Af Adderley Junior High Students Make The Grade


SCORES of A F Adderley Junior High School students were rewarded for stellar academic achievement during the school’s awards assembly on Friday.

Seventh and ninth grade students were given trophies and certificates for making the principal’s list, the honour roll and subject awards for the 2018 Christmas term.

Minister of National Security Marvin Dames was the guest speaker and urged students not be distracted or sucked into a vortex of not caring or disruptiveness.

He further told students that success is gender neutral.

“It is very important for each and every one of you as students to understand that success starts with hard work and perseverance,” Mr Dames told the students. “We can establish this for certain.

"You are not going to be successful if you are lazy, disruptive in class, if you fail to do your class work and homework, if you feel like you are the big boy on campus and you don’t have to do your own work.”

As he congratulated students, Mr Dames encouraged them to sit and reflect on the things they need to do to succeed and not be sucked into a vortex of failure.

“Success is not just saying or using the term. I am successful. It comes through hard work and perseverance.

“This vortex of not caring, this vortex of being disruptive when the teacher is teaching the lesson, this vortex when of hanging on the street corner and hanging with the boys when you should be in your room or in your home doing the homework. If you allow yourself to be sucked through that vortex you will not experience the sweetness of success so that is extremely important to understand.”

The minister reminded the male students that success is gender neutral and encouraged those males who didn’t win an award yesterday that they can win one next time.

“As I looked through the crowd, I see we still have a lot of women succeeding. I see a few men out there.

“Sometimes I get the feeling or the concern that especially our young men look at learning as a woman’s job and that doesn’t sit well with me.

“So I say to all of the young men this morning you have to determine your path way. You have to determine that,” Mr Dames said yesterday.


sheeprunner12 6 months, 2 weeks ago

How can these (public/private school) kids make 3.00 GPA ........ but cannot pass 5 BJC or BGCSE subjects????????

How many of these 3.00 GPA public or private school kids can meet MOE Diploma standard?

How many of them can get a national BJC or BGCSE Honours award ????

The system is only about pomp and gimmicks ........ but standards are not high.

They are the critical questions that students, parents, teachers, principals and MOE-HQ need to be asking.


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