at night due to unpredictable weather conditions.

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40 percent of New Year's Junkanoo tickets sold

FORTY percent of tickets for the New Year’s Day Parade are sold and the JCNP is hoping to push sales to encourage the public to support the upcoming parade.

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Grand Bahama 'was pushed to the ultimate by Dorian'

ASSISTANT Commissioner of Police Samuel Butler said the Grand Bahama District was pushed to the ultimate with Hurricane Dorian, but he is optimistic the island and the people of Grand Bahama will bounce back.

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Most workers have received lump sum, says Turnquest

THE government has, “for the most part”, met its obligation to pay government workers the $1,400 sum promised to them by the end of the year, Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest said yesterday. Mr Turnquest, in an interview with The Tribune , said

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'Don't be a victim' over blacklistings

The Bahamas “must not take the victim approach” over its French blacklisting, a risk management specialist is warning, but instead set a ten-year “vision” for how financial services and tax will evolve. Emmanuel Komolafe told Tribune Business this n

Harbour Island's outage 'couldn't have been worse'

Furious Harbour Island hoteliers yesterday branded the 48-hour Christmas power outage “a disaster”, adding that it “couldn’t be any worse” with the island “packed to the teeth” with tourists. Benjamin Simmons, the Ocean View Club’s general manager,

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Super Value chief ‘welcomes’ BPL’s extra 15% charge

Super Value’s owner says he is prepared to sacrifice short-term for long-term gain if Bahamas Power & Light’s (BPL) extra 15 percent debt servicing charge helps create reduced bills long-term.

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Bahamas 'behind 8-ball' but not too late on marijuana

The Bahamas is “a bit behind the eight-ball” in developing a medical marijuana industry, the DNA’s former leader has conceded, arguing: “Let’s get started before it’s too late.”Branville McCartney, pictured, who said legalising the drug had been amon

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Strachan: Transfer ‘unlawful’

ASSISTANT Commissioner of Police Kendal Strachan wants the Supreme Court to declare that the forced leave he took this year was not vacation time and that his transfer to the Ministry of Social Services is unlawful.

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Harbour Island hit by major power cut

HARBOUR Island residents suffered a power cut this week that lasted more than 48 hours, disrupting business and the Christmas celebrations of hundreds of locals and visitors.

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UPDATED: Valley Boys take Junkanoo crown

THE VALLEY Boys stampeded to victory as the unofficial winner of the 2019 Boxing Day parade, wowing judges and spectators alike with its exotic African theme: “Wildlife on the Great Serengeti”.

Is Christmas pagan?

I thought to share what I believe to be a very poignant and honest article on the Christmas celebration. I do believe that there are a plethora of people out there that look at me kind of uncanny like for using veracity in promulgating truths. Is Christmas Day, or December 25th, the day Jesus was born? No! According to aggregate data and other credible, viable source of information, the answer is a resounding no.

Watch Night service - what does it mean to you?

WHILE THERE are many who prepare to get dressed in their shiniest gear to ring in the new year around town - others take part in a different, but very popular, tradition in the country: attending a Watch Night Service on New Year’s Eve.

Meditation: Go into all the World

Jesus said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” Mark 16:15.

What Christians hope to see change in 2020

SOME Christians are eager to be out with the old and in with the new as the year 2020 approaches.


Perhaps looking at some of the things we have all had to endure, or even face right now, is painful.

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Anthaya our Junior Female Athlete of the Year

FROM the regional CARIFTA Games to the international stage at the North American, Central American and Caribbean (NACAC) Under-18 and Under-23 Championships, Anthaya Charlton had one of those sterling performances that enabled her to easily earn The

PM Minnis serves up Christmas lunch for Abaco team

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis thanked officers of the Royal Bahamas Police and Defence Forces serving in Abaco for their hard work, courage and sacrifice during a lunch held at the island’s RBDF base on Christmas Day.Dr Minnis, his wife Patricia Mi

Providence Holiday Classic starts today

THE 2019 Providence Holiday Classic High School Basketball Tournament is scheduled to begin 9am today at the CI Gibson Gymnasium. Designed for senior boys and for the first time girls basketball teams to stay in shape during the Christmas season, th

We're ready to go home, say hurricane victims

WHILE Hurricane Dorian may have destroyed the majority of Abaco’s infrastructure, the storm has failed to crush the spirits of some of the island’s most resilient settlers. Almost four months after Dorian tore through their island, Naomi Miller and

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'The Tank' to square off with African Mulowayi

While in Copenhagen, Denmark, training on Christmas Day, Grand Bahamian heavyweight Sherman ‘The Tank’ Williams unwrapped a gift of a contract for his next professional fight. Williams, in an interview with The Tribune on Boxing Day, revealed that h

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Roberts and Major Jr reuniting for Davis Cup

THEY haven’t played against each other since they were juniors. But now that they are all grown up and playing on the professional circuit, Justin Roberts and Kevin Major Jr are reuniting to play together for the first time as members of the Bahamas’

Central Bank unveils digital B$ restrictions

The Central Bank has unveiled the limits it will impose on Bahamian digital currency holdings to protect financial stability and prevent “runs on bank deposits”. The regulator, in a paper on the Project Sand Dollar initiative to create a Bahamian di

Freeport energy regulation battle awaiting march trial

The battle to regulate Freeport’s energy sector will be fought before the Supreme Court on March 2020, the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) has revealed.URCA, in its just-unveiled 2020 draft annual plan and budget, disclosed that

IAN FERGUSON: Using 2020 vision for great success

The year 2020 - by virtue of the number - has caused many in business to pause and consider how best to clarify their vision for achieving greater returns in the New Year. With the many challenges facing today’s small and medium-sized enterprises, th

Exuma 56% 'willing' on mobile payments

More than half of Exuma residents are “likely” to use their mobile phones for financial transactions, making the island a fertile testing ground for the Central Bank’s digital Bahamian currency pilot.The regulator’s survey of Exumian payments habits,

Thursday, December 26

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One dead, two injured in car crash

One man is dead and two others are in hospital after a car crashed in the early hours of Thursday.

Wednesday, December 25

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Merry Christmas to all our readers

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 24

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12242019 EDITION

Tuesday, 24th December, 2019.

Some junior doctors, nurses and staff not yet paid $1,400 lump sum

JUNIOR doctors, some nurses and other health staff were not paid their $1,400 lump sum up to Christmas Eve, but the PHA confirms that they are expected to be compensated before the end of 2019.

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FACE TO FACE: I felt like I was a girl from as young as I can remember, says Alexus

Christmas time is a time for family and friends to gather and spend quality time together. It’s a special time of the year. No matter whether you celebrate it or not, you will find that those celebrating will probably still buy you presents or ask you to come by the house and enjoy a meal with loved ones.

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Accused in wheelchair remanded into custody

A LAWYER was unsuccessful in her bid on Tuesday to have a Grand Bahama man, accused of stabbing his girlfriend to death three months ago before jumping from the third floor of an apartment allegedly in an attempt to kill himself, not committed to prison because he is now confined to a wheelchair.

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Davis criticises ACP Strachan transfer

OPPOSITION Leader Phillip “Brave” Davis criticised the government’s decision to appoint Assistant Commissioner of Police Kendal Strachan to chief of security at the Willie Mae Pratt School for Girls, saying the move does not send a good message to the police force.

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Commissioner supports expunging records for possession of small marijuana amounts

POLICE Commissioner Anthony Ferguson said he supports expunging the records of persons convicted of possessing small amounts of marijuana.

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Police Commissioner leads Bay Street walkabout

COMMISSIONER of Police Anthony Ferguson led a walkthrough Bay Street Tuesday as part of ongoing efforts to give the public a sense of security during the busy holiday season.

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Helping the visually impaired lead independent lives

The Salvation Army’s School for the Blind received a vital donation just in time for Christmas, that will help the visually impaired learn to live self-sufficient, independent lives.

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Bubbles & Lather

YOUNG business owner Shardae Pratt’s overall goal is to become a major contributing factor to the conservation and preservation of the country’s health conscious environment - through providing high quality skincare products.

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Got Kidney Pain? Are you stoned?

Kidney stones are relatively common, occurring in approximately 12% of men and 6 % of women per year. Why more men than women is mostly due to a man’s diet. Kidney stones are quite common across all age groups.

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Serial entrepreneur on the move

ASHLEY B Swaby wears many hats.

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LIFE LINES: Be the leader you’d be willing to follow

Authentic leadership ability is often innate but not always; sometimes we have to learn those skills or habits so that we can accept that role comfortably and inspire others. We probably all know the phrase by Maurice Flanagan: “Some are born leaders; some achieve leadership; and some have leadership thrust upon them”.

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A living legend

DR Rita Henderson Pratt received an early and unexpected Christmas gift, being the gold medal recipient of the American Society of Freedmand Descendants Hartwick College New York.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Here's some festive verse to get us in the Christmas spirit

‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through the House,

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There's still much work to be done by commission, says Davis

A DAY after the Bahamas National Commission on Marijuana’s preliminary report was leaked, PLP Leader Phillip “Brave” Davis said there is still much work that needs to be done by the commission before the nation moves to decriminalise the drug. He al

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Five people injured in two separate shooting incidents

FIVE people—a woman and four Grand Bahama men—were injured after two separate shooting incidents yesterday, police said. The woman, a resident of New Providence, was shot during her commute to work, police said. Police were told that shortly after

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Davis dismisses Bannister claims over 2017 election

PLP leader Philip “Brave” Davis said yesterday that Minister of Works Desmond Bannister should “put up or shut up” as he called the minister’s claims of the Christie administration trying to buy the 2017 election as “disingenuous and dishonest”.Mr Ba

Memorial service in Grand Bahama for Dorian victims

A MEMORIAL service was held on Sunday at Jubilee Cathedral to honour the 31 victims in Grand Bahama who lost their lives during Hurricane Dorian or are presumed dead in the aftermath of the deadliest and destructive storm in the Bahamas’ history.At t

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QC’s ‘collapsed state’ fear if another Dorian

The Bahamas “will be a collapsed state” if Nassau suffers a Dorian-type hit within the next two years, a well-known QC warned yesterday, urging: “This is not the time for half measures.”

Freeport 'strangled' by night flying woe

Freeport stakeholders yesterday warned that the city’s economy will be “strangled” without the resumption of night flights after Sunwing’s Saturday afternoon departure was halted until the next morning. Magnus Alnebeck, the Pelican Bay resort’s gene

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Consumers face 15% extra BPL bill charge

Bahamas Power and Light’s (BPL) chairman yesterday revealed that the extra charge consumers must pay come March 2020 will likely be equivalent to 15 percent of their electricity bills.Dr Donovan Moxey finally clarified that the National Utility Inves

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Merchants in Xmas clearance scramble

Bahamian merchants were yesterday scrambling to clear last-minute Christmas shipments due to combination of bad weather and compliance issues with Customs’ new system. Tribune Business was told that some companies had run into the perfect storm as d

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Labour chief's permit plan 'very costly and onerous'

A former Immigration minister yesterday said the director of labour’s plan to link work permit approvals to the hiring of Bahamian understudies is “good in theory, but very onerous in practice”.Branville McCartney, who held the post during the last I

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PETER YOUNG: Sad that the joy of Christmas cannot be shared by all

WITH Christmas just a day away, this weekly column allows me the pleasure of writing about the joys of such a wonderful time of the year. But it is also a moment to think about the lonely and less fortunate for whom the celebrations can be a time of woe and pain as they suffer the sadness of loss and deprivation while we are all urged to ‘eat, drink and be merry’ in the traditional way.

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Bahamian jazz singer Akia Knowles releases music video ‘Jingle Bells’

BAHAMIAN Jazz Singer Akia Knowles recently released her new music video “Jingle Bells” from her 2017 Christmas EP Release “Akia’s Christmas at The Langham”.

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Megan Moss claims Athlete of the Year

COLLEGIAN Megan Moss returned home to claim the Red-Line Athletics Track Club’s coveted Athlete of the Year award.Although she arrived home late after her flight from Florida was delayed on Saturday night, Moss joined a host of outstanding performers

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Florida Senior Games: Michael wins 400 and 800m

IN a comeback after an eight-year hiatus, Michael Armbrister made an impression at the Florida Senior Games earlier this month at the Miramar Sports Complex in Miramar, Florida. “It was my return to the meet. I didn’t train much for it, but I was ve

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Hall our coach of the year

By virtue of securing the bronze medal at the FIBA Under-27 Centro Basket Championships in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Grand Bahamian Quintin “Three Ounce” Hall was selected as The Tribune’s Coach of the Year.The Bahamas earned the third place with an 85-

HBO must compete

The Bahamas government is in no position to carry out the unreasonable demands of HBO Latin America, even in the face of the threat of having the Trump administration withdrawing its trade preferences.

We need to spark engine

My Grandmother used to tell the story of bumping into one of the leading Bay Street merchants in his store in about 1970, not too long after the defeat of the UBP. Miraculously, the merchant recognized her from her childhood in the 1920s, when she would come from Long Island on her grandfather’s sailing vessel, which docked at the market range, not far from his store.

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Armed man robs family of five

A family of five in Nassau was robbed of cash, jewelry and other personal items on Monday morning. According to police, the armed robbery happened shortly after midnight when the family, an adult man, a woman and three juveniles, arrived at a reside

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25-year-old accused of stealing from Mr Ship It

A MAN was arraigned in Magistrate’s Court yesterday, accused of stealing more than $14,000 from his employer, Mr Ship It. Lavaughn Cooper, 25, pleaded not guilty after Magistrate Andrew Forbes read out the 14 counts of stealing by reason of employme

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All set for a Junkanoo party

WITH the 2019 Boxing Day Junkanoo parade hours away, members from the leading Junkanoo groups across New Providence say they are ready to rush on Bay Street and wow spectators with their various themes.

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Haitian man on passport charges

A HAITIAN man was charged with 18 counts of fraud yesterday for obtaining a valid Bahamian passport using forged documents.

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‘I’m staying in politics but don’t know where’

GOLDEN Isles MP Vaughn Miller said he intends to remain in front-line politics, but he’s mulling over whether to remain independent or become aligned with another party.

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'Marijuana will boost economy': Commission report says drug has huge business potential

THE Bahamas National Commission on Marijuana has endorsed the economic potential of a cannabis industry in The Bahamas as robust.

PI resorts eye 90% Xmas occupancies

Major Paradise Island resorts are eyeing 90 percent occupancy levels for the Christmas and New Year holiday, an industry executive said yesterday, with the sector closely watching March softness. Carlton Russell, pictured , the Bahamas Hotel and Tou

Monday, December 23

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12232019 EDITION

Monday, 23rd December, 2019.

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INSIGHT: We ought to acknowledge how much we’ve lost and make a special effort to cherish this holiday season a little bit more

JUST over three months after Hurricane Dorian, the resilience of thousands of displaced Bahamians struggling with tremendous loss is palpable.

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PLP defends social security plan in wake of IDB report

ENGLERSTON MP Glenys Hanna Martin yesterday chastised the government for scrapping a $5m welfare reform project “without just cause”, calling it proof the government is more committed to “gimmicks” and “politically sexy” interventions than alleviating human suffering.

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Christie administration signed-off on $17.415m Post Office deal a day before election

The Christie administration signed-off on its $17.415m Post Office deal just one day before the May 2017 general election after the developer repeatedly warned it against "leaving me out in the cold".

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Confidence in BPL ‘will not be rebuilt overnight’

Consumer confidence in Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) will not be rebuilt overnight, the private sector warned yesterday, even though its “no more load shedding” pledge could be the best Christmas gift.

Customs delays hit auto dealers

Bahamian auto dealers have incurred extra charges and delays in delivering vehicle imports to customers due to difficulties in adapting to Customs’ new electronic clearance system. Fred Albury, the Bahamas Motor Dealers Association’s (BMDA) presiden

Approval controversy over Briland project

Harbour Island’s chief councillor last night confirmed no written site plan approval has been granted to a controversial marina project despite the council voting unanimously in its favour. Terrance Davis told Tribune Business that the Harbour Islan

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UPDATED – Accuweather SkyGuard SEVERE Weather Warning: Heavy rain for Freeport

Showers and a thunderstorm will continue through this afternoon.

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Maynard: We’ll still have load shedding

BAHAMAS Electrical Workers Union president Paul Maynard believes load shedding at Bahamas Power and Light will still occasionally happen until an additional 90 megawatts of generation is brought on stream.

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Haitians caught in joint op

NEARLY 200 Haitian migrants were apprehended during a joint operation by law enforcement officers in waters off Inagua.

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Nygard to escape prison sentence

CANADIAN fashion mogul Peter Nygard’s three -month prison sentence for publishing sensitive emails stolen from a local advocacy group has been stayed out of fairness to allow him to appeal his conviction.

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AG: Bar Council should stop acting politically and admit two African lawyers

ATTORNEY General Carl Bethel said the Bahamas Bar Council should stop acting “politically” and admit two Africans working in senior positions at the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to the Bahamas Bar.

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‘PLP tried to buy the 2017 election’: Bannister accuses Christie regime of spending millions

Minister of Works Desmond Bannister yesterday accused the Christie administration of trying “to buy an election” through doling out “tens and tens of millions of dollars” in contracts and jobs just 24 hours before it was voted out of office in May 2017.

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Man ‘serious’ after shooting

A MAN is in hospital after he was shot on Friday. Shortly before 9pm, a man was in the area of a business on Monastery Street off Bernard Road, when he was approached by a gunman who shot him. The injured man was taken to hospital by EMS where he is listed in serious but stable condition.

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Walton: 'We're not concerned with Buddy. He'll get it going more nights than not'

“BUDDY” Hield is 9 of 33 on 3-pointers over the past four games. Despite the misfires, Kings coach Luke Walton says he’s not worried about the guard’s recent shooting woes. “Buddy’s a great shooter. He’s a hard worker,” Walton said. “People are go

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Rashield Williams pulls off first round knockout

AFTER a month-long training session in the Philippines, Rashield Williams pulled off a very successful outing in his third professional fight. On Saturday night, Williams secured a first round knockout over Jurlan Ceniza to get back on the winning t

Lessons from abroad

The recent results of the general elections in the UK are demonstrative of the simple fact that electorates, worldwide, are now trending towards conservative and nationalistic ideals.

