Pm Playing The Pied Piper Game

EDITOR, The Tribune

The so-called national address by the embattled Prime Minister was straight from the Twilight Zone. His body language was extremely uncomfortable and whatever he did utter bordered on the sublime to the ridiculous. Most Bahamians, myself included, want the PM of our wonderful nation to survive because we are all in this boat called The Bahamas together. Our future, at least here on Earth, depends on the success or failure of the administration of the day, regardless of politics.

To put it, pure and simple, the FNM during the electoral campaign in 2017 fooled the masses who were sick and tired of the antics of former PM Christie and the then disjointed PLP. Many thought that Minnis and crew would have made a difference, positively, in our lives. Their promises and election manifesto sounded like the real deal. The alleged cronyism and corruption under that regime had become too much for the average Bahamian to deal with so, in droves, we voted them out.

Please keep in mind that I have always been a firm member and supporter of the PLP from the days of the late great and deeply lamented Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling. Under the latter dispensation of Brother Christie we had lost focus and dropped the proverbial ball. The FNM waltzed its way into power and the abject cries of the unwashed masses have gone up to the heavens.

Unemployment and under employment have gone up dramatically under Minnis’ regime. Known FNM supporters and overt cronies are now, allegedly, securing huge contracts from the administration, including, some say, of collecting garbage. In fact, in the Stapledon Gardens Subdivision, the garbage has not been collected for weeks, without a word from Environmental Health or our esteemed Minister of Health. What happens when a ‘health crisis’ breaks out as a result of the uncollected mounds of garbage ?

FNM cabinet ministers, with two stark exceptions, continue to strut around just like the Adrosian hogs depicted in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. I am not sure who is Boxer or who is Squeeler but they are all creased up in farmer Brown’s house’ walking upright; dressed in human clothing; drinking wine and, yes, glory be to God, eating pork! When I last peeped through the window, several of them were even dancing to the beat of one of my brother’s song.........’ Just cause she fat........’

Tens of thousands of Bahamians are, in my view, worse off today than they would have ever been under clueless Brother Christie. At least, with all due respect to him, under his watch the average Joe Blow could eat some bread from Community Bakery or Purity Bakery. Now, under the isolated watch of Minnis and his wrecking, many have been relegated to eating cake, if they are able to afford it. Minnis danced the night away at the recent Red Cross Ball, while tens of thousands of Bahamians, throughout the nation, but especially over in Grand Bahama, also known as ‘FNM Country’ are picking peas out of shaving cream.

The PM said nothing new or of any value. As usual, he’s playing the Pied Piper game. This intellectually challenged game is no longer workable. Almost nothing that is going on nationally, in terms of development, was started under this bogus administration. Brother Christie, in his latter years, was a bad captain but, at least we had the Hon. Philip ‘Brave’ Davis, QC,MP; Hon. Kallis Rolle and the Hon. Shane Gibson in place. The FNM and the PM have failed us miserably and they will pay a very heavy price in due course. To God then, in all things, be the glory.



January 29, 2019


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