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A NEW pageant is headed to the islands of The Bahamas in 2020 and is slated to offer a weekend of exciting events.

The Jewel of Atlantis, as it is called, will host a competition on Friday, March 20, at 2pm in the Imperial Ballroom of the Atlantis Resort. This pageant has four age categories and is open to females all around the world. Participants will model in a tropical outfit, showcase their talent, and be interviewed onstage by a prestigious panel of judges.

Adding a “Jewel of Atlantis Dance Competition” to its roster, this continued event is also expected to be held on Saturday, March 21, in the Imperial Ballroom. The dance genres offered are Acro, Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, and Musical Theatre. These will be offered in Solos, Duets, Trios, Small Groups, Large Groups, Line and an Improv Solo Challenge.

Kim Genton, organiser of the event, tells Tribune Woman the Jewel of Atlantis Team is made up of people who work with young women on a day-to-day basis. She said the organisation understands the importance of being confident within yourself and having goals to strive for.

“Our event will encompass healthy competition and education for all. On top of the whole concept of healthy competition, we want to offer more than just that experience. Traveling, meeting new people, new challenges, is so important in the growth of a young mind today. Providing this opportunity is what drives us to come to a beautiful island like Nassau,” said Ms Genton.

She said readers and potential Bahamian participants can look forward to an exciting weekend. In addition to the competitive events, the Jewel of Atlantis is offering an education day for dancers. Master dance classes in Contemporary and Jazz and Lyrical as well as Master Acro Classes in flexibility and strength, progression and spotting for side aerials.

“The pageant is really going to have an entertainment component. We have a male/female host which provides more of a show atmosphere. People coming to watch will be engaged so that it will be a pleasure to participate but also enjoyable to watch. It will be held on a beautiful stage and the crowns for the winners are spectacular. We have made it easy to enter as there are no long ball gowns to purchase or take care of. A tropical outfit is what you model in which will be inexpensive to purchase. It is being held on a stage and judges will be sitting in front of. It’s going to be a classy affair but with a welcoming attitude to all the contestants,” said Ms Genton.

She said the theme of the pageant is all that surrounds Atlantis. It will have an island flavour with the jewel being the treasure to win, the crown.

“Pageantry is all about possessing the X factor. The X factor is often different things to different people but always includes a hierarchy of contributing attributes. At the base is the individual’s skills and ability to perform. Other layers include personality, confidence, charisma, and charm. Ultimately, it’s about your overall presence and the ability to command the room. Outcomes for everyone participating is the opportunity to make new friends and network with like-minded people,” said Ms Genton.

She believes events like this often gives young people the confidence and experience to do bigger things. And without events such as this, it’s difficult to imagine satisfying basic human needs including hopes, dreams and confirmation. It’s the pinnacle of driving purpose.

“ Being able to sell yourself in today’s environment is often the key to success. Irrespective of what position you finish in, you benefit from the experience that teaches you life lessons. If you don’t win the crown it teaches you to pick yourself up, handle disappointment, and continue to strive for success. On the other hand, if you are one of the winners, it teaches you humility and the sense of accomplishment. Either way, it will form a part of the individual and the family watching, lives,” said Ms Genton.

She, along with her team, are very excited to come to Nassau and offer this event. That is why they are so hopeful to have some interest from the local people here in the Bahamas. Ms Genton said it is motivating to think they will have a very international event encompassing many personalities and talents. Already there are young girls entering at this point from Canada and the United States. Advertisements are also being done in Europe and Australia as well.

Highlights over the four days will also include a baton competition at Atlantis and KJLI gymnasium on the Sunday, the parade at Marina Village with the Junkanoo, and a spectacular fire baton presentation on Friday night. Organisers are encouraging readers to not miss out on this opportunity to learn in an international environment here on the island of Nassau.

Register online at www.thejewelofatlantis.com. For additional information, contact Kim Genton 224-423-5050 or info@thejewelofatlantis.com. Also, www.thejewelofatlantis.com/events has a complete itinerary.


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