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Tennis nationals: Cartwright regains ladies' title

KERRIE Cartwright knew that if she wanted to regain her ladies title in the Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association’s 2019 Giorgio Baldacci National Open Tennis Tournament, she would have had to play her best against defending champion Sydney Clarke. As the

High priest Junkanoo

The preamble to our Constitution states: AND WHEREAS the People of this Family of Islands recognizing that the preservation of their Freedom will be guaranteed by a national commitment to Self- discipline, Industry, Loyalty, Unity and an abiding respect for Christian values and the Rule of Law;

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Ayton misses second straight game with sprained ankle

PHOENIX (AP) — Suns centre Deandre Ayton missed his second straight game with a sprained ankle. Ayton has played in just one game after returning from his 25-game suspension, scoring 18 points against the Clippers in 24 minutes before leaving in the

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Major Jr clinches men's crown

Coming into the Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association’s 2019 Giorgio Baldacci National Open Tournament, Kevin Major Jr knew he had the right stuff to go all the way and win the title and regain his spot on the Bahamas men’s American Zone III Davis Cup team

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WORLD VIEW: CARICOM finds its winning voice

IT IS a valid criticism of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries that they have more often failed than succeeded in coordinating their foreign policy actions.

Miller's crisis of conscience

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Philip Brave Davis seems open to the prospect of Golden Isles MP Vaughn Miller and the remaining members of the Rebel Four amalgamating with his party.

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Teams of the year in the spotlight

IN the disciplines of swimming and water polo, the Bahamas continued its dominance in the region at the 34th CARIFTA Aquatics Championships.

Retailers give mixed Xmas sales outlook

BAHAMIAN retailers are reporting a mixed Christmas sales outlook as the holiday shopping rush moves towards its climax within the next 48 hours. Jack Moree, general manager of the Sandy’s department store chain, said things are “not very good. All a

No 'talking bad' on GB Power's work

The Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce’s president said he will “not talk bad” about the island’s energy supplier despite its recent admonition from the deputy prime minister. Gregory LaRoda, responding after K Peter Turnquest urged the Grand Bahama P

Sunday, December 22

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Two dead after traffic accidents

Police are investigating two traffic fatalities that occurred over the weekend.

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Police investigate after woman found dead at Chub Cay home

Police are investigating after a woman was found dead at a house on Chub Cay on Saturday.

Friday, December 20

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12202019 WEEKEND

Friday, 20th December, 2019.

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12202019 EDITION

Friday, 20th December, 2019.

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PM confirms $1,400 lump sum for junior doctors

PRIME Minister Hubert Minnis confirmed on Friday that junior doctors would be paid the $1,400 lump sum.

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Vendors hopeful of sales rise despite slow start

CHRISTMAS vendors at RM Bailey Park say while sales remain slow they are hopeful gift purchases will increase as the holiday approaches.

Service to commemorate Grand Bahama's victims of Dorian

AN ecumenical Memorial Service for the victims of Hurricane Dorian will be held at Jubilee Cathedral, on Sunday, December 22, to commemorate those lost in Grand Bahama, and to provide healing, support, and closure for their families and the Grand Bahama community.

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Patricia Minnis helped raise funds for murdered teen's funeral

PATRICIA Minnis, the wife of Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis, helped to raise funds for the funeral of the murdered teen Kenrika Martin.

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AML stores prepared for single plastic bag ban

AML Food Limited stores (Solomon’s Fresh Market, Solomon’s and Cost Right) are prepared for the single plastic bag ban and are making certain their customers are also ready, said Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations Renea Bastian.

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AML distributes food vouchers for Christmas

REPRESENTATIVES from over 70 soup kitchens, churches and feeding centres received vouchers from AML Foods Limited to purchase food for Christmas.

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One of two accused of murder granted bail

ONE of two men allegedly behind the country’s second murder of the year has been granted bail ahead of his 2021 trial.

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New engines will mean an 'end to load shedding'

THE seven multi-fuel engines that will power Bahamas Power and Light’s Station A electricity plant will mean "an end to load shedding" according to the company's chairman.

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Bahamas Bowl: Buffalo defeats Charlotte 31-9

The Buffalo Bulls came to the Bahamas with the intention of making history and did just that when they concluded the 2019 season with the first bowl win in programme history.

EDITORIAL: Time for change - and a change for good

THE end of the year is coming – and with it, the end of an era.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Dick Coulson never had to hold an elected office to be voted one of the most influential men in Bahamian history

There are men whose lives are remembered because of the high office they held, titles they dined on, money, women or fancy toys they accumulated. Richard ‘Dick’ Coulson’s life mattered not for any of the obvious reasons.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Good to hear Jeff Lloyd speaking such sense about marijuana

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised to see in a Tribune article, the stance taken by Education Minister Jeff Lloyd, regarding the legalisation and decriminalisation of marijuana in The Bahamas.

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Union says NIB will have deal by end of month

NATIONAL Insurance Board workers will have a new industrial agreement by the end of this month, according to Union of Public Officers President Ghion Roach. After several protests this year, the UPO president revealed this week that the union and NI

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I'm leaving town, says woman who accused PM's brother of hitting her

TIFFANY Dennison said she is leaving the country after making an assault allegation against Cyril “Boxer” Minnis, the brother of Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis. When contacted yesterday, Ms Dennison said she is fleeing the “racism and misogyny” in

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Activists meet Johnson to voice their concerns over illegal immigration

OPERATION Sovereign Bahamas met with Minister of Immigration Elsworth Johnson to discuss concerns on Wednesday after their protest last Friday in front of the Haitian Embassy. Leader of the nationalist group, Adrian Francis said the meeting with Mr

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No surprise in crash report, says missing pilot's brother

THE brother of Byron Ferguson said the findings of an Air Accident Investigation Department into the pilot’s crash did not surprise the family, but stressed those responsible for “shortcomings” in the rescue efforts must be held accountable. The rep

Insurers 'sorry' for 15% hike . . . but it's worth it

Major Bahamian insurers yesterday warned property owners they face “a minimum” 15 percent premium rate rise in 2020 with Dorian-related claims set to hit peak estimates of $2bn. Patrick Ward, Bahamas First’s president and chief executive, told Tribu

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BISX-listed group urged delay over customs system

A BISX-listed food retail group has revealed it pleaded with Customs to introduce its new electronic platform in January “to make the transition a little easier”, but its arguments were not listened to.Gavin Watchorn, AML Foods’ president and chief e

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Sky swoops in to block asset sale

A troubled Bahamian airline prevented from flying for over five months has obtained a Supreme Court injunction to block a former partner selling its assets. Sky Bahamas, through an ex-parte application where only its attorneys were present, persuade

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US airlines want more before returning to GB

Major US airlines want “greater infrastructure upgrades” to Grand Bahama International Airport than their own industry regulators before they will resume flying, a Cabinet minister revealed yesterday. Dionisio D’Aguilar, minister of tourism and avia

Freeport hotel braces for 'worst xmas ever'

A major Freeport hotel is on track for its “worst Christmas ever” despite enjoying a strong fall, with occupancy rates set to plunge from “the high 80s” to around 30-40 percent.Magnus Alnebeck, Pelican Bay’s general manager, yesterday told Tribune Bu

Rashield Williams ready for his first pro fight

AFTER spending the past month in training, Rashield Williams is looking forward to stepping into the ring for his first professional fight in the Philippines on Saturday night.

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Clarke chooses Blazers

After taking a site visit in October, top junior national team player Sydney Clarke has decided to enrol at the University of Alabama at Birmingham for her collegiate tennis career.

Sorry, but no, Mr Lloyd

Congrats Minister of Education on developing courses to teach the youngest and up all about alcohol - drugs etc…unfortunately the parents-guardians can’t as a high percentage use on a regular basis.

We need to be given a fairer view

The editorial of The Nassau Guardian of December 18, 2019, has reaffirmed my belief that the editors of the newspaper have hijacked the operation to turn it into an opposition vehicle to remove Dr. Hubert Minnis as Prime Minister.

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Sybil Strachan Primary are Scotiabank Next Play Champions

AFTER back-to-back weekends of lighthearted competition, the champion of the 2019 Scotiabank Concacaf Next Play Cup has been announced.

A New Dawn

A WONDERFUL way to look at a new year is the concept of a new dawn; a new chapter, a new season, new possibilities. This can be so exciting and refreshing, particularly if one has faced challenges of one complexion or another during the previous year.

Taking Advent Action

While we wait for Christmas, we are called not to be passive but very active. Now active does not mean busy, in the sense of rushing or overworked; rather it is being preoccupied with things that are of eternal significance. Here are some activities to engage in before Christmas:

Turning everything upside down

“Let us go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened which the angel has told us about.” - Luke 2:15

We won't be ready for plastics ban, says shop owner

AS the country braces for the government’s upcoming ban on single-use plastics, some local retailers are saying they have not yet made preparations for the 2020 ban, which will come into effect next month. In an interview with The Tribune, owner of

Only a messenger, but somebody has to make the runs

Imagine that Angel Gabriel, whose name means “God has showed Himself strong”, while on his second visit from heaven to planet Earth, as a messenger from God, as recorded in Luke’s gospel - is in deep thought: “I can’t understand my boss, sometimes. It was only six months ago that I paid my last official visit to this same part of planet Earth, as an ambassador of the Lord God Almighty!

A star to follow a king to worship

Dr Colin Archer, that erudite scholar of the Methodist Community has often voiced that universal truth that mankind by nature, is primarily spiritual trying to live out that built in spirituality in human form.

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Salvation Army donations down 10%

THE Salvation Army have experienced a ten percent decrease in donations this Christmas season.

Bad weather now blamed for blackouts

BAD weather conditions caused technical difficulties that took power out in several communities yesterday. The areas included Gamble Heights, Nassau Village, the Grove, South Beach Estates, Carmichael West, Ferguson Estates and Collins Avenue, accor

300 turkeys add to the festive fun in Grand Bahama

HUNDREDS of families will have a merrier Christmas this year thanks to the Grand Bahama Port Authority, which presented vouchers for the distribution of about 300 turkeys to those in need. Sarah St George, vice chairman of the GBPA, made presentatio

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Man accused of murder granted bail

A 27-year-old man charged with gunning another man down two years ago has been granted bail ahead of his trial. Justice Cheryl Grant-Thompson granted Edlin Severe $20,000 with two sureties ahead of his trial over allegations he killed Marco Neely on

A season to rebuild

My Brothers and Sisters, We are numbered among the blessed to be able to experience another Christmas season, as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Human remains found

HUMAN remains were found in bushes on Paradise Island on Wednesday, police said. Shortly before 4pm, a corpse was discovered at Light House Beach, Paradise Island. Details were scant up to press time, however police said there will be an autopsy to

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Charged with child abduction - again: Woman accused of trying to steal boy while on bail

ALLEGED child abductor De’Edra Michelle Gibson broke down in tears and blamed the “lodge” for “plotting” against after being charged with attempting to steal a seven-year-old boy while on bail ahead of her Supreme Court trial on similar charges.

Antoan Richardson first base coach for upcoming season

ANTOAN Richardson achieved another career milestone for the San Francisco Giants and another landmark moment in Bahamian baseball history.

Tennis Nationals rained out

RAIN forced the Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association to postpone the second day of the Giorgio Baldacci National Open Tennis Tournament. But BLTA president Darnette Weir said it won’t affect the competition of the tournament this weekend.

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THE PRESS BOX: Big names are on the move as NBA trade season opens

THE NBA trade season is in full swing now that we’ve reached December 15, the unofficial starting point. Here are a few big names that could be on the move to new NBA homes, in very short order.

The True Gift of Christmas

IN A drama, song, and dance event themed “The True Gift of Christmas” - the Bahamas Faith Ministries International (BFMI) will present its highly anticipated Christmas production on Sunday.

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‘Exclude Abaco shanty towns from injunction’

THE government is seeking to have Abaco’s five shanty towns removed as beneficiaries of a standing injunction prohibiting it from eradicating unregulated communities throughout The Bahamas.

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Doctors will all receive $1,400 - Sands

HEALTH Minister Dr Duane Sands said all doctors, including interns and those on contract, will receive a $1,400 lump sum payment as promised to workers in the public service.

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Ex-top cop supports Strachan

A FORMER high-ranking police officer has said he would have also rejected a transfer to the Ministry of Social Services if he were in the same position as Assistant Commissioner of Police Kendal Strachan.

CHASING HISTORY: 49ers and the Bulls kick off today

CHASING history has been a common theme for the Charlotte 49ers and Buffalo Bulls and, after a week of enjoying the amenities that come with a visit to the Bahamas, both teams shifted their focus to today’s kickoff and getting their first bowl win in school history.

Plastic distributors prepare 'alternatives' as ban nears

Major distributors yesterday said they already have “alternatives” to single-use plastic bags and styrofoam products in place ahead of the ban that will come into force from January 1. Marc Serfontein, Darville Packaging’s production manager, told T

Nassau/PI hotels give mixed Xmas outlook

Several Nassau/Paradise Island hotel operators yesterday reported a mixed Christmas occupancy and bookings outlook as the industry readies for the peak winter 2020 season. Ketera Rolle, acting general manager for the Holiday Inn Express, told Tribun

Mortgage Corp receives $27m in Dorian payouts

The Bahamas Mortgage Corporation (BMC) yesterday said it has received $27m in Hurricane Dorian-related insurance payouts on behalf of its borrower clients, and expects this number to rise. Philip Haven, its managing director, said the taxpayer-owned

Eleuthera poised for winter records

A Bahamian real estate firm believes mainland Eleuthera is poised to set new visitor and second homebuyer records this winter season based on initial numbers.“There hasn’t been a lull yet,” said Angelika Bacchus, an Eleuthera-based estate agent with

Thursday, December 19

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12192019 EDITION

Thursday, 19th December, 2019.

EDITORIAL: Is corruption really so shocking to discover?

There is a scene in the classic movie Casablanca, when the local police chief declares himself “shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here”. A moment later, he is handed his winnings.

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STATESIDE: Trump’s challenger is going nowhere without African American support

Americans wake up each day wondering what their president and his attorney are up to this time. Neither Donald Trump nor Rudy Giuliani apparently sees any disadvantage to copping publicly to most of the misdeeds with which they have been accused.

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I was playing by the rules, Moultrie tells Davis

HOUSE Speaker Halson Moultrie yesterday criticised Official Opposition Leader Philip “Brave” Davis for an “inappropriate” public challenge of a decision that disallowed him the opportunity to wrap up debate on a confidence resolution in the prime min

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I agree with flight report - D'Aguilar

SMALL countries like the Bahamas are challenged to build capacity needed to provide search and rescue services that meet international standards, Tourism and Aviation Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar said yesterday. He spoke following the release of the

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Lloyd: It may cost $25m to rebuild schools

EDUCATION Minister Jeff Lloyd estimated it will cost $20m to $25m to repair the schools in Abaco and Grand Bahama that were destroyed by Hurricane Dorian. Mr Lloyd said all the schools in the affected areas were reopened but noted there were outstan

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Man sentenced to ten years for stabbing wife

A 58-year-old man was sentenced yesterday to just over a decade in prison for stabbing his wife multiple times during a domestic dispute at their house last year. Justice Cheryl Grant-Thompson sentenced Wilfred Armbrister to 11 years behind bars for

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Dames defends $17m cost of drones

MINISTER of National Security Marvin Dames has defended the $17m sum for the government’s national drones programme, saying it is money well spent. On Monday, Mr Dames signed a $17m contract with California-based Swift Systems for a multi-agency dro

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Tax evaders told: 'Your time is up'

The Ministry of Finance’s top official yesterday warned invoice fraudsters and tax evaders that their time is up, as he pledged: “The days of friend and favour are over at the border.” Marlon Johnson, pictured , acting financial secretary, said ther

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Bahamas tops hemisphere for quickest govt services

The Bahamas is among the hemisphere’s best performers for the speed at which government services are delivered, even though “three visits” are required to complete one-third of such transactions. These findings, contained in a newly-released Inter-A

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BPL: $27 family bill rise 'critical to turning page'

Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) today reveals the “average” family will see a $27 per month increase in their bills from March 2020 onwards to help service its $650m debt refinancing.The utility, in an advertisement in today’s newspaper, says a “new l

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Cost Right lease's five-year extension for half the space

AML Foods has secured a five-year lease extension for 50 percent less space at its Town Centre Mall-based Cost Right store while it waits for the fate of its new location to be determined.Gavin Watchorn, the BISX-listed food group’s chief executive,

$30m 'scar' in doing business with govt

A frustrated Bahamian businessman has revealed how his family’s home and well-being have been threatened by the government’s failure to “honour a contract” now owing him at least $30m. Kingman Ingraham told Tribune Business he is uncertain how badly

Bill to allow magistrates the right to grant bail

THE Minnis administration tabled the Bail (Amendment) Bill in the House of Assembly yesterday, which will enable magistrates to grant bail in certain matters and to provide rules to regulate bail application procedures. The 2016 amendment to the Bai

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Windsor victorious in Interschool Equestrian League

SEVEN teams competed in the second show of this year’s Bahamas Interschool Equestrian League (BIEL) series, with the Windsor School team emerging as victors for the first time since last year in October.

Tease photo

Equestrian Bahamas: Eight young jockeys make history as they compete in the Selection Trials

EIGHT young riders made their way into Bahamian sports history last week by participating in the Selection Trials competition held by Equestrian Bahamas at Mariposa Riding Club.

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Bahamas Olympic Committee recognises 'Women in Sports'

OVER the weekend, the Bahamas Olympic Committee put some much needed emphasis on women in sports with some focus on the men who helped them to accomplish their goals.

Bahamas Bowl: Teams take the day off

BUFFALO and Charlotte are taking two different approaches in preparation for the 2019 Makers Wanted Bahamas Bowl on Friday.

Favoured seeds all advance at tennis nationals

THE favoured seeds all advanced through to the quarter-final and semi-final of their respective draws following the opening day of competition at the Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association’s Giorgio Baldacci National Open Tennis Tournament.

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Youngsters enjoy Football Leadership Clinic

BOWL week events continued for the 2019 Makers Wanted Bahamas Bowl as the organisers extended their community outreach and interaction between visiting players and locals.

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No.1 pick Ayton posts double double in return

For the first time since the season opener, Deandre Ayton was back on the court for the Phoenix Suns and despite a blowout loss, the former No.1 overall pick showed little signs of rust in his return.

Why do we condemn those who are different?

According to the story of Babel, after the flood there was a united human race with one original language.

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Sands addresses medical school on challenges of healthcare

HEALTH Minister Dr Duane Sands was recently invited to the Morehouse School of Medicine to deliver a speech on the successes and challenges in the Bahamian healthcare system before and after Hurricane Dorian.The minister was personally invited to pre

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Haitian captain has smuggling sentence cut

THE captain of a Haitian sloop used to smuggle over $100,000 pounds of cocaine into the country last year has had his prison sentence shortened on appeal. Terry Nacius will now serve three years in prison instead of the five years he was sentenced t

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Another $300,000 for Dorian relief

THE Moore Bahamas Foundation announced $300,000 in new grants for Hurricane Dorian relief and recovery, part of $1m in support pledged by conservation philanthropist Louis Bacon. The new grants follow Moore Bahamas’ funding for emergency aid in the i

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Salvation Army puts on a party

THE Salvation Army yesterday held its annual community luncheon where representatives paid homage to the older members of Bahamian society.A total of 300 seniors were treated to Christmas dinner and presented with food parcels in St Joseph’s Hall, co

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‘Put up or shut up’ on corruption claim

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis wants the representative of a non-profit organisation in Abaco to meet police and divulge details about a corruption allegation he made or apologise for the statement.

