University Parking Problems

EDITOR, The Tribune

I write this letter because I am very disturbed. I am a mature student at University of The Bahamas (UB). The University decided to complete a much needed parking lot renovation, because prior to them closing the Portia Bain parking lot, at the beginning of January, 2019, when it rained it flooded and the lot did not have holes, but craters.

However, because of the closure of the parking lot, there is limited places that students are allowed to park, and before 10:00am the securities decided to close that area so that students cannot park there.

Therefore, as students we have to circle Poinciana Drive and Oakes Field to find somewhere to park, making us at times late for class; and to add to that the security at Michael Eldon parking lot, does not allow students to park there either; morning, noon, or night and they are not very nice either.

As paying students who are trying to get higher education, what are we supposed to do?



January 16, 2019


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