Thanks to the many who helped rebuild St Mark's

EDITOR, The Tribune

It is with great humility that I embrace Diane Phillip’s heart-warming article The Fall and Rise of St. Mark’s. Diane is a gifted, compassionate writer who has so eloquently captured a time of great fear, an unknown future, and the faith and spirit of Anita Collie Pratt and her neighbours on Acklins in the bullseye of Hurricane Joaquin.

Thank you for your role in publishing this article as I believe it imperative to not only keep the issue in the forefront as, indeed, there is still work to be done but, further, to share with our fellow Bahamians the difference a group of people with the desire to help can make.

Kenny Cargill was a major driving force behind the restoration and I would like to share with you the names of the other Bahamas Hurricane Restoration Fund members who – in their own niches – tirelessly laboured to raise funds, raise awareness, provide hands-on relief during our visits to the ravaged island, down to the administration of and activation of all the tasks that faced us. Together, our little team was compelled to help our neighbouring island rebuild and develop St. Mark’s as their Island Arc — a beacon of hope and safety for Acklins future.

Our Board of Directors: Betsy Dingman, Chairman, David Munoz, Vice Chairman, Lacy Garcia Roosevelt, President and Secretary, Odetta Grant Morton, Treasurer.

Our Advisory Board: Jean Chalopin, Chairman, Bettina Anderon, Jessica Malms, Katrina Vanderlip Perlberg.

Our Committee Members (in various capacities): Kenny Cargill, Tanya Melich Crone, Alannah Ginns, Gevon Moss, Peter Whitehead Jr.,Lacy Garcia Roosevelt, Katrina Vanderlip Perlberg, Michael Huffstetler, Cedric Storr.

I am eternally grateful for the beautiful article and felt compelled to share my story of an amazing group of people who selflessly came together, pulling out all the stops, to help our fellow Bahamians in their time of need. Again, thank you for keeping the awareness of post-storm needs alive and in the forefront as it takes many, many years for our citizens to rebuild their lives and their homes.



February 3, 2019.


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