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Judges pay in line for 6% increase

A report tabled in the House of Assembly yesterday recommended judges receive an overall increase of six percent in their current salaries.

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Death crash drivers face 15 years jail

PRISON time of up to 15 years has been proposed for a new offence of vehicular manslaughter by reckless driving in a bid to toughen the Road Traffic Act.

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LOCKED OUT: Officer at centre of job switch row ‘cut off’ by Force

SOME of the privileges of Assistant Commissioner of Police Kendal Strachan have been revoked as he refuses a transfer to the Ministry of Social Services.

Small Business Centre gives $3.5m in first year

The deputy prime minister has hailed the Small Business Development Centre (SBDC) for approving $3.5m in financing for small businesses and start-up entrepreneurs during its first year. Speaking at the Centre’s year-end Christmas Client Showcase, K

Royal Caribbean aims to recruit more Bahamians

Royal Caribbean International yesterday said it has more job fairs planned for 2020 in a bid to increase its Bahamian workforce beyond the more than 300 currently employed. These Bahamians are either working on the cruise line’s ships or at its land

Abaco non-profit injects $1m into Dorian rebuild

A North-Abaco non-profit organisation has spent about $1m on rebuilding Bahamian homes on Treasure Cay in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. Tom Wheeler, member of the Treasure Cay Property Owners’ Association (TCPOA), and major donor to the North A

ART OF GRAPHIX: Designing for a proper critique

It is almost impossible to improve a design without feedback from others. Their input helps to avoid mistakes and thus create higher quality work. The goal of critique is to help move a project forward, and should never serve the purpose of boosting

Wednesday, December 18

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INTERNATIONAL NEWS: President Donald Trump impeached by US House on two charges

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump was impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives Wednesday night, becoming only the third American chief executive to be formally charged under the Constitution's ultimate remedy for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Shelters will remain open into new year

THE shelters accommodating displaced Hurricane Dorian evacuees will remain open until the new year, according to Social Services Minister Frankie Campbell.Speaking outside Cabinet, Mr Campbell said it is difficult to give a definitive timeline as to

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12182019 EDITION

Wednesday, 18th December, 2019.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Honestly, it’s no sin choosing to live alone

There is, quite possibly, nothing more blissful than living alone. Everything is where you left it, you have the quiet time you need when you get in from a long day, the bed is all yours, and no one is making your bills even higher.

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Robber blames sins of his relatives for breaking law

A 40-year-old man sentenced to over a decade in prison yesterday for robbing two food stores at gunpoint earlier this year attributed his criminal actions to a “generational curse” caused by incest in his family. Tyrone Minnis, upon receiving from J

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Wells rejects move to take legal action over post office

TRANSPORT Minister Renward Wells shrugged off the possibility of a legal challenge to Parliament’s resolution on the Town Centre Mall. Earlier this week, The Tribune reported that Progressive Liberal Party Leader Philip “Brave” Davis has asked attor

Survivors struggling to find the Christmas spirit

WITH one week left to Christmas, many Dorian survivors are finding it difficult to get into the festive spirit as uncertainty still threatens their future. Inez Maynard, of Spring City, Abaco, said she does not plan to celebrate the holiday this yea

Abaco resort to host Christmas party

AN Abaco resort is hosting a Christmas party for the island’s residents today, to bring much needed cheer to the storm-torn community. Treasure Sands’ “Treasured Christmas” event is expected to host more than 300 Abaco children, who will receive fre

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Lloyd adds his support for legal use of marijuana

EDUCATION Minister Jeff Lloyd yesterday said he supports the decriminalisation of small quantities of marijuana and wiping out the records of those found guilty for using or possessing the drug. Speaking to reporters outside of Cabinet, Mr Lloyd said

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Bahamas warned: 'Stop the piracy'

A premier pay-TV content provider is demanding that the Bahamian government “takes action to stop the unlicensed transmission” of major US networks to subscribers in this nation. HBO Latin America, a subsidiary of its Home Box Office (HBO) parent, i

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‘Unregulated construction’ alarm on Dorian revival

Abaco’s Chamber of Commerce president is sounding the alarm over “all this unregulated construction going on” as the Hurricane Dorian rebuilding effort starts to ramp up on the island.

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Solomon's return awaiting Lucayan, airport resolution

AML Foods yesterday pledged to re-open its still-closed Solomon’s Freeport store once the fate of the Grand Lucayan and the island’s international airport are positively resolved.Gavin Watchorn, the BISX-listed food retail group’s chief executive, to

Taxi union hopeful on 300 new plates

The Bahamas TaxiCab Union’s president yesterday voiced optimism that the government will issue 300 new plates as it prepares to lift the 27-year moratorium on new issuances. Wesley Ferguson told Tribune Business he was seeking 100 plates for taxi dr

‘Fast track’ renewables with $229m investment

The Bahamas has been urged to invest $229m over the next five years in “an ambitious and fast track programme” to achieve the National Energy Policy’s “30 percent by 2030” renewable target.

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Minister: Atlantis protest had 'no impact' on visitors

A Cabinet minister yesterday voiced optimism that the hotel union’s Thanksgiving Day protest outside Atlantis had “no impact” on the visitor experience enjoyed by hundreds of guests.Dionisio D’Aguilar, pictured, minister of tourism and aviation, said

Bimini readies for major cruise boost

Bimini residents are being urged to exploit the “unique opportunity” that will be created when Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Voyages brings 2,800 passengers to the island three times’ a fortnight.The Tourism Development Corporation (TDC) teamed with t

Bahamasair makes first GB departure to us post-Dorian

Bahamasair’s first international departure from Grand Bahama since Hurricane Dorian was hailed by a Cabinet minister as “a really positive step for residents”. Senator Kwasi Thompson, minister of state for Grand Bahama, who greeted passengers on the

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Grand Lucayan sale will 'happen when it happens'

The tourism minister yesterday declined to predict that the Grand Lucayan’s sale will close by year-end, but remains “optimistic” it will happen. Dionisio D’Aguilar, speaking to reporters outside the Cabinet Office, said of the talks with the Royal

Many 'moving parts' to buying GB airport

A Cabinet minister yesterday said there would be “a lot of moving parts” involved in negotiating the Grand Bahama International Airport’s (GBIA) acquisition if the owners decided to sell. Dionisio D’Aguilar, minster of tourism and aviation, told rep

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Top tourism official wins leading award

The Ministry of Tourism’s director-general has won the title of Caribbean tourism director of the year, according to the Caribbean Travel Awards. Joy Jibrilu, responding to the announcement, said: “I’m still processing the gravity of such a prestigi

Customs system critics finding it 'easier to lie'

Several brokers have argued it is “easier to lie on Customs” rather than admit problems with its new Electronic Single Window (ESW) are of the industry’s own making. The Ministry of Finance, in a statement issued yesterday, quoted several Customs br

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Four-day Christmas party gets in swing

SANTA’S Wonderland Christmas party kicked off on Monday evening, bringing holiday cheer to the Grand Bahama community still healing and trying recover from Dorian. The four-day free family event is spearheaded by Bass Pro and Convoy of Hope, which h

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Woman robbed of Christmas ornaments outside her house

A WOMAN was robbed of a basket of Christmas ornaments by an armed man Monday night. According to police, around 11pm the woman was outside her residence on Ivanhoe Road, off Mackey Street, collecting a basket of handmade ornaments from her vehicle.

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Kinza secures final spot

Kinza Johnson secured the final spot out of the qualifying round with a two-set victory over Kaylee Kanuka as the Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association’s 2019 Giorgio Baldacci National Open Tennis Tournament continued yesterday.

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Buddy scores 14, Hornets top Kings 110-102

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Malik Monk scored 14 of his season-high 23 points in the fourth quarter, and the Charlotte Hornets spoiled De’Aaron Fox’s return from injury with a 110-102 win over the Sacramento Kings last night.

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Tennis juniors in Florida Orange Bowl

FOUR Bahamians are participating this week in the Junior Orange Bowl International Tennis Championship in Florida. Sierra Rodgers and Breann Ferguson are on the girls’ side and Michael Major Jr and Jackson Mactaggart are on the boys’ side.

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Bulls and 49ers soak up Atlantis on first full day in the Bahamas

ON the teams’ first full day in the Bahamas, both Buffalo and Charlotte gave their respective student-athletes the day off from practice as both sides approach gameday for the Makers Wanted Bahamas Bowl at 2pm on Friday.

Strong sales for Boxing Day Junkanoo

JUNKANOO ticket sales for the 2019 Boxing Day Parade are strong, despite stakeholders anticipating that the economic impact of Hurricane Dorian may have negatively affected them.According to chairman for the Junkanoo Corporation of New Providence Dio

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Man shot to death identified

THE man shot to death last week in Freeport has been officially identified as 34-year-old Walter Dremiz, also known as Walter Direny, of Lewis Yard and Limewood Lane. According to police reports, officers responded to a shooting that occurred shortl

Bowling pins heat up at trials for national squad

AFTER Monday night when four men and one lady averaged 200 over the five games, there has been some shaking up in the top six for the men and a new leader for the ladies.

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And the lights go off again

TECHNICAL difficulties recently forced Bahamas Power and Light to leave customers in the western area of New Providence without power for hours.

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$50m loan to boost recovery

THE Minnis administration will bring a resolution to Parliament next month to borrow $50 million from the Caribbean Development Bank to finance Hurricane Dorian recovery efforts.

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‘Miller went downhill after being dismissed’

Golden Isles MP Vaughn Miller had been absent both physically and “mentally” from the constituency long before he resigned from the Free National Movement, according to area association chairman, Brian Brown.

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Crash exposed rescue failings: Emergency Service not in place to deal with deadly crash

THE search and rescue effort for Byron Ferguson after his plane crashed last year exposed gaping loopholes in this country’s civil aviation regime, the final report into the accident reveals.

Tuesday, December 17

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12172019 EDITION

Tuesday, 17th December, 2019.

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’Tis the Season for fragrance

NO MATTER how familiar it has become, one of the most popular Christmas gift options in the Bahamas is “fragrance shopping”.

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A night of reflection and prayer

A PRAYER night was held in Rawson Square on Sunday as part of the national campaign to end gender-based violence in The Bahamas.

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FACE TO FACE: Christmas won’t be the same without my friend, the amazing Chippie

This time next week it will be Christmas Eve. As quickly as that, the year… and the decade, is coming to an end. As I prepare for the traditional festivities that surround this holiday, it hit me… this will be my first Christmas in many years without Chippie.

EDITORIAL: Our veteran officers deserve to be treated with more respect

The veterans of our uniformed services are not being respectfully treated.

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Armed robbers break in after posing as immigration officers

FOUR armed men posing as immigration officers forced their way inside a home yesterday then assaulted a man and a woman before escaping with stolen items. The incident occurred shortly after 5am yesterday when the thieves gained entry to the home lo

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Debris removal in Abaco shanty town communities almost complete

THREE months after Hurricane Dorian struck the northwestern Bahamas, debris removal in the shanty town communities in Abaco are almost complete.However, operations are still underway to clean up the residential communities on the island, according to

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Darville calls for more scrutiny at Equinor

SAVE the Bays Chairman Joseph Darville criticised the government yesterday for not being present to oversee the clean-up efforts at the Equinor South Riding Point facility in East Grand Bahama. Mr Darville told The Tribune there is still no governme

Marchers call for reform to counter gender-based violence

THE Ministry of Health in conjunction with the Violence Intervention and Prevention Working Group yesterday held a “March for Freedom” to advocate against gender-based violence in the country. Citizens supporting the demonstration gathered in Rawson

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Investigation launched into schoolgirl 'hitting' video

NATIONAL Security Minister Marvin Dames yesterday confirmed that an official investigation has been launched after a woman was captured hitting a young schoolgirl with pots and pans in a video that went viral on social media. Earlier this week, Educ

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Police to probe video of youth being 'slammed'

COMMISSIONER of Police Anthony Ferguson confirmed that a video showing a teenager being slammed on the ground by a police officer at the Kendal GL Isaacs Gymnasium was referred to the police force’s Complaints and Corruptions Unit. A short video whi

Unemployment in Grand Bahama is not 50%, says govt

THE government yesterday denied a recent international report that claimed unemployment in Grand Bahama stood at a staggering rate of nearly 50 percent following Hurricane Dorian, insisting the data came from no state agency or entity. According to

‘We need bigger profit on eggs’

Food retailers are seeking "at least" a three-fold increase in the mark-up permitted on eggs by price control, with their Association chief renewing calls for such regulations to be abolished.

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Media regulator unveils gaming ad crackdown

Regulators yesterday unveiled a proposed crackdown on gaming advertising carried by Bahamian TV and radio stations in a bid to protect “vulnerable” children and young adults from harm.The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA), unveili

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VAT services relief 'vital' to Dorian revival speed

Abaco’s Chamber of Commerce president yesterday renewed his plea for the government to eliminate VAT on services in the Dorian-hit islands amid fears the tax will “just delay the rebuilding process”.Ken Hutton told Tribune Business that including ser

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Society's poorest 60% consume less than wealthiest 10%

Bahamian per capita income has taken a decade to recover to pre-recession levels of 2007, with a just-released report arguing this masks “significant income inequality”.An Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) on proposed welfare system reforms that

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National debt strikes $8.3bn

The Bahamas’ national debt hit $8.313bn at end-September 2019 with the full fiscal impact of Hurricane Dorian yet to be felt, the Central Bank’s 2019 third quarterly review has revealed. Unveiled yesterday, the report indicates that with some $508m

A tempest in a political teacup

Everyone is getting their knickers in a twist about a conversation between the Prime Minister and St Anne’s MP Brent Symonette, who with his elder brother, is part owner of the property to which the current post office has been transferred.

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Are you fit for Junkanoo?

JUNKANOO’S artistry and musicality is hailed, recognised and rewarded. However, often overlooked when it comes to Junkanoo is the extreme physicality participants must not only endure to the finish line, but to put on a world class performance on Bay Street to bolster their group.

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‘Blame game won’t stop the violence’

WITH the country’s murder rate having already surpassed last year’s count, a leading bishop is urging Bahamians to take a more “non-political, bi-partisan” approach to the crime problem in the country.

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$17m drone deal takes crime fight to the sky

MINISTER of National Security Marvin Dames signed a $17m contract with California-based Swift Systems yesterday for a multi-agency drone programme he said should lead to “record level” crime reduction.

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Undefeated, Mackey has her eyes on the top spot

Elana Mackey moved one match from clinching the top spot for the Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association’s main draw play in the Giorgio Baldacci National Tennis Tournament. Yesterday at the National Tennis Centre, Mackey stayed unbeaten, winning her second

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Justin Lunn: 'I'm hoping to have an amazing tournament here'

AFTER spending some time in Montreal, Canada working on his technique, Justin Lunn said he’s looking forward to heading to the United States in February to resume playing on the professional circuit. “This year was a little bit slow for me,” Lunn po

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Two in hospital after separate incidents

TWO men are in hospital following separate shooting and stabbing incidents, police said.

Sports Notes

TYRONE Knowles, president of the Bahamas Bowling Federation, and his executive team extend condolences to Stan Bethell Jr on the passing of his father Stan Bethell Sr over the weekend. Bethell Jr is a quiet giant and is well known in the bowling com

The grinchy Christmas gift

ONE thing that can put you in a “grinchy” spirit is discovering the name you drew for Secret Santa gift exchange is a family member you do not get along with or a colleague you are not fond.

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LIFE LINES: Mind how you think

There are countless books, online courses and suggestions on how to develop positive thinking habits usually associated with a title such as “ten habits of successful people”.

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The ordeal of bedwetting

Bedwetting is a traumatic ordeal, too often endured in embarrassing silence by families. Nocturnal enuresis or bedwetting was regarded in one study as the third most traumatic event that a family can face.

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Man admits arson

A male resident of West End was charged with arson in the Eight Mile Rock Magistrate’s Court on Monday. Michael David Russell, 51, of Bank Lane, appeared before Magistrate Gwendolyn Claude, and pleaded guilty to the charge of arson in connection wit

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Don’t let your journey come to an end

A major key to my 110-pound weight loss and body transformation journey was putting healthy wellness and fitness in the context of lifestyle as opposed to some “programme” I was on. This was important because the minute I came off of the “programme” my journey came to a screeching halt, or worse doubled back in the opposite direction.

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Titter Lou’s Herbal Kitchen

THROUGH HER small business, it is Jacqueline Hewitt’s goal to encourage healthy lifestyles among Bahamians.

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Major Jr hopes to be a top contender for national title

WHEN the Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association’s Giorgio Baldacci National Open Tennis Tournament gets underway on Wednesday, Kevin Major Jr hopes to be one of the top contenders for the title. Back home after playing in a series of tournaments in Florida

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Top officer defies ‘switch job’ order

ASSISTANT Commissioner of Police Kendal Strachan, acting on advice from his lawyer Wayne Munroe, is defying an order to report to the Ministry of Social Services and Urban Development for a new role as chief of security at the Willie Mae Pratt and Simpson Penn schools for girls and boys. His new appointment was to take effect on December 9 when he returned from a lengthy, forced vacation leave. This newspaper reported last week that he intends to fight the transfer.

Teams in town for Bahamas Bowl

BOTH participating teams in the 2019 Makers Wanted Bahamas Bowl, the Charlotte 49ers and the Buffalo Bulls, arrived in the capital yesterday to begin a busy week of activities leading up to Friday’s matchup on the field. The Bulls were the first to

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PETER YOUNG: All’s well in the end as Corbyn & co are destroyed at the polls

Britain’s historic General Election last week turned out to be nothing short of an earthquake that may have changed the political map of the nation for a generation. For the first time, Labour Party supporters in its traditional, working-class heartlands in the North-East and Midlands areas of the country have voted Tory.

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Albury brothers making an impact on basketball court

IT’S not every day that you see two brothers excelling in the same sport at the same time. Deyton and Michael Albury Jr are the exceptions.While Deyton Albury is now at Sunrise Christian Academy making his presence felt for the Buffaloes basketball t

Too much secrecy

No sensible Bahamian who is politically tuned believed for one minute that the recent Motion of No Confidence brought by the Leader of the New Deal Progressive Liberal Party, the Hon Philip ‘Brave’ Davis, QC, MP (PLP-Cat Island) against the Most Honorable Prime Minister.

