High Price To Pay For All This Gambling

EDITOR, The Tribune

Dr Fox, did you really blow tens of thousand of dollars on parties and gifts? It is your money so you may spend it as you wish. You claim, however, to now be a man of the cloth, are you really?

The annual give-a-ways in the community is a great thing, or so it would appear, but what are you, Dr Fox, really doing to enhance the lives of your fellow Bahamians, especially those of the Household of Faith and to wipe away the tears from every eye; bring sight to the blind; set the captives free and, most importantly, lead Bahamians to Christ? It is good to have a multi-million dollar home/s; expensive vehicles; exotic boats and cash, but not doing anything of value for the Kingdom of God? No, I do not begrudge you, Sebas or Dirk, but like the rich man in the Bible, with an abundance: ‘Go and sell all that you might have and give it to the poor........’ not likely............

I support responsible gaming et al, but the proliferation and 24x7 hours of operation via the internet will, eventually, lead to the moral and spiritual decline of tens of thousands of Bahamians, merely for a fist full of dollars. If you profess to genuinely be born again, Dr Fox, put your money where your mouth is and deploy it for the advancement of the Kingdom or will you all be like the rich man who asked the aged old question: ‘Rabbi, what must I do in order to be saved? The Master told him: ‘Go and sell all that thou has; give the proceeds to the poor and follow me...”

“The boys them from Island Luck; Paradise Games; Island Games; Bet Vegas and FML.......are still dodging and playing public relations while justifying the destruction and hell- driven decimation of our people. Hey, have a Great Sunday, anyhow.

Ortland H Bodie, Jr


January 20, 2019


mandela 1 year, 5 months ago

Go and ask the same of the mega rich white boys, the only difference is the black boys got to it first


DDK 1 year, 5 months ago

Careful, your racism is showing!


joeblow 1 year, 5 months ago

The only reason Bodie will comment is his palms have not been greased, he is a mouth (or pen) for hire!


Sickened 1 year, 5 months ago

Honorary Doctorate from Life Christian University and he is referred to as Dr.? LMAO!!! AND Doctor of Divinity! double LMAO!!!!!


sheeprunner12 1 year, 5 months ago

Good question ............. what do the Numbers Cartel contribute socially and educationally???

Where does the BTC2% go as well??????? ............ My, my, my ......... Ppl get bamboozled.


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