How We Maintain Our Public Spaces Tells A Lot About How We Think

EDITOR, The Tribune

Arising from the National address - Cleanliness and totally unattractiveness of Bay Street…have to suggest the full House of Assembly, have to be blind as to the state of disrepair and ugliness. They pass through that area at least once a week. Certain Ministers daily, going to work and they do not see?

Too many billboards, not permitted under the special Town Planning rules, of historic Nassau.

East of Rawson Square…derelict-ville, surely the property owners can be required to wash down these buildings, paint them up and disguise their dirty shop windows!

Too many taxi reserved slots on Bay…potential local shoppers cannot find anywhere to park and spend downtown. Put the taxis on the side streets, with proper signage, nothing lost anyway some park there from sunrise to sunset and never move! On that public parking restricted to 2-hours, then you have to move or be moved.

Government - Adderley Building to the side of Churchill Building, that urgently needs a clean and paint...Cabinet sees that weekly.

How we keep our public spaces, tells a lot of how we think.



February 1, 2019


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