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Nesbitt scores team high 16 for Rebels in overtime win

YOLETT McPhee-McCuin has led her Ole Miss Rebels women’s basketball programme above .500 powered by another outstanding game from Valerie Nesbitt. Nesbitt finished with a team high 16 points and six assists - both team highs - in the Rebels’ 69-66 o

Sunwing return 'major step for revival of GB'

Cabinet ministers have hailed Saturday’s return of airlift by Sunwing Airlines as “a major step in the revival” of Grand Bahama’s economy following Hurricane Dorian. K Peter Turnquest, deputy prime minister; Senator Kwasi Thompson, minister of state

DPM challenges Cooper on VAT relief for services

The deputy prime minister yesterday challenged his opposition counterpart to explain how he would make-up “the tremendous revenue loss” if services were made VAT-free in the Dorian-hit islands. Confirming that the government has no plans to remove V

Tourism thrilled at Denver airlift

The minister of tourism is “thrilled” that United Airlines will open more US markets for The Bahamas when it begins service from Denver on March 7, 2020. “We are thrilled that our partners at United Airlines are increasing service, giving Denver and

'Constructive' feedback on procurement reform

The Ministry of Finance’s top official yesterday said it had received “constructive” feedback on legislative reforms intended to transform the Government’s procurement processes. Marlon Johnson, the acting financial secretary, told Tribune Business:

Regulator launches its financial technology hub

The Securities Commission’s Board has approved the launch of a financial technology (FinTech) Hub that will enable industry players to launch compliant products and services K. Peter Turnquest, deputy prime minister, said of the SCB FITLink hub: “Th

Warehouse donated to Dorian relief effort

A businessman has donated a Marsh Harbour warehouse to the Bahamas Disaster Reconstruction Authority for use as the main storage facility for Dorian-related relief and reconstruction materials. Chad Sawyer said he provided the former Save-A-Lot faci

US environmental firm's Customs clash 'resolved'

A US-based environmental firm is “still working” on post-Dorian clean-up in Abaco after achieving “resolution” to its previous dispute with Customs, it was confirmed yesterday. Ken Hutton, Abaco’s Chamber president, said the clash that forced Ceres

Monday, December 16

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Monday, 16th December, 2019.

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12162019 EDITION

Monday, 16th December, 2019.

EDITORIAL: Children face Christmas without their mother

Every murder is a tragedy – but some make the heart ache that little bit more. The murder of a mother of six just two weeks before Christmas is one that hurts.

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INSIGHT – Abaco: Getting back on its feet, cay by cay

In the weeks since Hurricane Dorian devastated Abaco and parts of Grand Bahama priority has been on securing inhabitants safety and then slowly starting the process of rebuilding these shattered communities.

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Business expert Richard Coulson dies aged 88

The Bahamas has lost one of its most influential citizens and The Tribune its most trusted business columnist. Richard ‘Dick’ Coulson passed away early on Friday morning at Doctors Hospital after a brief illness. He was 88. Born January 8, 1931 to S

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Mission control will be restored at Rand - Sands

HEALTH Minister Dr Duane Sands said that “mission control” will be restored at Rand Memorial Hospital today with the removal of the administrative hospital team from outdoor tents. He also said elective surgery could resume at the hospital by Januar

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PLP asks Sears to examine post office deal

OPPOSITION Leader Philip “Brave” Davis said the Progressive Liberal Party has asked Alfred Sears to examine whether parliamentarians have standing to challenge the Minnis administration’s resolution on the Town Centre Mall in the Supreme Court with t

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INSIGHT: What if McCartney had stayed the course? Perhaps it’s not too late . . .

LAST week’s spectacle in Parliament – a vote of no confidence becoming a vote of confidence in Prime Minister Minnis - was doubly disappointing. Not only did it serve as a sobering reminder of the political horror show that was the previous administration under then-Prime Minister Perry Christie, but it also reaffirmed the nature of Bahamian politics is the greatest impediment to our advancement as a nation.

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$5m waste of axed welfare reform plan

Poverty-stricken families and the Bahamian taxpayer have received almost no value from a near-$5.4m investment in welfare reform that was halted by the Minnis administration.

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Super Value chief '100%' confident resort deal close

Super Value’s owner says he is “100 percent” confident that the sale of his Bimini Sands resort will close as early as this week, adding: “I’m doing the island a favour by exiting.”Rupert Roberts told Tribune Business he hoped to conclude the deal th

Fears voiced on govt renewable energy takeover

Renewable energy providers have voiced fears that the government’s planned $170m financing vehicle will “squeeze out” the private sector and “kill an already-struggling industry”.Guilden Gilbert, vice-president of Alternative Power Solutions (APS) Ba

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'Fluid' Lucayan deal targeting year-end close

The government is aiming to close “fluid” negotiations for the Grand Lucayan’s sale by year-end, as its chairman hit out at the “shocking” state of Grand Bahama’s main airport.Michael Scott compared the facility’s current appearance to a “Red Cross r

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Davis - we’re not chasing FNM rebels

OPPOSITION Leader Philip “Brave” Davis said the Progressive Liberal Party will not actively seek to recruit Golden Isles MP Vaughn Miller and Centreville MP Reece Chipman.

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‘God has my back’: Hours later, mother of six shot dead and dumped in bushes

THE husband of the woman fatally shot in Nassau Village on Saturday said hours before his wife was brutally murdered, he had a “funny feeling” that something bad would happen.

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Finally - BPL’s new engines on stream

BAHAMAS Power and Light’s $95m, 130 megawatt power plant has been brought online in time for its December 15 deadline, the company said yesterday.

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Lloyd appalled by support for beating

EDUCATION Minister Jeff Lloyd had tough words yesterday for people who condoned the punishment of a girl captured in a viral video being beaten with pots and pans.

Big Christmas party for GB

THE Grand Bahama community will be treated to an extraordinary Christmas event this week that residents will not forget, as the island continues to recover and families try to gain some normalcy after Hurricane Dorian. Bass Pro and Convoy of Hope ar

'Guardians of our heritage'

CHIEF Petty Officers Ian Morley and Allan Francis were both hailed as “guardians of our heritage” after they officially retired from the Royal Bahamas Defence Force. Both senior enlisted officers were recognised for their dedicated services during a

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Two arrested over drugs, gun

TWO men were arrested after they were found with an illegal gun and marijuana, police said. Shortly before 11pm, officers from Operation Team, acting on information, searched a home at Lewis Street, off Market Street and found a 20 gauge shotgun wit

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INSIGHT: We need to build to cope with the new reality of the storms we are facing

In the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, it is imperative The Bahamas adopt a climate change resilient Building Code to guide restoration rebuilding in Abaco and Grand Bahama, the construction of new buildings and retrofitting key infrastructures throughout the country.

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WORLD VIEW – Withdrawal of Canadian banks: opportunity to remedy not repeat mistakes

THE untidy and muddled way in which Canadian banks are withdrawing from the countries of the Commonwealth Caribbean is a direct result of insufficient attention being paid by governments to the terms of their entry at the time. Commonwealth Caribbean countries are those that were former colonies, or are still territories of, the United Kingdom.

Pensioners are getting rough end of the deal

When I first joined the Royal Bahamas Police Force Fire Department, back on June of 1978 my salary then was around $700.00 per month. Fast tracking to September 3rd, 2003, retired from active law enforcement service.

Symonette's pros and cons

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Philip Brave Davis’ motion of no confidence in Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis met its expected outcome in the House of Assembly.

Time to stand up and be counted

In times past, I used to make a lump sum payment on my Canadian $$ credit card in order to cover purchases that I would make for family in Canada at Christmas.

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Bogdanovich scores 25 points, Kings rout Warriors 100-79

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Bogdan Bogdanovich scored 25 points, “Buddy” Hield added 19 and the Sacramento Kings routed the Golden State Warriors 100-79 last night.

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‘Road to Victory’ awards banquet takes spotlight

Coach Dexter Bodie was hailed for his pioneer leadership of the Roadrunners Track and Field Club. But former president of the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations Desmond Bannister challenged the members to start looking for the next visionary leader.

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Tyler scores 46 at the Stars and Stripes Showcase

BAHAMAS junior national basketball team standout Tyler Pinder is turning heads in the world of high school basketball recruitment.

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UB Mingoes get 98-75 win over Wolverines

ROBERT Joseph seemingly could not miss from behind the arc for the University of the Bahamas Mingoes against the Wolverines Saturday night in New Providence Basketball Association action.

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Kai Jones wants more playing time with Texas Longhorns

AFTER playing sparingly through the first few games of his freshman season with the Texas Longhorns, Kai Jones inquired about the best way forward for him to receive more playing time from head coach Shaka Smart.

Holiday Classic results

THE Basketball Scholastic Athletic Association’s 2019 Holiday Classic got started on Saturday at the Hope Centre basketball courts.

High office, retail demand for $250m PI development

The developer behind Hurricane Hole’s $250m revival has fully leased all the office space in phase one of its project together with 80 percent of the retail units, it has revealed. Sterling Global Financial said the Paradise Island-based development

Restaurant gains $89k debt funding

A restaurant has obtained $89,000 in loan financing from the Bahamas Development Bank (BDB) after working with the Small Business Development Centre (SBDC).Owned by Kimberly Marshall, pictured, Dynasty Café is a soul food eatery that will serve break

Tourism to 'come out swinging' during 2020

The Bahamas will “come out swinging next year” with new tourism promotions and initiatives as it continues to rebound from Hurricane Dorian’s devastation.Bridgette King, the Ministry of Tourism’s executive director of sales, outlined the country’s am

BPL: It's a 'go' for new generation

Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) yesterday said its new 132 megawatts (MW) of generation capacity “are go” after meeting its December 15 deadline to link them to the grid.Dr Donovan Moxey, BPL’s chairman, said the Wartsila engines “have been putting pow

Winterbotham takes BISX listings to 26

The Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX) has announced that another investment fund has been added to its roster of listings. The exchange said Providence Capital Fund, which is licensed under the Investment Funds Act 2003, has completed

GB airport awaits inspection today

The Government’s top aviation official says US regulators are expected to clear Grand Bahama International Airport to receive international flights following an inspection today. Algernon Cargill, pictured , director of aviation, told Tribune Busine

Airport bracing for 230k passengers

Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) is aiming to make it feel like Christmas for the 230,000 passengers set to move through its three terminals over the next two-and-a-half weeks. “Based on historic passenger numbers this year and our initi

ISLAND INSIGHTS: Mayaguana eyed for shipping hub

As the search continues for new ways to grow the Bahamian economy, Mayaguana’s potential contribution towards its growth merits a closer look at. In the previous segment on Mayaguana, the island was described as a “blank slate” for investment. This a

Bahamas enjoying 'major' airlift growth

The Bahamas has seen “significant airlift growth” to Nassau and two other islands as its pushes its “open for business” message in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. Tyrone Sawyer, senior director of airlift development for the Ministry of Tourism a

Climate change concerns raised over Disney project

Scientists have said they are “most concerned” about Disney Cruise Line’s failure to-date to address climate change and Marine Protected Area (MOA) issues relating to its south Eleuthera project. Dr David Philipp, chair of the board of directors for

Saturday, December 14

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Woman found dead in Nassau Village

Police are investigating after a woman was found dead in the Nassau Village area on Saturday morning.

Friday, December 13

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12132019 WEEKEND

Friday, 13th December, 2019.

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12132019 EDITION

Friday, 13th December, 2019.

C I Gibson student dies after fall

C I Gibson Senior High School is mourning the death of a student who died in the hospital after hitting his head on concrete near the school’s entrance on Thursday morning.

Operation Sovereign Bahamas stages protest outside Haitian Embassy

OPERATION Sovereign Bahamas protested outside of the Haitian Embassy on Shirley Street Friday, demanding their officials cooperate with The Bahamas government in dealing with their citizens.

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Man cleared of robbing Domino's employee of car, cash and phone

A MAN has been cleared of allegations that he robbed a Domino's Pizza employee of her car, cash and cellphone while she was making a delivery eight years ago.

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One tests positive for TB at Kendal Isaacs Gymnasium

ONE person at the Kendal Isaacs Gymnasium, a shelter for Hurricane Dorian victims, tested positive for an active case of tuberculosis, the Ministry of Health said in a statement on Friday.

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Estimated cost of Rand repairs and renovations around $20m

HEALTH Minister Dr Duane Sands revealed that initial estimates of the total value of repairs and renovations of the Rand Memorial Hospital in Grand Bahama would be in the region of some $20 million.

EDITORIAL: The toughest of sentences to give

“Difficult matters make for difficult decisions.”

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A COMIC'S VIEW: What not to do at the Christmas party

CHRISTMAS is upon us and there’s nothing more “political” than office Christmas parties.

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Solar power plan for Abaco water

THE Water and Sewerage Corporation, in partnership with several international groups, yesterday launched its Abaco Sunny Waters project, which aims to solarise and transform Abaco’s damaged water systems in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.The $1.2m

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Bills will allow govt to seek damages for 'historic' pollution

THE package of environmental bills passed in the Senate yesterday will give the government the “legal right” to seek damages caused to the country’s eco-systems by historic pollution. The statement came from Attorney General Carl Bethel during debat

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Pintard: We need greater urgency

MARCO City MP Michael Pintard joined his Free National Movement colleagues in praising Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis during Wednesday’s confidence motion debate in the House of Assembly but differed from them in expressing notes of caution to his t

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Lloyd wants probe into 'abuse' of girl

AN investigation has been launched to probe the circumstances surrounding a video in which an older woman is seen hitting a young girl with frying pans, according to Minister of Education Jeffrey Lloyd. When contacted, Mr Lloyd said the child in the

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Stabbed youth in hospital

A JUVENILE is in hospital after he was stabbed during a fight, police said. Shortly after 10pm on Wednesday, the teen was involved in an argument with a group of men in the area of a park at West End Avenue, Centreville. One of the men, armed with a

113 Haitians deported by Immigration Dept

MORE than 100 Haitian migrants were deported to Haiti yesterday. A press release from the Department of Immigration noted that a joint team of law enforcement officers left the Inagua International Airport at 10.10am yesterday en-route to Port-au-Pri

No labour survey on Abaco and Grand Bahama this year

FOR the first time in recent history, the Department of Statistics will not conduct its annual Labour Force Survey on Abaco and Grand Bahama this year due to Hurricane Dorian.

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'No clue' over $300 minimum wage hike

The Chamber of Commerce's top workforce specialist yesterday revealed he has "no clue" where the director of labour's assertions about a $300 weekly minimum wage originated from.

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Blacklisting: Ex-AG fears others will follow France

An ex-attorney general yesterday warned that France’s “blacklisting” of The Bahamas may entice other countries to follow suit, and urged this nation to seek US help in defending its interests.John Delaney, principal of the Delaney Partners law firm,

Customs won't accept 'garbage information'

A top Customs official yesterday warned its new system will not accept “garbage information” as a Bahamian firm unveiled software designed to smooth the Click2Clear user’s experience. Information Specialists Bahamas (ISL), a software development com

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Governance reformer: $210 minimum wage can't meet living cost

A governance reformer yesterday argued it is impossible to live on a $210 weekly minimum wage because “the Bahamian cost of living is too high”. Robert Myers, the Organisation for Responsible Governance’s (ORG) principal, told Tribune Business that

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Bahamas ‘too profitable’ for an RBC exit

A former finance minister yesterday voiced optimism that The Bahamas is “too profitable” for Royal Bank (RBC) and its Canadian rivals to abandon following their eastern Caribbean exit.

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INTERNATIONAL NEWS: UK's Johnson claims Brexit mandate as Tories secure majority

LONDON (AP) — Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party has won a thumping majority of seats in Britain's Parliament — a decisive outcome to a Brexit-dominated election that should allow Johnson to fulfill his plan to take the U.K. out of the European Union next month.

Giants squash Great Whites 123-39

THE top team in Division I of the New Providence Basketball Association pulled off the most dominant win of the season. The Commonwealth Bank Giants had a 123-39 win over the BIBT Great Whites at the AF Adderley Gymnasium on Wednesday night. Adam J

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Sunshine Insurance donates $40,000 to beneficiaries of Race Weekend

EVERY year in the Bahamas, an estimated 500 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. Sensitive to the fact that so many Bahamian families are affected by this disease, Race Weekend strives to do its part each year in working towards the goal of havin

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Hield, Kings to battle for playoff spot in the Western Conference

BUDDY Hield and the Sacramento Kings have been on the winning side of a series of thrilling finishes recently and have become a legitimate contender for a playoff spot in the Western Conference.The Kings won their third straight game against a Wester

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Bahamian judokas end up 6th overall in Barbados

THE 19th annual Barbados International Judo Tournament and the third CARIFTA Judo Championships were held in Bridgetown, Barbados, on Saturday, December 7.The Bahamas placed sixth out of 10 countries in an overall tournament placement, though having

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Sixth annual Makers Wanted Bahamas Bowl kicks off December 20

WITH this being the 150th anniversary of college football in the United States, the sixth annual Makers Wanted Bahamas Bowl will take the spotlight on Friday, December 20 at Thomas A Robinson National Stadium.The game is slated to begin at 2pm and wi

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Tennis: Nationals 'going to be very competitive'

Eight of the top women and 16 men are expected to participate in the Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association’s annual Giorgio Baldacci National Open Tennis Tournament at the National Tennis Centre next week.The event, which is scheduled to run from Wednesday

Name and shame the delinquents

Very clearly the cash-flow of Government is under serious pressure but when this is allowed to continue hundreds of millions could be collected from the hundreds who are delinquent in paying their bills.

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Officers hunt for armed robbers

POLICE on New Providence are seeking the public’s assistance in locating and apprehending the suspects responsible for two armed robberies that happened on Wednesday. In the first incident, shortly before 3pm, two gunmen entered a residence on Chanc

Power to stand = power to stay

Perhaps looking at some of the things we have all had to endure, or even face right now, is painful. I know there are some experiences we prefer never happened.

Prayer Walk

At the Anglican Retreat Centre, Mt Olivet, there are 14 crosses in the prayer grotto. Each one has a word carved on it to assist with the prayer walk. It is a wonderful place to visit but until you do, allow the following questions to will help you to meditate more intentionally during Advent:

Christmas in da ghetto returns to audiences

Christmas comes once a year and at Believers Faith Christian Academy it is a time for sharing and caring. In celebration of the birth of Jesus, they have taken time out to bring joy and laughter to the lives of the people that they see and love every day.

Taking her message to the movie screen

FOR some time now, Samita Ferguson, a woman who wears numerous hats as a mother, business woman and founder of C.H.A.M.P.S, has been digging deeper into her creative side.

Occupy ends year stronger than ever

THE OCCUPY Mentorship Programme founded by Gospel artist Ricardo Clarke hosted its final 2019 event this past week.

