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Nearly every woman, and even some men, carry it wherever they go. It’s both functional and decorative. Often, it is a fashion statement all by itself.

Being fully aware of the importance of the handbag in style terms, Bolera Glinton decided to create her own line bags that were unique and different from what’s already on the market.

She started out in 2013 and the idea of making bags from goat skin, leather and straw. She decided to take one of her self-made bags on holiday with her and immediately attracted the attention of what became her very first fan. A tourist lady, so fascinated with Bolera’s bag, actually followed her to the rest room at the airport, complimenting the bag and offering to purchase it on the spot.

“At this point I realised I can make this a business. I enjoyed doing it and money can be made. Although it’s been difficult regarding funding, I have done international shows where I have been able to get some exposure,” Bolera told Tribune Woman as she spoke about her BGG Wow Bags brand.

BGG Wow Bags products include handbags, tote bags, wallets, flip flops, portfolios, throw pillows, beach mats, belts, watches and more .

Bolera’s goal going forward is to make the business profitable not only in the Bahamas, but also to reach the international market. She dreams of one day having her bags in high-end stores like Macy’s in the US and Harrods in London.

“My customers are amazed by my work. They love the colour coordination and the unique stye, and many of them report how they get so much compliments. These customers also give out contacts to strangers, friends and family who show interests,” said Bolera.

One of her biggest influences and inspirations, she said, is her friend Arlene Thompson, who believed in her from the very first bag to this day.

“When I am discouraged she builds me up and reminds me of the gift I was given by God to dig deep and keep going,” said Bolera.

For more information on Bolera and her home-based BGG Wow Bags creations, contact 428-1209 or e-mail bgglinton@gmail.com.


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