Cooler Weather Heading Our Way On Friday

COOLER temperatures are expected to linger as as another cold front is expected to move in on Friday, said Basil Dean, chief meteorologist at the Department of Meteorology.

While the weather should “warm up a bit “ on Wednesday and Thursday, by the weekend things should cool down again, Mr Dean said.

He told The Tribune: “We have another cold front that will move in on Friday morning and that will more or less reinforce the cold weather over the weekend and enter the early part of next week. So we looking basically at another full week of cool temperatures.

“On Monday of next week we are looking at possibly the upper 50s for New Providence - definitely some low 60s - during the night time after Friday. For the rest of the Bahamas, north like Abaco and Grand Bahama, they would see temperatures in the mid to low 50s.”


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