Why, Why, Why?

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Why is the cable still off and when it is on why are there channels missing, you should get there channels that you paid for, if the package changed someone should let you know, channels have been taken away and added nobody let me know what was going on. I had to have a good amount of awareness?

Why is the Post Office still closed for periods of time it seems like it is closed all the time?

Why is the Public Library still closed?

Why did COB change to a University? I heard that college is Government and University is privately owned, heard from students that the persons with private control of the University Of The Bahamas at this is not doing a good job; I heard student campus life is bad under the private control and the University shouldn’t even be called a university because it doesn’t have a radio station, supposedly in order to be a university you have to have a radio station?

Why is the internet still off?



January, 2019.


MaryMack53 6 months ago

Don't you have better things to complain about? Seriously you worried about cable?


sheeprunner12 6 months ago

Symptomatic of what services (PPP) we all pay for but don't receive value for money in this country ............. that's Kyle's point.

BPL, Bahamasair, GPO, education, healthcare, mailboat, UB housing, ZNS, Cable, banks, internet, foodstores, gas ........... etc, etc.

If you live outside of Nassau ........... you will understand the complaint in the letter.


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