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Mother reveals ‘I love you Mummy’ text from drowning victim

SILVIA Knowles Rolle yesterday experienced a parent’s worst nightmare two weeks before Christmas, after being told her eldest son had drowned at Cabbage Beach yesterday.

Minimum wage economics

An increased Minimum Wage – Can we afford it? A silly question.

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Minnis brother in assault probe

POLICE are investigating an allegation that Cyril “Boxer” Minnis, the brother of Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis, punched a woman in the face at the Registrar General’s Office in Grand Bahama on Wednesday.

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McAlpine needs to say if he’s with FNM or not

ONE day after Golden Isles MP Vaughn Miller resigned from his party, Free National Movement Chairman Carl Culmer said it’s time Pineridge MP Frederick McAlpine made up his mind about his own intentions.

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Judge’s mercy for fire death mother: Six-year hospital care for setting daughter alight

A schizophrenic woman who killed her two-year-old daughter by dousing her with gasoline and setting her on fire was ordered yesterday to spend six years at Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre as punishment.

Christmas tree was not that bad

Design choices don’t seem to work out well for Lanisha Rolle. The Youth, Sports and Culture Minister notoriously came under heavy fire in November for handing out medals to young people at a youth in parliament event in October.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Standing idle as corruption reigns carries a heavy price

Fighting corruption would be a lot easier if it had at least a little sex appeal.

No GB jobless survey till 2021

The Department of Statistics may not undertake a survey of Grand Bahama’s jobless levels until May 2021, its acting director revealed yesterday.Leona Wilson explained that a combination of post-Hurricane Dorian fall-out, with the Department’s Grand B

University deal to give tourism boost

The University of The Bahamas has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a key tourism agency to help strengthen the sector’s resilience and growth prospects.The agreement with the Tourism Development Corporation is also intended to deepen t

Bank unveils first apprentice winner

The Bahamas Development Bank (BDB) yesterday unveiled the first beneficiary of its new apprenticeship programme, which is named in honour of its first managing director, Warren Logan-Rolle. K Peter Turnquest, deputy prime minister, speaking at a pre

Thursday, December 12

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Tuberculosis case found in gym shelter

A CASE of active tuberculosis has been confirmed in the Kendal Isaacs Gym shelter, Minister of Health Dr Duane Sands confirmed Thursday night.

EDITORIAL: A victory for Minnis - but a greater battle ahead

As predicted, the vote of no confidence – which was switched around to become a vote of confidence – ended up in Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis’ favour.

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12122019 EDITION

Thursday, 12th December, 2019.

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STATESIDE: Does Trump magic still work for the ‘lost’ Democrats?

Like many American states, Pennsylvania is bifurcated. There are the cities. And then there is the rest of the state.

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Man shot dead in Freeport

GRAND Bahama police are investigating the shooting death of a man late Wednesday evening in Freeport.

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URCA 'trying to destroy broadcasting company'

THE Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority is planning to liquidate a local broadcast company fighting to prove its rightful claim to the 103.5 FM radio licence, with the company’s attorney accusing the regulator of trying to “destroy” his cl

Charities looking for a little extra Christmas cheer

WITH the holidays fast approaching, many non-profit organisations are appealing for various donations to help persons in need during Christmas.One of them is The Good Samaritan Senior Citizens Home.Head of the facility, Reverend Dr Kendall Capron sai

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Sands: Junior doctors may be moved, but not fired

AMID concerns about the unemployment status of some 20 junior doctors at Princess Margaret Hospital, Health Minister Dr Duane Sands yesterday explained that those unconfirmed physicians will not be fired, but transferred to other posts in the public

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Mother denies neglect after son is shot while playing with gun

A 32-year-old woman denied allegations yesterday that her neglect led to her son being shot with a gun that accidentally went off as the boy and another child were playing with it. Kara Johnson, of Romer Street, Fox Hill, entered a not guilty plea t

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Sands confirms imported child measles case

HEALTH Minister Dr Duane Sands confirmed another imported case of measles in a three-year-old tourist on Tuesday. Speaking to reporters outside of Cabinet, Dr Sands said the Ministry of Health has continued with its vaccination programme to combat t

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$170m vehicle to 'surpass' Caribbean renewable lead

Bahamian investment will ultimately be sought in a $170m special purpose vehicle (SPV) that aims to “surpass” the government’s timeline for this nation to become “a Caribbean renewable leader”. An Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) report, which

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Atlantis: 'Responsible wage increase' please

Atlantis wants “responsible wage increases” to be the outcome of the hotel sector’s industrial agreement negotiations, its top executive told thousands of staff yesterday. Audrey Oswell, the Paradise Island-based resort’s president and managing dire

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Realtor chief urges further clarity over 'free' crown land

The Bahamas Real Estate Association’s (BREA) president yesterday urged the government to clarify its proposed “Crown Land giveaway” to facilitate post-Hurricane Dorian reconstruction.Christine Wallace-Whitfield, pictured, questioned whether persons b

Bahamas aviation boost in US deal

The Bahamian tourism and aviation industries are set for a further boost through this nation formalising its long-standing relationship with the US, a senior regulator revealed yesterday. Juliea Brathwaite-Rolle, head of the Bahamas Civil Aviation A

Insurers suffering Dorian 'loss creep'

Bahamian insurers are suffering from Dorian “loss creep” with initial damage assessments having to be revised upwards upon secondary inspections, a top executive said yesterday.Tom Duff, Insurance Company of The Bahamas (ICB) general manager, told Tr

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Suns eager to have No.1 pick Ayton back on court

Deandre Ayton is set to return to the court in five days and the Phoenix Suns are eager to have the former No.1 overall pick back in the lineup. Ayton will complete his 25-game suspension following the Suns’ December 16 contest against the Portland

Sad death of Felix Bethel

F- Freedom fighter in every sense of the word.

Joining the WTO makes no sense

I regard Zhivago Laing both as a friend and as a very intelligent and principled Bahamian. But on the supposed desirability of the Bahamas (a country that imports everything and exports next to nothing) joining the WTO, he is simply very wrong.

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Carey sets new national record in 100m backstroke

DAVANTE Carey set a new national record as he continues his standout freshman season at McKendree University.Carey’s time of 58.12 seconds in the 100m backstroke broke the 15-year-old mark of 58.31 posted by Chris Vythoulkas at the 2004 Olympic Games

Alex Cooper named to Cougar's All-Decade Offensive Team

ALEX Cooper was recognised as one of the top players in the Houston Cougars football programme over the past 10 years as it continued to rise to national prominence. Cooper was named to The Cougar’s All-Decade Offensive Team featuring the top perfor

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Wells and Hanna are track and field athletes of the week

SEVERAL Bahamian athletes got their indoor seasons off to winning starts and were recognised by their respective conferences for stellar performances. Sasha Wells and Tiffany Hanna garnered athlete of the week honours for their programmes when the w

Ferguson and Bearcats headed to bowl game

CHRIS Ferguson and the No.21 ranked Cincinnati Bearcats are headed to a bowl game for the third time during his tenure with the programme which will also mark the final game of his collegiate career. The Bearcats accepted a bid to the TicketSmarter

Japanese firm donates $10,000 to NEMA

A JAPANESE company has donated $10,000 to the National Emergency Management Agency to aid hurricane relief. “As a socially responsible corporate citizen, Nomura Group is committed to helping numerous disaster victims, by raising funds to contribute

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Three remanded on charges of armed robbery

THREE employees of a solid-waste management company were remanded to prison yesterday over allegations they robbed a local wholesale agency at gunpoint of over $60,000 worth of cigarettes and one of the company’s delivery trucks last week. Remardo B

Generous donation to help rebuild school

HUGH Campbell Primary School received a generous cash donation yesterday from the Friends of the Bahamas Turks and Caicos Islands group to assist hurricane restorations efforts at that school.Sonia “Omega” Simmons, a Grand Bahama resident who has rel

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Vote of confidence in PM passed

A VOTE of confidence motion in Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis passed the House of Assembly last night.

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Job switch ‘is not demotion’

MINISTER of National Security Marvin Dames said yesterday that the secondment of Assistant Commissioner of Police Kendal Strachan to chief of security under the Ministry of Social Services is not a demotion nor is it personal.

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Churches warned - don’t set up unlawful centres

MINISTER of Immigration Elsworth Johnson said yesterday any churches and facilities that are setting up additional shelters not sanctioned by the relevant government agencies are doing so illegally.

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Minnis secures confidence vote as ‘martyr’ Miller quits: ‘FNM will not repent. I shall not recant.’

GOLDEN Isles MP Vaughn Miller resigned from the Free National Movement in the House of Assembly yesterday, joining Centreville MP Reece Chipman as the second parliamentarian to leave the party this year after being elected on an FNM wave in 2017.

Pelican Bay rewards staff with getaways

Grand Bahama’s Pelican Bay Resort has rewarded staff for their efforts post-Hurricane Dorian by paying for two-day getaway breaks in either New Providence or south Florida. “The impact of Hurricane Dorian was undeniable; many of our staff were direct

Hundreds graduate from BahamasHost initiative

Hundreds of persons have graduated from the fall 2019 BahamasHost initiative that is designed to improve service and the guest experience in the tourism industry. Kirkland Pratt, BahamasHost’s director of industry training, said: “For the fall 2019

Medical Centre grows to some 700 members

The Eleuthera Medical Centre says its membership has grown to 700 residents in the less than two years since its founding due to the addition of new services. Founded in partnership with the non-profit group, Eleuthera Community Healthcare initiative

Fiscal Council delay on IMF training wait

The Fiscal Responsibility Council (FRC) has yet to give its recommendations and advice on the recently-unveiled Fiscal Strategy Report (FSR), the deputy prime minister confirmed yesterday. Speaking to Tribune Business outside the House of Assembly,

Insolvency conference attracts 140 specialists

Almost 140 persons attended a recent insolvency conference staged in The Bahamas by local and international bodies.The Restructuring and Insolvency Specialists Association (Bahamas) teamed with INSOL International to hold an event attended by 138 del

Wednesday, December 11

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12112019 EDITION

Wednesday, 11th December, 2019.

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Victim dies at scene of knife fight

POLICE are investigating the circumstances surrounding a stabbing incident that left a man dead Wednesday morning.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Human rights are not something to fight for, they are something we already have - even Haitians

We are all born free and equal. We are all entitled to human rights. We all have the right to life, freedom and safety. Gender, race, nationality, class and education level are non-factors. We do not have to earn human rights. There are inherently ours.

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Pioneering surgery helping American woman recover from shark attack

AN American woman is now finding her life returning to normal thanks to being fitted with a robotic arm after losing the limb in a shark attack off Paradise Island two years ago. It was June 2017 – the beginning of summer — when Tiffany Johnson, 34,

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Sands dismisses job fears of junior doctors

A representative of junior doctors in the public sector raised alarm yesterday about the employment status and future of more than a dozen junior doctors but Health Minister Dr Duane Sands said no one is being terminated.

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MP Vaughn Miller quits FNM

Golden Isles MP Vaughn Miller has announced his departure from the Free National Movement, telling Parliament moments ago that he would like to be seated among the independents at the next House of Assembly meeting.

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Energy industry eyed for $80m post-Dorian boost

The Bahamian energy sector is being targeted for an $80m post-Dorian investment that seeks to combine better storm-resilient infrastructure with increased renewable energy penetration. Documents seen by Tribune Business reveal that the Inter-America

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Developer interest sought over LPIA commercial offices

The Lynden Pindling International Airport’s (LPIA) operator has launched a formal bidding process to determine if third-party developers are interested in meeting demand for office space at its location. A Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) sp

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DPM: VAT relief for services 'too costly'

Eliminating VAT on services in the Dorian-hit islands would be difficult to police and too costly, the deputy prime minister said yesterday, while granting tax breaks to companies that do not need them. K Peter Turnquest, pictured , explaining the g

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Bahamas must flip approach to WTO

The Bahamas should go “full steam ahead” in pursuing World Trade Organisation (WTO) membership through a private sector-driven approach that improves competitiveness, an attorney is arguing.

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DPM: No monies for public sector minimum wage rise

The deputy prime minister yesterday revealed that the government has made no provision for a public sector minimum wage increase in this year’s Budget with Cabinet still discussing the issue.K Peter Turnquest, speaking ahead of the weekly Cabinet mee

NPBA: Specialists, Giants in win column

THE Uptown Cuts Specialists and TMT Giants both won their second games of the New Providence Basketball Association’s 2019/20 season at the AF Adderley Gymnasium on Monday night.In the men’s Division One feature contest, the Specialists pulled off a

Ray Minus Sr Boxing Awards all set for Saturday

RAY Minus Jr is looking forward to completing another year with the hosting of Champion Amateur Boxing Club’s 28th annual Kermit Ray Minus Sr Boxing Awards Presentation. The event is scheduled for Saturday at Champion Boxing Club on Wulff Road oppos

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'Mighty Mouse' brings bodybuilding titles home

Paul ‘Mighty Mouse’ Wilson turned in another great performance, walking away with two titles at the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Pro League Caribbean Grand Prix Pro Qualifier in Hamilton, Bermuda, over the weekend. Wil

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Theo making his presence felt in US high school basketball

THEO Knowles is one of the latest Bahamians who have left the Bahamas and is making his presence felt as he continues his basketball career in high school in the United States.Knowles left Temple Christian Suns in grade 11 for Houston, Texas in Augus

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Junior tennis stars soak up experience in Palm Springs

SOME of the Bahamas’ talented tennis juniors are gaining much experience and showcasing their skills at the Lil Mo International in Palm Springs, Florida, where approximately 500 athletes are in attendance. Singles Main Draw In the Boys’ 11, Jackso

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PM pinning hopes on UN pledge conference

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis hopes an upcoming United Nations pledging conference will attract donations that address the housing, environment, education, health, infrastructure and economic needs of Grand Bahama and Abaco following Hurricane Dori

More problems at Rand Memorial Hospital

HEALTH Minister Dr Duane Sands said “unexpected discoveries” at the Rand Memorial Hospital in Grand Bahama have delayed the renovation process. Dr Sands told reporters outside of Cabinet yesterday that along with storm damage, workers have found ter

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RBDF rescues couple out on a fishing trip

THE Royal Bahamas Defence Force has assisted in the rescue of a couple who didn’t return home following a fishing trip. In a joint effort, a new search and rescue (SAR) team consisting of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, the Royal Bahamas Police For

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50 bodies unclaimed in trailer

HEALTH Minister Dr Duane Sands said the government has released the remains of a few storm victims to their families, however there are about 50 unclaimed bodies in a refrigerated trailer in Abaco.

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Union boss cries foul in election

BAHAMAS Public Service Union president Kimsley Ferguson has accused a fellow union leader of conspiring to “sabotage” his ambitions to become first vice president of the National Congress of Trade Unions Bahamas.

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Top officers ‘insulted’ by jobs switch

ASSISTANT Commissioner of Police Kendal Strachan has been appointed chief of security at the Willie Mae Pratt School for Girls, a move his lawyer says he intends to fight.

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‘NO SURPRISES’: Culmer warns FNM MPs - don’t back PM, you don’t back party

FREE National Movement chairman Carl Culmer expects all FNM parliamentarians to support Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis in today’s vote of no confidence in the House of Assembly, though he declined to discuss what repercussions could befall those who don’t.

Port Authority teams with engineer group

The Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) teamed with a non-governmental engineering organisation to ensure Freeport’s rebuilt infrastructure can better withstand future Dorian-type storms. Its partnership with Engineers Without Borders (EWB), a global

Tourism staff discuss industry 'disruptions'

Top Ministry of Tourism executives met with their global sales and marketing workforce to discuss travel industry trends and “the disruptions” impacting the sectors. Joy Jibrilu, the Ministry’s director-general, and Ellison “Tommy” Thompson, deputy


In an article published on December 9, 2019, it was reported that Jeffrey Prescott Kerr was a 50 percent shareholder of Island Luck. This is not correct. He is a 50 percent shareholder in Playmark Entertainment, an entity jointly owned with Island Lu

Freeport retailer targeting early 2020 for full rebound

A major Freeport retailer/wholesaler, which yesterday partially reopened its retail store for the first time since Hurricane Dorian, has ambitions to complete the full renovation by end-January 2020. K Peter Turnquest, deputy prime minister, said it

Ministry teams to launch Bahamas Travel Awards

The Ministry of Tourism has partnered with the Caribbean Journal publication to launch The Bahamas Travel Awards. The initiative aims to celebrate the persons, places, hotels and experiences that are vital to The Bahamas' visitor experience, with aw

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Top labour official: No need for general strike

The Government's top labour official yesterday argued there was no need for a general strike, which should be the “last thing” trade unions should resort to. John Pinder, director of labour, told Tribune Business that Obie Ferguson, the Trades Union

Bahamas gains top tourism conference

A major Caribbean hotel investment conference will be held in The Bahamas late next year at Baha Mar's Grand Hyatt resort.

Tuesday, December 10

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12102019 EDITION

Tuesday, 10th December, 2019.

Union Raises Alarm on Junior Doctors' Future

A representative of junior doctors in the public sector raised alarm yesterday about the employment status and future of more than a dozen junior doctors but Health Minister Dr Duane Sands said no one is being terminated. Dr Sands said the governmen

EDITORIAL: Why the sudden turnaround on minimum wage?

The news of a rise in the minimum wage to at least $300 per week will be a welcome one for public workers – and beyond if the private sector follows suit.

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ALFRED M SEARS, QC: We need to build a safe and prosperous future for The Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian’s $3.4 billion loss has decimated 27 percent of the GDP of The Bahamas making it impossible for the country to make its budgeted $340 million debt servicing on the $8.4 billion outstanding national debt.

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Juvenile has his murder conviction overturned

A MAN previously accused of being an accomplice to murder when he was a teenager seven years ago has been freed on appeal.The appellate court quashed the 35-year sentence Glenardo Johnson was serving in connection to the murder of Owen “Pappi” Rose S

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Senate passes rate reduction bond bill

THE Electricity Rate Reduction Bond Act 2019 was passed in the Senate yesterday. The act, which will replace a similar piece of legislation passed previously by the former Christie administration, allows for Bahamas Power and Light to adjust its rat

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Sands confirms commitment to vaccinations

HEALTH Minister Dr Duane Sands reiterated the government’s commitment to ensuring that the vaccinations brought into the country are safe and properly administered by the country’s medical professionals. “The vaccines that we bring into the country

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Passport renewals can now be done online

THE Passport Office yesterday launched the first phase of its electronic services allowing for the renewal of adult e-passports to be done online. Speaking at yesterday’s launch, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Marvin Dames noted the move as a ma

School board members want $1,000 stipend

SCHOOL board workers in Grand Bahama are frustrated about not receiving a government stipend for hurricane relief, which has been extended to all public sector workers in Grand Bahama and Abaco. In September it was announced that all government empl

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Residents queue up for NEMA furniture

RESIDENTS flocked to Grand Bahama’s NEMA warehouse yesterday for the distribution of furniture at the old Fenestration Glass facility on Queen’s Highway. Vehicles, particularly trucks, were queued up for miles around 9am to load and transport items

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FACE TO FACE: Bind us together – How Marsha poured her energy and effort into building a safe place for battered women

Often when one decides that they want to make a difference in the world, they get involved in some kind of club or NGO… maybe a church’s ministry outreach programme.

