Long Range Binoculars?

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Haitian sloops being able to enter the Bahamas and seemingly have free will until just within eye-shot of Nassau - Why?

We hear about sophistication at RBDF and RBPF but all they need are US$579.95 long range night vision binoculars or the large version the US military use which I am sure the US Embassy will be more than willing to donate - three - units solves the problem of the RBDF being blind to wind sailing sloops.

Drones and anything sophisticated you see the RBDF can’t maintain so please keep it simple and save us millions!

Position squads on Inagua - Cay Sal and Rum Cay…a 24/7 watch not a single Haitian sailing sloop or go fast boat should go without being seen. You should be ashamed these sloops get through to Nassau.

Sophistication, Minister, has been proven the RBDF can’t cope with that.



January 6, 2019.


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