Too Much Secrecy, I Fear

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Why has Government created around BP&L so much secrecy – unusual lack of transparency?

  1. We have the unanswered – How did Shell Americas obtain a position to negotiate a 20+ year proposal for a LNG power generation station, when the party who had the contract - Aggreko – are still providing the generator service? Did Aggreko win the RFP or did BP&L have two winners? The RFP indicated one provider!

  2. Over and above the 80MW RFP, since then Aggreko has added 10+ generators at Clifton. There was no RFP - BP&L and Government need to explain!

  3. Gladstone Road transformer fire...or was it a fire, as BP&L totally contradicted the Head of the Fire Services who said his people fought that fire for over an hour, but a release from BP&L said "it was sparks"? Why is the report secret has it had to go to Cabinet? Does Cabinet now operate-manage BP&L? God help us!

  4. Fire at Clifton - why is the Minister refusing to make this public? If there was a criminal act like arson, by now there should have been arrests. Totally unwarranted yoke to be on Clifton's BP&L employees. Paul Maynard scream, sir!



February 6, 2019


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