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Tourism 'aggressive' on high single digit drop-off

The Ministry of Tourism will be “more aggressive” in countering the “high single digit softness” in 2020 first quarter bookings after it received a $500,000 boost to its marketing war chest. Dionisio D’Aguilar, minister of tourism and aviation, told

Tease photo

Union chief warns over general strike

A trade union leader yesterday warned The Bahamas is headed for a general strike unless industrial relations undergo a fundamental reset, saying: “This is the worst I’ve seen it in 35 years.”Obie Ferguson, the Trades Union Congress (TUC) president, t

Tease photo

Don't cause 'business retreat' through minimum wage hike

The government must not cause businesses “to retreat” by rushing into a public sector minimum wage increase that fuels salary pressures throughout the economy, a top executive warned last night.Gowon Bowe, Fidelity Bank (Bahamas) chief financial offi

Tease photo

Govt urged: 'Set tone' on private minimum wage

Trade union leaders yesterday urged the Government to “set the tone” for a private sector minimum wage hike of between 19-66.7 percent via the Prime Minister’s planned increase for the public sector. Obie Ferguson, the Trade Union Congress (TUC) pre

Tease photo

Cabinet gets 'options' over Nassau Flight

The Minnis administration has been sent “recommendations” on how to proceed with the proposed privatisation of Nassau Flight Services (NFS), a Cabinet minister has confirmed.Dionisio D’Aguilar, minister of tourism and aviation, declined to divulge wh

Tease photo

‘They beat me because I had a job’

A HAITIAN man whose rough arrest was captured in a viral video has alleged that an immigration officer told him he was beaten because he has a job at BTC when many Bahamians can’t find employment.

Dorian: More than just a natural phenomenon

A prominent Family Island prophet from the Pentecostal community is purported to have predicted the coming of Hurricane Dorian to Grand Bahama as divine judgment.

Are we still beyond our Ken?

Your editorial on Wednesday the 4th December is apropos.

Tease photo

Big Red Machine beat the Blue Waves by 62 points

The St Augustine’s College Big Red Machine senior girls put on another scoring clinic as they routed the visiting St Anne’s Blue Waves by 62 points to highlight the Bahamas Association of Independent Secondary Schools basketball action yesterday.

Tease photo

PETER YOUNG: Why one act of evil should not destroy all hope

SUCH is the US mainstream media’s concentration on domestic issues that the serious terrorist attack which took place at the end of last month on London Bridge in the heart of Britain’s capital may even have escaped some people’s notice altogether.

Tease photo

Melania’s twelve days of love

ELEVEN-year-old Melania Nixon is embarking on a mission to show “12 Days of Love and Gratitude” bringing holiday cheer to those she comes into contact.

Tease photo

LIFE LINES: ‘What’s Your Poison?’

Addictions or habits - we all have them to a greater or lesser degree.

The Jewel Of Atlantis

A NEW pageant is headed to the islands of The Bahamas in 2020 and is slated to offer a weekend of exciting events.

Tease photo

A Christmas gift: More sex keeps you healthy

An early Christmas gift of scientifically based facts for Bahamian men.

Tease photo

Expert advice at Family Talks

IN KEEPING with its mission to educate parents on their children’s health, local store Sandbox continued with its Family Talks series.

Tease photo

'There is nothing that I can't do because of diabetes'

LIKE THE average child, 12-year-old Kaiden Moss-Moultrie enjoys a Wendy's meal every now and then and, with her friends, attends parties.

Tease photo

ETHAN QUANT: It's Separation Season

I remember when by this time of year, I would have already abandoned any thought of trying to meet my goals that I had set for this year, mainly because life happened. Yet over the years I have grown to realise the tremendous benefits of setting end of year goals in December regardless of whether or not I was successful in achieving my goals for the year.

Tease photo

$300 a week: Pinder reveals new target for minimum wage

THE government is looking to raise the minimum wage in the public sector to at least $300 per week, Labour Director John Pinder said yesterday.

39 Haitian migrants held in joint operation

A JOINT maritime operation between the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, Police Force, Operation Bahamas Turks and Caicos Islands (OPBAT), and the United States Coast Guard on Saturday resulted in the apprehension of 39 Haitian migrants in the southern Ba

Tease photo

Waltiea to continue pro career in Europe

AS she was being honoured recently by Bahamas Hoopfest as the first Bahamian to be drafted to play in the Women’s National Basketball Association, Waltiea Rolle was making plans to head over to Europe to continue her professional basketball career.

Tease photo

Best-of-the-Best Regatta winners receive awards

THE Ministry Of Agriculture and Marine Resources concluded its 4th annual Bestof the Best Regatta over the weekend on Montagu Bay. Michael Pintard, the minister of agriculture and marine resources, gave the final speech during the closing ceremonies

Tease photo

49ers, Bulls look to win their first bowl game in school history

BOTH head coaches for the respective programmes headed to the Maker’s Wanted Bahamas Bowl continue to tout the resilience of their teams and the obstacles they overcame this season to eventually become bowl eligible. Both the Charlotte 49ers and Buf

Tease photo

Giants rout the Mingoes 107-87

KEMSY Sylvestre scored off the opening tip for the University of the Bahamas Mingoes to put them up 2-0 on the Commonwealth Bank Giants. It was the only time the Mingoes’ led in the game against the undefeated team in the New Providence Basketball A

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Butters posting impressive numbers for the Wizards

SHAVAUL Butters is putting up impressive numbers and is garnering attention from scouts for his play on the prep circuit.The former St George’s Jaguar has made a seamless transition continuing his high school career with the Aspire Basketball Academy

The poor are the majority

PM says he's focused on the poor? Seriously? According to The Nassau Guardian, Prime Minister Hubert Minnis said, “We feel that the wealthy, the rich individuals, regardless of the outcome, they would be able to survive and protect themselves. And we would still need them to help generate jobs, employment, etc, but we would do all we can to protect that grouping that needs protection, and that is the poor and marginalised.

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Grand Bahama still being battered by Dorian

FOR many residents on Grand Bahama, the destruction brought by Hurricane Dorian has only compounded the frustration of trying to make a living in an already anaemic economy that has not been able to fully recover from previous storms more than a decade ago.

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‘14 domes should be up by Friday’

WITH 14 of the government’s 250 dome structures expected to be completed by Friday, Chairman of the Disaster and Reconstruction Committee John-Michael Clarke said yesterday the government is still in the process of determining who will be allowed to live in those domes.

Tourism hits radio airwaves in Florida

The Bahamas Tourist Office in Florida has teamed with its media partners to stage three special shows promoting this nation as “open for business” following Hurricane Dorian. The shows will be held through the Hubbard Radio Alpha Media Network in We

Social media 'untruths' impact bid to join WTO

The Bahamas’ bid to attain full World Trade Organisation (WTO) membership has been made harder by the spread of untruths on social media, the Government’s top negotiator has argued. Zhivargo Laing, an ex-Cabinet minister, told a Bahamas Bureau for S

Gaming Board hosts TCI commission

The Gaming Board for The Bahamas hosted a delegation from the Turks and Caicos Island (TCI) Gaming Commission last week for discussions on best practices and to offer guidance.Board chairman Kenyatta Gibson welcomed the commission as the two regulato

Aliv sponsors Bahamas' Dubai Expo 2020 offer

Aliv has become the title sponsor for the Bahamas Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, which is expected to attract attendees from 192 countries between October 20, 2020, to April 10, 2021. Damian Blackburn, Aliv’s top executive, said of the sponsorship dea

Hotel industry's eye on outlook for 2020

The prime minister was the main speaker for the Bahamas Hotel and Tourism Association’s (BHTA) 67th annual general meeting, which was held last Friday at Atlantis.Dr Hubert Minnis addressed more than 100 tourism industry stakeholders, including BHTA

$14m project enjoys strong reservations

The developer behind a newly-launched $14m real estate project said 65 percent of phase one units had already been reserved prior to yesterday’s ground breaking.Villanova Bahamas, a gated community to be constructed off West Bay Street, is targeting

Monday, December 9

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Boy shot as he plays with gun

A boy is in hospital after he was shot in the groin while playing around with a gun found inside a relative’s home, police said.

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12092019 EDITION

Monday, 9th December, 2019.

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Monday, 9th December, 2019.

EDITORIAL: We hope a life will be saved thanks to the lessons learned from Aidan

There is no greater tragedy than the loss of a child. In today’s Tribune, we tell Aidan’s story. Aidan Roger Dupuch-Carron was born on November 24, 2015, and it was in the following July that his long battle began.

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Video shows officer hitting man in face

THE Department of Immigration’s internal investigation teams are probing the circumstances surrounding a video in which an immigration officer is seen hitting a man in the face, according to Immigration Director Clarence Russell.

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VIDEO: Police shoot into air to calm rowdy crowd

DEPUTY Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle yesterday said the Royal Bahamas Police Force is investigating the actions of two police officers who fired a dozen “warning shots” in the air to quell a public disturbance that was captured on video.

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INSIGHT: Watch the pendulum swing as promises aren’t kept

HARKENING back to the election campaign which decimated the former Progressive Liberal Party government, a major talking point on the campaign trail was corruption.

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FNM dismisses PLP no-confidence vote

THE Free National Movement has called the Progressive Liberal Party’s planned no confidence vote in Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis nothing more than an “ill-timed” piece of political theatre meant to score points with the electorate.

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Minnis: Protect the poor and marginalised

AMID the cost of living increasing in the country, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis said his policy is in place to “protect the poor and marginalised”.

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Fox tries to end US legal action

An Island Luck co-founder is urging the New York federal courts to dismiss the US government's near decade-old human smuggling charges against him because his "rights" are being violated.

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Atlantis industrial action bar extended to March

The hotel union president says “the people’s spirit has not been broken” despite the court-ordered block on industrial action at Atlantis remaining in effect for another three months. Darrin Woods, the Bahamas Hotel, Catering and Allied Workers Unio

Harbour Island deal: Opponents 'to continue fight'

Opponents of a controversial Harbour Island marina project have vowed “to continue to fight” after the local council granted it site plan approval late last week.Michael Wiener, the developer behind the multi-million dollar Briland Residences and Mar

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URCA 'unconvinced' on Cable's channel licensing rationale

Regulators have slammed Cable Bahamas’ explanation for replacing eight TV channels as “unconvincing”, suggesting there were no licensing deals for their use “in the first place”.The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA), unveiling the

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Increase in minimum wage ‘a cold, cynical act’ to garner support - Mitchell

THE prime minister’s recent announcement of a minimum wage increase for government employees is a “pathetic and desperate measure” to “buy support” from the electorate, Progressive Liberal Party chairman Fred Mitchell has said.

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Aidan's Story – A special supplement

Monday, 9th December, 2019.

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The medical blunders which cost Elizabeth Dupuch-Carron her son

MY name is Elizabeth, but my friends and family call me “Lizzy” and for two years a little man by the name of Aidan Roger Dupuch-Carron, called me “mum”.

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Don’t Blink: Who will be the Home Run Derby King?

FOR the third consecutive year, the country’s top pro baseball prospects will host another showcase of local and international talent, vying for the title of the Bahamian Home Run Derby King.

How to tackle next big storm

As a Bahamian owner of a local construction company I have gained knowledge of practical information that I feel can better prepare the country for future Cat 5 storms.

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IT came down to a photo finish but, in the end, skipper Iain Percy of Great Britain and crew Anders Ekström of Sweden are the 2019 Star Sailors League Finals champions.

Ex-PM Ingraham leads observation mission

FORMER Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham led an electoral observation mission of the Organisation of American States to Dominica for its general election last week.

POLICE ADVICE: Spotting the signs can spare someone from a lifetime of abuse

Abuse occurs when one person in a relationship attempts to dominate and control the other person. Usually, the control begins with psychological or emotional abuse, then escalates to physical abuse.

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Long Island’s running tide claims bragging rights as ‘Best of the Best’

LONG Island can claim bragging rights among the local sailing community as the “Best of the Best” in 2019.

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Lashann Higgs scores season high 19 in win over the Volunteers

A SEASON high scoring effort from Lashann Higgs led the Texas Longhorns women’s basketball programme to their signature win of the season.

Top swimmers make a splash

BAHAMIAN collegiate swimmers took centre stage as a pair of new national records emerged from the 2019 Toyota US Open, hosted in Atlanta, Georgia.

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UPDATED: Man dies after crash on Tonique Williams Darling Highway

A man died after a two car collision on Tonique WIlliams Darling Highway early on Sunday.POLICE in New Providence are investigating a traffic accident that left a man dead yesterday.

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WORLD VIEW: When it comes to foreign and local investment, why no level playing field?

THERE has always been tension between encouraging foreign investment and promoting local entrepreneurship. In many countries, local businesses are expected to pay a range of domestic taxes while governments exempt foreign investors from obligation for the same taxes in order to attract their money, knowledge and, in some cases their technological skills.

‘Buddy’ scores 26 in win over Mavericks

DALLAS (AP) — Buddy Hield scored 26 points, including five 3-pointers, and Nemanja Bjelica matched his career best with 30 points as the Kings withstood a furious rally and beat the Mavericks 110-106 last night.

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Henrik the hero of World Challenge

Henrik Stenson claimed the 2019 Hero World Challenge and the internationally acclaimed event also raised funds toward Hurricane Dorian Relief through a challenge issued by the event’s title sponsor.

'Small lull' vital on GB airport re-open

The Grand Lucayan’s potential sale makes it critical there is “only a small lull” in restoring Grand Bahama International Airport to full operational health, the prime minister says.Dr Hubert A Minnis, speaking after the Bahamas Hotel and Tourism Ass

WTO: Bahamas may have to open reserved industries

The Bahamas may have to open some of the 16 industries reserved solely for local ownership to foreign competition in becoming a full WTO member, the government’s top negotiator is warning. Zhivargo Laing, a presenter at the Bahamas Bureau of Standar

Tourism ministry testing private pilot preclearance

The Ministry of Tourism is testing the operation of pre-clearance facilities at private Florida airports in a bid to improve access to the Family Islands, the Prime Minister has confirmed. Dr Hubert Minnis, addressing the Bahamas Hotel and Tourism A

Saturday, December 7

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Henrik Stenson delivers big moment to win Hero World Challenge

Winless in more than two years, Henrik Stenson found himself in the middle of a wild chase to the finish Saturday with Tiger Woods and the elite in golf all around him.

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Woman awaiting deportation dies at police station

Police are investigating after a woman awaiting deportation died at the Central Police Station in Grand Bahama on Friday.

Friday, December 6

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12062019 EDITION

Friday, 6th December, 2019.

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12062019 WEEKEND

Friday, 6th December, 2019.

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Woodland leads as Tiger gets within two shots

NASSAU, Bahamas (AP) — Two big birdies from Gary Woodland gave him the lead in the Hero World Challenge. A closing birdie on a hole that has vexed Tiger Woods put him in range of a third victory this year.

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Cable Bahamas ordered to pay fine and compensate customers for TV channel change

REGULATORS have ordered Cable Bahamas to pay a fine and compensate customers after the company replaced eight television channels without giving the required notice.

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$1,400 lump sum for government workers for Christmas, says PM

ELEVATED wages for government workers are on the way with a $1,400 lump sum payment for workers of the public service, according to Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis.

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800 more jobs - as PM says unemployment rise after storm was expected

DESPITE the government reporting an increase of unemployment in Grand Bahama and Abaco after Hurricane Dorian, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis said about 800 people have been hired recently.

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Case discontinued over woman's shooting

THE Crown has discontinued proceedings against a 24-year-old man alleged to have tried to kill a woman eight months ago, his attorney has said.

EDITORIAL: They deserve a medal

After Hurricane Dorian, the stories were horrific.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Why we need to grasp the benefits of medical marijuana

WITH Prime Minister Minnis’ recent stance, supporting legalising and decriminalising marijuana in The Bahamas, medicinal marijuana and its benefits to both patients and providers should also be tabled.

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Police seek help in search for missing 14-year-old girl

Police have issued a missing person bulletin for 14-year-old Desmonique Dean.

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Henfield shocked to be on loan list

SENATOR Ranard Henfield has been included on a list of people with outstanding delinquent loans to the Education Loan Authority. His name was included alongside 98 others in a notice published in a local newspaper yesterday. “We have not been able

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Dorian cause huge water damage in Marco City

MORE than 2,500 homes in the Marco City constituency sustained water damage as a result of flooding during Hurricane Dorian, according to area MP Michael Pintard. He has organised the Marco City Coalition which is assisting families with restoration

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Govt looking at alternative housing for victims

SOCIAL Services Minister Frankie Campbell said yesterday the government is looking at various housing alternatives for displaced hurricane victims as shelters are set to close at the end of this month. “There are former employers that we’re talking

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US warns Bahamas to be careful of China

WHILE the United States supports the partnership between The Bahamas and China, US Under Secretary for Political Affairs David Hale has encouraged the government to “review the financing terms carefully” of any Chinese assistance offered. Mr Hale sa

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Mitchell questions Dames over Gibson fallout

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party chairman Fred Mitchell criticised National Security Minister Marvin Dames for defending Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson and Assistant Superintendent of Police Debra Thompson amid backlash over their handling the inve

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Investigation ordered at Dept of Corrections after two inmates die

BAHAMAS Department of Correctional Services Commissioner Charles Murphy said officials are investigating a report of prisoners finding fine pieces of glass in their food.

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Better by far

THE Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture has removed the widely mocked decorations on the national Christmas tree and replaced them with more traditional décor.

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'Job half finished' over Dorian zone tax breaks

The Abaco Chamber of Commerce's president yesterday urged the Government to "revisit" its decision to keep VAT on services in the Dorian-hit islands, arguing it had left "the job half finished".

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Unions told: 'Be bigger than this'

The Chamber of Commerce’s top labour specialist yesterday urged Bahamian trade unions to “get bigger than this” and place “saving the country” ahead of their own interests. Peter Goudie, who is also vice-chairman of the National Tripartite Council,

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BTC: No insurer payout for $25m Dorian damages

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) will not receive an insurance payout to cover the $25m of network infrastructure damage inflicted by Hurricane Dorian, it has been revealed.

