Pictures We Don't Need

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I firmly believe in the citizens right to freedom of expression and of the press so now in the day of social media and with the proliferation and instantaneous postings Government and especially the law enforcement Agencies need to wake up and be far more responsive to incidents of public interest.

Regrettably we witness the posting of crime scenes the lurid bloody detail which should be made illegal as the act of photographing the crime scene is tampering with a crime scene and should be illegal.

The lateness of the Police in issuing a statement as a result of an incident….take the recent Montell Heights incident....the incident took place around midnight but the people did not come to the public - media until Sunday late afternoon…..I criticise the Police as really they caused a lot of the misinformation as an informed public is better than speculation - innuendo and basic mistruths. Why didn’t the Police issue a text release say at 6am Sunday morning…giving basic confirmed detail of the incident?

Why didn’t the Police call a Press conference at say 9-9am Sunday release as much detail that will not prejudice their investigation but boy far more detail than what the Commissioner was willing to release late Sunday…14 hours after…that press conference was a total waster of time.



July 1, 2019.


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