Time To Cancel Refinery

EDITOR, The Tribune

Real cost ex-solar panel, commercial installation, to grid of solar electricity – there have been reports that the Saudis have pushed the price to 3-4 cents a KW. Just back from Riyadh and can assure you the Saudis admit they are losing big money at that price.

What is the administration costs of BP&L? This is going to be key what solar can really bring. I fear high!

It has been a breathe of fresh air, that Prime Minister Minnis seems finally to understand, that solar is the sole way we will rid ourselves of a fuel surcharge, and bring electricity to a level that we all can again enjoy, using rather than the opposite.

Whilst on Energy - is the Attorney General going to charge the principals of OBAN Energy who took part in that total charade of their agreement?

By the way, The People do not want the refinery, the world is moving far away from fossil fuels so why build a refinery? Please us all by cancelling.



January 28, 2019


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