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December 16 target for Abaco airport re-opening

The government’s top aviation official yesterday said it was targeting December 16 as the date when Marsh Harbour’s airport will be ready to receive international flights from the US. Algernon Cargill, director of aviation, told the Bahamas Out Isla

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Fidelity investors to gain $16.45m early xmas gift

Fidelity Bank (Bahamas) shareholders will next Friday receive an early Christmas present through a total $16.45m dividend payout by the BISX-listed institution. Gowon Bowe, Fidelity’s chief financial officer, confirmed that some $8.949m of the capit

Crushing – a pearl of great price

Somehow reading TD Jakes’ “Crushing” has me waxing retrospective. No small feat, I’ve taken a mental step back into times I’d prefer to forget. My assignment – rehash the pain of each experience, and intentionally try to see the good in it all. My final ideals, simple and universal:

Bringing The Bahamas Back To God

BRINGING The Bahamas ‘Back To God Global Prayer, Prophecy Deliverance and Revival - spearheaded by Mattie Nottage Ministries - was much more than a themed conference, it was a “life-changing” experience for many.

That First Christmas Night

UNDER THE theme “That First Christmas Night,” the ladies ministry of the Mt Moriah Baptist Church, Farrington Road, will host its fifth annual candlelight service this coming Sunday.

Jewels still shining seven years on

The Jewels Ministry recently celebrated seven years of existence with a time of wholesome fellowship and thanksgiving.

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Holowesko and crew shine – Kusnierwicz and Prada are the overall leaders

The penultimate day of qualifying at the Star Sailors League Finals featured another change atop the leaderboard and the best finishes for Bahamian Mark Holowesko.

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Hero World Challenge: Reed takes the lead

PATRICK Reed maintained his spot atop the leaderboard on day two of the Hero World Challenge, but a late surge by the defending champion vaulted him into third place at the end of day two.

I was sorry to see the Christmas tree changed

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. I think the sea-themed decorations on the Christmas tree in downtown Nassau were delightful and I’m sorry they were removed.

Commonsense was lacking on my travels

On a recent trip to one of the family islands, I had received my ticket from the airline on which I was flying and went to clear security.

Too much information missing for my liking

The vast improvement in media (press and electronic) coverage in our Bahamas is commendable. As an avid reader and listener I am concerned about the absence of information on certain matters, in particular those documented herein.

Baptised at sea

Rev Stephen Smith and the Ebenezer church family rejoiced for the six young people who were recently baptised.

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FREEPORT, Grand Bahama — Anglers across Florida converged in the settlement of West End, Grand Bahama, for the highly anticipated 3rd Annual Old Bahama Bay Wahoo Charity Cup. For participants, the event was a thrilling opportunity to sail the beautif

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Bahamas Bowl: Bulls vs 49ers 'an historic milestone'

THE 2019 Makers Wanted Bahamas Bowl matchup between the Buffalo Bulls and the Charlotte 49ers will be an historic milestone for both programmes.Athletic directors and head coaches from both programmes got their first opportunity to experience the Bah

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Xavion, 13, making his presence felt in international judo

XAVION Johnson continues to excel internationally in judo, and spent this fall claiming spots on the medal podium against international competition across several events.The 13-year-old judoka won silver in the 48kg and gold in the 44kg at the Samura

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THE PRESS BOX: 'Defence first mentality' has Lakers firing on all cylinders

WITH a league leading 19-3 record, the Los Angeles Lakers are back in a huge way, the juggernaut of the NBA at the moment. It is head coach Frank Vogel’s defence first mentality that has the Lakers firing on all cylinders. It starts and ends with t

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DIANE PHILLIPS: It all starts with a simple idea

Who among us hasn’t at one moment or another thought, “If only I were younger” or “If only I had more financial backing, I could do such-and-such” or “Why doesn’t someone create a business to do (xyz)?”

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PM: We owe you so much - thank you

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis yesterday thanked the National Emergency Management Agency and other public officers who served on the frontline and helped in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.

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Two charged in separate murder cases

A 28-year-old man is responsible for murdering a teenage girl found dead at Stokes Cabana in the Yamacraw area last month, police have alleged.

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Price of a life - $11k fine and year in jail: Family’s anger at drunk driver who fled crash

A WOMAN tearfully criticised a 50-year-old pilot for not only hitting and killing her father in an unlicenced vehicle while high and drunk two months ago, but fleeing the scene after the accident.

IAN FERGUSON: Employee home work must have set targets

Global workforce data suggests that remote work has increased since the turn of the century. The infusion of technology into almost everything we do has created a platform for work outside the traditional “four walls” of the office.It would be easy t

Dorian: Abaco hotel losing $30k monthly

A Green Turtle Cay hotel operator yesterday said the property is losing $30,000 in room revenue per month after Hurricane Dorian’s devastation forced its likely closure until late summer 2020. Molly McIntosh, general manager of the Bluff House Beach

Out Island resorts see 55% website visit rise

Family Island resorts this year enjoyed a 55 percent increase in visitors driven to their websites by the Ministry of Tourism’s “My Out Islands” site, it was revealed yesterday. Kristel Garnier, lead account executive for the hotel marketing agency,

RBC unveils first 'branch of future'

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has unveiled its first “digitally-enabled branch of the future” at Old Fort Bay.The new branch incorporates the designs being implemented across RBC’s personal and commercial banking network. This includes an interactiv

Thursday, December 5

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12052019 EDITION

Thursday, 5th December, 2019.

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Police investigate apparent drowning

POLICE are investigating the circumstances surrounding an apparent drowning that occurred on Wednesday.

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STATESIDE: A time when the president didn’t always get his way

The World Meteorological Organization this week revealed its annual report on the state of the global climate. It won’t surprise anyone to hear the forecast is dire.

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Convicted murderer in bid to rehear case

A MURDER convict who notoriously escaped from a police bus and prompted an island-wide manhunt three years ago is seeking to have the very same court that dismissed his appeal rehear the matter.Ormand Leon, through his attorney Geoffrey Farquharson,

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Rolle confident NIB has enough resources to meet commitments

DESPITE mounting pressure on the National Insurance Fund brought on by the passing of Hurricane Dorian, Public Service and National Insurance Minister Brensil Rolle said the National Insurance Board has sufficient resources to meet its commitments.

Recovering businesses can get $500,000 loan

RECOVERING businesses on Grand Bahama can access up to $500,000 in credit from commercial banks through a government guarantee programme, according to Davina Blair, executive director of Small Business Development Centre.Ms Blair said the government

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Pilots will need to show valid badges as govt clamps down on hackers

PILOTS seeking access to restricted areas of airports will have to display a valid identification badge to gain entry, Tourism and Aviation Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar said yesterday in the House of Assembly.

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It's beginning to look a little like Christmas

AMID heavy criticism over the national Christmas tree decorations, Youth, Sports and Culture Minister Lanisha Rolle is urging the Bahamian public to hold off on their conclusions of the tree until all decorations have been completed.

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Atlantis hosts launch of ocean pollution prevention initiative

ATLANTIS resort yesterday celebrated the launch of the first Seabin installed in The Bahamas, which aims to reduce ocean pollution.

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Leading doctor faces $300k Fidelity payout

A top heart doctor was yesterday ordered to pay almost $300,000 to RoyalFidelity Merchant Bank & Trust after losing his “negligent/fraudulent misrepresentation” appeal over a disputed margin loan.

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Tax cheats warned: Don't exploit Dorian recovery incentives

Tax cheats and fraudsters were yesterday warned that the government’s revenue authorities will be “stepping up surveillance” to protect the post-Dorian Economic Recovery Zones from abuse. K Peter Turnquest, deputy prime minister, in tabling the orde

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'How much more can financial services take?'

The Bahamian financial services industry was yesterday said to be “astounded” by France’s decision to “blacklist” this nation, with some asking: “How much more can the sector take?” Tanya McCartney, the Bahamas Financial Services Board’s (BFSB) chie

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Turnquest fury over France’s ‘disgusting’ sudden blacklisting

The deputy prime minister yesterday voiced his "total disgust" over France's decision to blacklist The Bahamas as he blasted the "devious" way in which it had been implemented.

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BOB IT manager's conviction for $21k client theft upheld

A former Bank of The Bahamas information technology (IT) manager yesterday failed to overturn his conviction for stealing $21,000 from customer accounts in early 2015.The Court of Appeal, upholding the Magistrate’s Court verdict against Renrick Bowe,

Many shocked at outcome of case

Many, if not most Bahamians, were shocked and disturbed at the outcome of the Shane Gibson case. This included quite a number of PLP supporters. The jury acquitted Gibson on 15 counts after deliberating for a very short period.

A shameful process

Anyone doubting that the present government is engaged in the systematic degrading of our country’s vital institutions need only read the media reports of the Shane Gibson case.

Food fever as Paradise Plates heats up again

HANDS for Hunger is putting the finishing touches on preparations for the 2019 Paradise Plates. The organisation’s signature fundraiser has quickly become known as one of the island’s most anticipated charity events of the year, for both foodies and

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Jaida commits to SEC powerhouse - the University of Kentucky Wildcats

THE pipeline for Bahamian track and field athletes to the University of Kentucky continues with the latest addition to the Wildcats’ programme in Lexington, Kentucky. St Augustine’s College Big Red Machine sprinter Jaida Knowles committed to the SEC

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Reed, Woodland tied atop leaderboard

Gary Woodland and Patrick Reed took a two-stroke lead over the field and are tied atop the leaderboard following day one of the Hero World Challenge.Both shot an opening round -6 (66) at the Albany golf course yesterday.The reigning US Open champion,

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Negri and Kleen in lead at Star Sailors League Finals

DAY two featured a shift atop the leaderboard at the Star Sailors League Finals.Diego Negri of Italy (captain) and Frithjof Kleen of Germany (crew) were just one point behind headed into yesterday’s competition but surged atop the leaderboard after a

EDITORIAL: Playing the partisan game

IT’S taken the better part of half a year, but PLP leader Philip “Brave” Davis is at least on the verge of tabling his resolution of no confidence in Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis.

No-one has solution to society's ills

As I look at the news and see murder continuously occurring, it supports my hypothesis that social structure change is needed. If you only treat the symptoms of societal ills, you have to keep medicating indefinitely, as is the Bahamas’ present trajectory.

Grand Bahama health officials delighted to receive two new ambulances

GRAND Bahama health officials are grateful for the donation of two ambulances after the significant loss of emergency vehicles on the island during Hurricane Dorian. Hospital administrator Sharon Williams said all the ambulances at Grand Bahama’s em

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Air safety? People can’t afford to ride the bus

GOLDEN Isles MP Vaughn Miller attacked the Minnis administration’s legislative agenda yesterday evening, saying in the House of Assembly that many of the bills the administration has passed have no relevance to the major issues facing the country.

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Fire-death mother: She needs care, not prison

AN attorney is trying to persuade a judge to sentence a schizophrenic woman to just half a decade in the country’s mental health institution for killing her two-year-old daughter by dousing her with gasoline and setting her on fire.

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Davis presses button on ‘no confidence’ motion

OPPOSITION leader Philip “Brave” Davis gave notice in the House of Assembly yesterday of a resolution of no confidence that he intends to move against Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis at the next sitting of the House.

Disney selects Bahamas firm for key project work

Disney Cruise Line yesterday said it has selected Enco International (Bahamas), a Bahamian company, to perform key elements of environmental due diligence for its Lighthouse Point project.The firm, which was selected through a competitive bidding pro

Bahamas showcased to Middle East clients

The Bahamas Financial Services Board (BFSB) partnered with the Ministry of Financial Services to host a successful industry briefing in Dubai on November 18.

Sherwin-Williams expands through acquisition of rival

Sherwin-Williams Bahamas has achieved “a milestone occasion” with the opening of its first local “superstore” following the acquisition of competitor, Bahamian Paint Supply. The specialist paints and paint supplies retailer, which enjoys a 20-year h

ART OF GRAPHIX: Tools for achieving the perfect images

Digital photo editing is a marvellous invention. We can take as many photos as we like from different angles and enhance them later using a photo editor. Cropping and resizing are both helpful tools to enhance our less-than-professional camera skills

GB Chamber president queries 50% jobless rate

The Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce’s (GBCC) president yesterday questioned a recent survey that placed unemployment on the island at around 50 percent, saying the figures were “very high”. Gregory LaRoda, responding to the statistics released by B

Port teams to help GB economy 'rise' again

The Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) is moving to help the island’s economy “RISE” before Christmas through its partnership with a global humanitarian and development organisation. Freeport’s quasi-governmental authority teamed with Mercy Corps (M

Wednesday, December 4

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12042019 EDITION

Wednesday, 4th December, 2019.

EDITORIAL: Grand Bahama needs a Grand Plan - and so does The Bahamas

Where does Grand Bahama go from here?

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ALICIA WALLACE: Don’t blame us, Mr Johnson

It is, unfortunately, not unusual for Members of Parliament and Cabinet Ministers to insult the Bahamian people, especially in their bids to excuse their own actions.

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Muslim takes police fight to Privy Council

A FORMER police constable has vowed to fight the government all the way to the Privy Council to get justice for being fired from the Royal Bahamas Police Force because of his unwillingness to compromise a key component of his Muslim faith.Bertram Bai

Tease photo

Davis: I'd establish commission of inquiry to examine court cases

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party leader Philip “Brave” Davis says he will establish a commission of inquiry as soon as he gets into office to examine matters relating to the investigations into PLP politicians acquitted this year of bribery.“The state is a

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Man found not guilty on two murder counts

RENALDO Hudson walked out of the Supreme Court a free man yesterday and pledged to lead a “productive life” after a jury found him not guilty of two counts of murder, attempted murder and armed robbery. “First of all, I got to say God is good,” said

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Tensions rise as NIB workers continue to take industrial action

TENSIONS continue to flare between the National Insurance Board and its employees, who held another demonstration yesterday over failed negotiations for workers’ new industrial agreement.

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Recovery Zone uncertainty fuels govt 'confidence loss'

The government is today expected to clarify the “confusion and frustration” surrounding the post-Dorian Economic Recovery Zones, amid warnings that the uncertainty is fuelling “a loss of confidence”. Marlon Johnson, the Ministry of Finance’s acting

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Solving Customs system woes 'a matter of weeks'

The Ministry of Finance’s top official yesterday voiced optimism that the problems with Customs’ new electronic system will be largely resolved “in a matter of weeks” and “fade quickly into the past”.Marlon Johnson, its acting financial secretary, ad

Tease photo

Customs 'learning curve a bit steeper than we thought'

The deputy prime minister yesterday admitted that Customs’ new system had required “a steeper learning curve than expected” as he pledged to work with the private sector to resolve all woes.Acknowledging “challenges” with the Click2Clear electronic s

Tease photo

Contractor licensing wait 'not an issue' for Dorian rebuild

A Cabinet minister yesterday said the continuing wait to implement the construction industry’s self-regulatory licensing system will “not cause any issues” with post-Dorian rebuilding. Desmond Bannister, minister of works, told Tribune Business that

Tease photo

France acts alone to put Bahamas on blacklist

A former attorney general yesterday warned The Bahamas must "stand up in a smart way" to ensure the survival of its financial services industry amid a threatened "blacklisting" by France.

Tease photo

SENSELESS: ‘Drive safe’ then minutes later he was shot dead

A CLOSE relative of the man fatally shot on Monday night said yesterday that the family is in shock over his murder and wants justice.

Wilson, Burrows and Tigers remain No. 2 in Canada

AS U Sports men’s basketball heads into the winter break, Jordan Wilson, Shamar Burrows and the Dalhousie Tigers remain the No. 2 ranked team to headline Bahamian players competing at the top level in Canada.

NPBA: Giants continue undefeated streak in Division I

THE Commonwealth Bank Giants continued their undefeated streak in Division I while the Asphalt Maintenance Pirates have won three in a row in Division II in NPBA play Tuesday night.

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Hero World Challenge tees off today

THE 2019 Hero World Challenge tees off today with several compelling storylines, most notably for the Bahamas, this year’s event also doubles as a means of bringing awareness and fundraising to the Hurricane Dorian relief effort.

Star Sailors make a splash on opening day

The seventh Star Sailors League Finals got underway with a pair of races on opening day yesterday.

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Hield on Bulls: ‘We just took this team too lightly’

JUST days after defeating the No.2 seed in the Western Conference, the Denver Nuggets, Buddy Hield was vocal on his team’s lack of effort in a loss to the Chicago Bulls.

Seems like a short order

Re: Parts Of Grand Bahama Still Without Power. The Tribune, November 26, 2019.

We can't let customs hold our businesses to ransom

What in the world is going on at Bahamas Customs!

No sugar? Well that's not very customer friendly

I decided to purchase a breakfast sandwich through the drive through of Wendys, Bernard Road. When I received the order I asked for a few packets of sugar and was told by the staff that sugar could only be given to those purchasing coffee or tea from the store.

Time to decide where we want to be heading

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines progress as a forward or onward movement (as to an objective or to a goal): Advance or gradual betterment especially: the progressive development of humankind.

Haunted by ghosts of our past

The after Dorian illegal Haitian drama has ran the gamut yet there is no letting up.

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Children’s homes receive donation at Battle 4 Atlantis

THREE local children’s homes and a school that caters to children with special needs were the recipients of a generous donation from Atlantis, Paradise Island, during the ninth annual Bad Boy Mowers Battle 4 Atlantis championship game on November 29.

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Court reserves decision on nightclub death

THE Court of Appeal is currently considering whether to accede to two convicts’ claims that they didn’t murder another man execution style after beating him up outside of a New Providence nightclub five years ago. Appellate Justices Jon Isaacs, Roy

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Retrial ordered for pastor accused of fondling boy

THE Court of Appeal has ordered a retrial in the case of a pastor who allegedly gave a teenage boy alcohol and fondled him. Arsenio Butler was initially charged in 2014 with indecent assault and child cruelty, the latter charge he shared with co-acc

Major conference to help Bahamas recover

THE Minnis administration and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) with support from the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom will stage a pledge conference on January 13, 2020 in Nassau to mobilise financial and technic

Govt wants to improve security on NIB cards

AFTER an arraignment of a Haitian man accused of applying for two Bahamian birth certificates with a fake National Insurance Board card, Public Service and National Insurance Minister Brensil Rolle said officials are looking at ways to improve the ca

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Turnquest looks to SMES as unemployment rate pushes 50% in Grand Bahama

AFTER a recent assessment of Grand Bahama revealed that nearly 50 per cent of the island’s residents are unemployed post-storm, Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest said assisting entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized enterprises to reopen is the

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Resign? I’m going nowhere

ATTORNEY General Carl Bethel said Progressive Liberal Party leader Philip “Brave” Davis needs “to stop playing politics” after the Cat Island MP called for him to be fired or resign.

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‘Grand Bahama needs grand plan for the years ahead’

GRAND Bahama Chamber of Commerce boss Greg Laroda is calling for major stakeholders here to come together to develop a “generational” plan for the island’s recovery, and its battered economy following Dorian.

