‘No One Knows When Their Hour Will Come’

New play focuses on getting right with Jesus


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To make audiences reevaluate their relationship with God once they leave the four walls of the church is the aim of Samita Ferguson’s first theatre production of the year.

It’s curtains up for her play “The Hour” tomorrow evening at the Church of God of Prophecy Auditorium on Joe Farrington Road.

Mrs Ferguson said the production revolves around a wealthy family who has achieved much in life, however the “much” may not be that important at the end of the day.

“There are decisions in life that have to be made along with making the right choices. The outcomes are determined by the commitment of those who are engaged in the story,” she told Tribune Religion.

“The play brings one to a conscious decision as it relates to redeeming time; the importance of valuing time, because time is not promised to no one.”

Mrs Ferguson who has been juggling roles as a wife, mother, businesswoman and founder of the CHAMPS organisation for girls, has fully immersed herself in playwriting.

She finds inspiration for her productions in many places, but for “The Hour” she took inventory of all that was going in the Church and society at large.

“The inspiration came from the times in which we are living and how individuals are not concerned about their souls or their relationship with Christ. Going to church is one thing, but what about the lifestyle of the individual outside the four walls? There are too many individuals who pretend to have a relationship with God, or may think that their offerings will get them a place in heaven,” she said.

The play will address promises made and not being able to fulfil those promises. The play will also address the topics of pride and peer pressure.

The cast consists of more than 30 people who will act, sing and dance.

“The main takeaway will be to be vigilant because no one knows the day or the hour when Jesus shall return. Also, that people should stop gambling with their souls... tomorrow is not promised to no one. (Come) to witness a story of truth love and power,” she said.

Mrs Ferguson said the play as is family-focused and boasts a message which everyone can benefit from.


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