Word Empowerment Event Promises To Deliver Sought-After Answers


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The Word Empowerment Ministry is hosting its inaugural conference at the end of this month to make the spiritually blind see and the deaf hear, and to finally give people the answers they have been searching for.

The three-day event, scheduled to be held from Tuesday, February 26, to Thursday 28, will encourage people to live an effective and victorious life through God.

The conference will take place at the Divine Encounter Ministry International on Faith Avenue, at 7pm nightly. Featured speakers include Apostle Delano Rolle of New Direction Worship Centre, Apostle Brenda Pratt of Global Worship Centre, Apostle Reno Johnson, and Pastor Deon Knowles.

Founded by Pastor Knowles, who is also a member and minister of Mount Tabor Church, the Word Empowerment Ministry is focused on empowering believers. Conferences, seminars and business events have become the driving force behind the ministry.

“This year’s event is expected to be life-changing. Emphasis will be placed on the word of God. So persons who are expecting to come will not only be inspired through the praise and worship and dance ministry by local guests, but mainly through the word of God,” said Pastor Knowles.

He believes that by attending this conference, people will receive answers to the questions they have been wrestling with for years. Pastor Knowles also believes that through the ministry of the word of God, blind eyes will be opened, as God uncover all things that were once hidden.

“Deaf ears will (hear). God will cause you to hear answers that you were waiting for; healing and breakthrough will take place, and God will deliver you from the hurts that you have experienced from others and your past. Each night promises to be a blessing with anointed empowerment speakers,” he said.

Pastor said this is truly the time and season that God wants to be elevated in His people’s lives through expectation and anticipation.

“We have lost focus on the one who really cares about our health and well-being. We have tried everything else, and everything that we have tried has failed. Now it’s time for us to do it God’s way. This is what we are expecting at this year’s event,” said Pastor Knowles.

He is certain that each person in attendance will come to a new or more enriched personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a refocused mindset towards their life assignment. He encourages people contact 822-0115 or e-mail wordempowermentpt@gmail.com for more information.


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