Near-total insurance absence 'critical issue'

The deputy prime minister said the near-total absence of hurricane insurance was a “critical issue” after it emerged that Dorian-ravaged communities in Grand Bahama were virtually uninsured. K Peter Turnquest said The Bahamas needs to develop ways t

Davis dismisses $300 VAT light bill bar raise

The government’s plan to increase the $300 VAT-free threshold on monthly electricity bills is an admission that hiking the tax rate to 12.5 percent was a mistake, the opposition’s leader said yesterday. Philip Davis, responding to Tribune Business r

Tuesday, December 3

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12032019 EDITION

Tuesday, 3rd December, 2019.

EDITORIAL: Strong words - but the court will have final say

There were strong words yesterday from Attorney General Carl Bethel about the latest affadavit from Rights Bahamas seeking to prevent evictions and demolitions of shanty towns in Abaco.

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Maynard: BPL customers will pay more than $30

BAHAMAS Electrical Workers Union president Paul Maynard believes Bahamas Power and Light customers will pay more than the predicted increase of $20 to $30 per month on their bills next year. Mr Maynard said that the government is in a difficult posi

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FACE TO FACE: Kayla and her Zontians leading the charge to end violence against women

Why is there violence against women? They are our mothers, sisters… our nurturers and care givers. Why is there violence against girls?

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Protests continue as NIB blames pressure on fund

THE National Insurance Board cited mounting pressure on its fund due to job losses and business closures brought on by Hurricane Dorian, as the agency said it is trying to work with its staff union to conclude a new labour contract.

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Hotel union and Atlantis heading to court

THE BAHAMAS Hotel Catering and Allied Workers Union and Atlantis are set to go to court this Friday, after last week’s protest by workers was called “unlawful” by the Paradise Island resort.

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Tiger earns Hero Shot

Tiger Woods earned the inaugural Hero Shot at the Baha Mar championship yesterday to kick off the 2019 Hero World Challenge. Woods defeated Jordan Spieth in the championship round by a score of 1,800-to-900.

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VAT exemption level may rise to offset BPL levy

The government is “likely” to raise the $300 VAT-free threshold on electricity bills to minimise the impact from Bahamas Power & Light’s (BPL) $650m refinancing, a Cabinet minister revealed yesterday.

Customs system 'worst thing I have confronted'

Large Bahamian merchants and importers yesterday echoed broker concerns over Customs’ new digital platform, with one blasting: “This is the worst thing I have ever confronted.” Lance Major, in-house customs broker for the d’Albenas Agency, told Trib

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Bahamasair flies into action over licence suspend

Bahamasair flew into action after it encountered regulatory turbulence in Canada to ensure the suspension of its charter licence lasted no longer than 24 hours. Tracy Cooper, the national flag carrier’s managing director, blamed an administrative er

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Nassau/PI hotel room nights off 10% post-Dorian

Large Nassau/Paradise Island hotels endured a “tepid” October in the wake of Hurricane Dorian with revenues falling on the back of a ten percent decline in room nights sold. The Central Bank, unveiling its October monthly economic report, revealed t

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'Bag man' revealed in Sarkis papers dispute

An accountant who sat on Baha Mar’s creditor payout committee has been exposed as the “bag man” who passed Sarkis Izmirlian’s confidential legal papers to the project’s main contractor.Legal filings by the $4.2bn project’s original developer have ide

Bostwick-Dean looking to support youth and women

AS the country’s newest senator, attorney Lisa Bostwick-Dean is vowing to fight for the rights of youth and women in the country. “(As senator), my particular interest would be about youth justice and youth matters and I believe quite frankly that i

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Bartender ordered to repay $5,000

A BARTENDER has been given six months to repay the $5,000 he defrauded a local lending institution out of two years ago by using a fake Department of Education employment letter. Magistrate Ambrose Armbrister ordered yesterday that Frederick Rolle,

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UN chief warning on climate change

UNITED Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres told world leaders that the consequences of not lowering greenhouse gas emissions is causing extreme weather like hurricanes, droughts, flood and wildfires. Secretary General Guterres was addressing

Minister of Health to examine 'bush medicines'

THE Ministry of Health is creating an “indigenous health desk” to examine Bahamian ‘bush medicine’ therapies involving cerasee, neem, fever grass and other substances in a wider effort to boost the country’s fight against chronic non-communicable dis

Ex-officer's absolute discharge over child porn

FORMER police officer Edmund “EJ” Lewis Jr has been granted an absolute discharge for his conviction relating to producing child pornography videos between 2014 and 2015. According to a certificate of discharge signed by Deputy Chief Magistrate Andr

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The spine’s foundation

In the case of low back problems doctors often confine a spinal examination to the area of complaint and direct correction to the localised problem. In many cases this produces satisfactory results. Sometimes, however, the improvement may not last; the reason is that the spine’s foundation was not examined

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Cold-pressed juices vs food store juices

A local certified health coach is commending the government for its decision to ban sugary drinks at public healthcare facilities and schools as of December 1. She also hopes the Ministry of Health takes it a step further by replacing the sugary drink options with fresh, nutritious juices that have health benefits.

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Holiday health and fitness guide – Part I

Health coach Ethan Quant, of Elite Wellness Solutions, has succeeded in his weight loss journey and now wants to share his methods with the Bahamas in an effort to foster a culture of wellness and conquer the obesity epidemic.

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New bionic penile implant surgery aims to help increase medical tourism in the Bahamas

This Saturday, December 7, not only marks the the first bionic penile implant surgery to be undertaken at Doctors Hospital, but also the commencement of a partnership between the Boston Scientific Company and Urology Care Bahamas. This partnership aims to offer world-class medical tourism at Doctors Hospital for bionic penile implants.

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Zonta leads the charge in fight to end violence against women

The Bahamas government has made a commitment to end gender-based violence in the country by 2030.

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Make weddings unique again

When Gina Sands-Brooks started planning for her dream wedding in 2016 she quickly became frustrated with the limited options when it came décor and other choices.

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Moms conquer festive stress

There is a lot of joy in the air during the holiday season, but also a lot pressure – the pressure to make Christmas memorable for the entire family can bring out the Grinch in even the most cheerful mom.

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Sadie Curtis: The champions of baseball

SADIE Curtis dethroned Yellow Elder Primary as baseball champions in the New Providence Public Primary School Sports Association (NPPPSSA) sports league.

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Mystic Marlins beat Cobras 47-40 in GSSSA

THE defending champions Dame Doris Johnson Mystic Marlins made an early statement in a matchup of Government Secondary School Sports Association senior boys title contenders.

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NPBA: UB Mingoes dominate Shockers to stay undefeated

THE UB Mingoes never let the JD’s Seafood Shockers in their game at the A.F. Adderley gym on Saturday.

Wait for safer return

I have always been an enthusiast about Bahamas Petroleum Company (BPC), the Isle of Man firm that started its exploration for oil in Bahamian waters over a dozen years ago.

Our Third World status on display

The Free National Movement (FNM) government’s recently tabled Electricity Rate Reduction Bond Bill appears to be an all-or-nothing effort by Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis to salvage Bahamas Power and Light (BPL), even if it means alienating thousands of frustrated Bahamian consumers, who have had to put up with chronic power blackouts for decades.

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PETER YOUNG: When politics wasn’t a dirty word and rivals showed respect

With election fever in Britain building up towards polling day on December 12, this is perhaps a good moment to reflect on parliamentary relationships of the past compared with the deteriorating quality of modern-day political discourse, group values and affinities.

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Davis was the brains - Gibson

SHANE Gibson said Progressive Liberal Party leader Philip “Brave” Davis was the “mastermind” behind the defence strategy that helped him get acquitted last week of bribery charges. “A lot of people don’t know this,” Mr Gibson said last night. “We had a wonderful team of lawyers who represented me. But the catalyst, the mastermind behind the entire defence, was our leader.”

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Warrant issued for Archer

A BENCH warrant was issued yesterday for Omar Archer, the Minnis administration appointed registrar of contractors, after he failed to attend a hearing in a new court action against him.

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SEE YOU IN COURT: Defiant Bethel vows to fight legal moves on shanty towns

ATTORNEY General Carl Bethel yesterday said that the government “will prevail” in the courts against injunctions filed to stop the demolition of shanty towns in the country.

BTVI officials tour Orlando campus

A team of officials from the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI) visited the Orlando campuses of Valencia College as they prepare to rebuild their facilities following Hurricane Dorian. The visit focused on learning how to build and eq

Retailers optimistic on strong Christmas sales

Bahamian retailers yesterday voiced optimism that a solid Thanksgiving showing will translate into strong Christmas sales as they ready for the most important season in the industry’s calendar. Margo Farrington, chief marketing officer for Lorene’s

Bahamas hosting trade infrastructure workshop

The Bahamas is hosting a regional workshop focused on rebuilding quality infrastructure, which is especially timely in Hurricane Dorian’s aftermath. The three-day conference is concentrating especially on the area of trade, based on the framework pr

BISX share index rises by almost 3%

The Bahamas International Securities Exchange’s (BISX) All-Share Index maintained its year-long climb by closing up 2.94 percent for the first nine months of 2019. The trend, which began in the 2018 fourth quarter, reversed the 4.82 percent decline

Development Bank new strategic plan

The Bahamas Development Bank (BDB) says it is developing a new Strategic Plan that combines objectives such as climate change mitigation with environmental sustainability and financial inclusion.Detailing what it describes as a major reform effort, t

PM to lead speakers for business outlook

The Prime Minister, Dr Hubert Minnis, pictured, will deliver the keynote address at the 29th Bahamas Business Outlook (BBO) conference when it takes place on January 16, 2020, at the Baha Mar resort.The conference’s theme is A new era: Resilience in

Monday, December 2

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12022019 EDITION

Monday, 2nd December, 2019.

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Monday, 2nd December, 2019.

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Man shot dead after argument

A MAN was fatally shot Monday night after an argument with another man at a home off Carmichael Road turned deadly, police said.

Move to aid businesses after Dorian

AS small businesses struggle to recover from Hurricane Dorian, Minister of State for Grand Bahama Kwasi Thompson yesterday opened the Small Business Development Centre Technology workshop at the Grand Lucayan resort to get businesses on the path to r

EDITORIAL: A good step - but short-term problems persist

With the prospect of shelters closing by the end of the year, an obvious question arises: Where will people go?

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INSIGHT: So, they think we’ve got problems

AS we approach the holiday season, many Bahamians have been travelling to the United States to celebrate Thanksgiving and partake in the Black Friday sales – with more likely to travel for Christmas to see family. But as our fellow countrymen and women embark on these trips, should the government consider issuing a warning to beware of gun violence in the US? Certainly, it is something that we should, at the very least, have a discussion about?

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INSIGHT: ‘Respect the rule of law’ - they say it but simply don’t do it

The irony of the November 2014 immigration policy launched by Fred Mitchell is that it largely targeted people who had never committed any offence under the Immigration laws.

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Atlantis claim protest by unhappy staff 'unlawful'

ATLANTIS has called last week’s protest by disgruntled union members “unlawful” and unjustified, as it was held the same day a hotel representative was set to sign off multiple sections of a new labour contract. A statement from Audrey Oswell, Atlan

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Minnis defends big increase in travel expenses

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis said increased travel to areas affected by Hurricane Dorian and a need to boost international investments to the country are the reason why the government’s travel budget has increased. The 2019 Fiscal Strategy Report

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Island-wide blackout plunges thousands into darkness - again

TRANSMISSION network failure and related issues caused an island-wide power cut that plunged thousands of New Providence residents into darkness on Friday for hours. The power cut caused great embarrassment when it interrupted the final games of Bat

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Forbes-Smith quits as president to lead reconstruction efforts

KATHERINE Forbes-Smith has resigned as president of the Senate and will become the managing director of the Disaster Reconstruction Authority, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis announced yesterday. John-Michael Clarke and Algernon Cargill will serve as

‘Click2wait’ - brokers blast new system

Frustrated brokers have blasted Customs’ new system as “a dinosaur that has set us back 20 years”, resulting in lost business and a near five-fold increase in the time required to complete entries.

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Cruise port: We will fight crime 'head on'

Nassau cruise port’s new operator last night pledged to lead a crack down on illegal activities at Woodes Rogers Wharf after a video showing a cruise ship tourist seemingly inhaling drugs went viral. Michael Maura, pictured , Nassau Cruise Port Ltd’

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Digital payment sector differs on new licence bar

Digital payments solutions providers yesterday gave a mixed reaction to the Central Bank placing a year-long hold on issuing new licences to prevent the market becoming “over-saturated”.Harvey Morris, Omni Financial Services’ chief executive, praised

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Dorian Recovery Zones may be facing disaster

The Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce has slammed the confusion surrounding how the post-Dorian Economic Recovery Zones and their tax breaks, which took effect yesterday, will work. Greg LaRoda, the GB Chamber’s president, in a statement sent to Trib

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Wolverines donate tennis shoes to CH Reeves Juniors

MEMBERS of Island Dimensions Wolverines donated pairs of basketball sneakers to young men in need at CH Reeves Junior High School. The Wolf Pack also assisted with basketball handling and skills development drills as the Raptors prepare for the curr

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Michigan Wolverines win Battle 4 Atlantis

PRIOR to the 2019 Bad Boy Mowers Battle 4 Atlantis, Michigan Wolverines head coach Juwan Howard said there would be sad faces from players, coaches, staff and fans of the programme, irrespective of the results of the tournament, but because they had

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Battle 4 Atlantis 2020: Penny Hardaway and Tigers added to field

THE Memphis Tigers became the final addition to the Battle 4 Atlantis 2020 field and will make its second trip to the Bahamas in as many years under new head coach Penny Hardaway.During the final game of this year’s event, presented by Bad Boy Mowers

Men's junior national team set for 2020 FIBA Tournament of the Americas

THE final list of eight teams is all set and the Bahamas men’s junior national team now knows the full group of teams it will compete alongside at the 2020 FIBA Tournament of the Americas.The date and location of the tournament have yet to be announc

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Teams arrive in Nassau for Star Sailors League Finals

TEAMS have arrived in Nassau for the Star Sailors League Finals as the best in the sport once again decide the season’s top honours in the Bahamas. Racing takes place December 3-7 in Montagu Bay. This year’s event features several teams that are pre

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Hero Shot today at Baha Mar

The Hero World Challenge has expanded its list of events with several new initiatives, the latest to be hosted at the Baha Mar resort.The tournament will officially tee off on Wednesday, December 4 at the Albany resort, but Tiger Woods and some of th

Law has to keep up with banned drugs

The topic “Synthetic” Marijuana was timely and very interesting. It was held at Wesley Methodist, Blue Hill Road and Chapel Street. The presenter was Dr Kirk Christie; Clinical Director of Female and Substance Abuse Services.

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‘Buddy’ and Kings rally from 17 down to beat Nuggets 100-97 in overtime

SACRAMENTO, California (AP) — Sacramento coach Luke Walton views Harrison Barnes as a calming influence for the Kings, something that showed in a comeback win over Denver on Saturday.

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Belinda sets her stall to be congress president

SEVERAL leading trade unionists yesterday announced their candidacy for the upcoming National Congress of Trade Unions Bahamas election.

Betraying its baptist heritage

Pride Bahamas organiser Alexus D’Marco’s differences with the Bahamas Christian Council (BCC) are irreconcilable, especially given the fact that her organisation is planning on staging a gay pride event in 2020. Homosexuality is explicitly condemned in both Old and New Testaments. Unless D’Marco and her people are willing to repent, what is there to discuss?

Protect resources

To all Bahamians, especially those who reside within the Commonwealth of The Bahamas:

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WORLD VIEW: Term limits for Prime Ministers – unlikely and maybe unnecessary

A DEBATE has now started in parts of the Caribbean about whether there should be term limits for Prime Ministers. The debate arises from the view that longevity in office leads to abuse and to the suppression of challengers both within political parties specifically, and the political system more generally.

Out, after 36 years

WOW 36 years after being sentenced to Life two black Americans were freed and their sentences totally pardoned…36 years and finally the truth.

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Charlotte, Buffalo headed to Bahamas Bowl

NASSAU, Bahamas (AP) — Charlotte and Buffalo are headed to the Bahamas Bowl on December 20. The teams made the announcement yesterday, one week before most other schools find out their bowl destination. The Bahamas Bowl matchup is typically announce

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Kai Jones scores 8 in 10 minutes of Longhorns' 73-71 victory

KAI Jones made the most of a rare opportunity he has had this season with the Texas Longhorns. Jones finished with eight points on 4-5 shooting from the field in just 10 minutes of the Longhorns’ 73-71 win over McNeese State. He set a season high in

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Police hunt phone thief

POLICE are looking for the thief who robbed a man of cash and a cell phone on Saturday morning. Police were told that shortly before 5am, a man was standing near a business place on Robinson Road and Straw Flower Street, when he was approached by an

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Land of the free: Minnis reveals Crown Land giveaway to fuel Dorian reconstruction

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis said the government will provide Crown land for free in Abaco and Grand Bahama to construct low-cost homes for Hurricane Dorian victims.

Aircraft skids into bushes in Exuma

A Flamingo Air Beechcraft 99 airplane skidded off the runway into bushes in Exuma yesterday morning after experiencing engine problems. In a statement the Air Accident Investigation Department (AAID) said the incident happened at 8.30am at Black Poin

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First dome homes open in few weeks

FORTY of the government’s 250 dome structures in Abaco will be made available to displaced families “before” or by early January, according to Chairman of Disaster and Reconstruction Committee John-Michael Clarke.

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Ministry's media drive aims to boost tourism

The Ministry of Tourism says it has scheduled multiple visits by social media influencers and travel writers to reinforce the message that The Bahamas is “open for business” post-Hurricane Dorian. The trips, which began in November and are scheduled

Hotel union: We've sent the message

The hotel union’s president is “confident the message has been sent” despite Atlantis obtaining an emergency Supreme Court injunction to prevent further picketing or industrial action.Darrin Woods, the Bahamas Hotel, Catering and Allied Workers Union

Bahamas signs UK trade deal

The Bahamas has become the latest Caribbean nation to sign a regional trade agreement with the United Kingdom as that nation continues its preparations to exit the European Union (EU). The new Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between members of

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NAD revealing vision for better experience

The Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) is introducing a new vision, branding and special offers from its retail/restaurant tenants to improve traveller experiences at the nation’s largest airport.“When people think of travel, the first thing th

Scotiabank named as Bahamas leader

Scotiabank says it has been named as The Bahamas’ “Bank of the Year 2019” by The Banker magazine, a Financial Times publication. “We are proud of the initiatives launched during the past year, which will provide customers with more convenient and ef

Sunday, December 1

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Suspect shot as he aimed at officers

POLICE shot a man who allegedly pointed a gun in their direction on Saturday morning.