Us-Based Evangelist Returns Home Seeking To Wreak Miracles At Crusade

By Denise Maycock

Tribune Freeport Reporter


EVANGELIST Sean Pinder, a native of Grand Bahama with an international healing ministry, plans to hold a “miracle crusade” in Freeport to bring healing to as many people as possible.

After healing thousands of people at crusades in the United States and other countries, Pastor Pinder will return to home on March 8 and 9 for two nights of praying and healing.

Pastor Pinder was in Grand Bahama last Friday and hosted a luncheon for some 60 pastors and their wives at the Ruby Swiss Restaurant to announce and discuss plans for the upcoming event that will be held at the Bahamas Union of Teachers Hall.

When asked what his message is to those in Grand Bahama who are experiencing challenges due to the economic downturn, he said: “My message for my people is that politicians are going to fail you. The FNM and PLP, all of them are going to fail you. Our people need to look to Jesus.

“What God does when He is getting ready to make a nation prosper is answer the hard cry of the people. God prepares a man, and He sends that man among His people like He did Moses. It was not the government; it was the power of the Holy Ghost on a man’s life that turns everything around,” he said.

Pastor Pinder, who was born and raised in High Rock, East Grand Bahama, founded Sean Pinder Ministers and the Miracle Healing Centre in 1999.

He says that since starting the ministry, he has seen over 4,000 notable miracles during his travels through the United States and Africa.

“I am a local Bahamian guy that went to Bible school in 1995, and four years later God called my wife and me into the healing ministry,” he said.

According to Pastor Pinder, he has witnessed healing of the deaf, dumb, lame, and injured individuals around the world.

“Two months ago, I was here in the Bahamas and while preaching people began to be healed,” he said. “I am here (again) to hold a city-wide miracle crusade, and I want the pastors here on board with what the ministry is doing.”

Pastor Pinder has more than 160,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and his sermons have witnessed by millions.

Grand Bahama Pastor Eddie Victor said that Pastor Pinder has a strong following online with his weekly broadcasts.

“Now God has blessed him with an international ministry, and with this, he has gone all across the US and other countries healing people,” Pastor Victor said.

“God has used him tremendously in the healing ministry, and I am helping to coordinate all efforts on the island mobilising the support of pastors and ministries so we can see God move and bring about healing throughout this island.”


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