An Insane Event

EDITOR, The Tribune

I recently read in one of the dailies about an upcoming party to be held on Sassoon Drive in Winton Heights, which apparently advertises the event as “bare naked-The ultimate summer pool party. Apparently it is an economic event advertising general admission tickets as $25 and VIP tickets as $50.

According to the writer, one “Dotty Duck”. It is being held at Sassoon Mansion.

The alarm raised by the writer and is appreciated and well warranted.

Not to conflate the issues, homeowners can have social events at their homes and in a democracy and within the confines of the subdivisions regulations, they can invite whomever this wish and as many as they wish.

The problem here of course is this is a fundraiser inviting the general public. So all walks of life can attend, ankle bracelet and all.

It is absolutely insane that in this day and time some would seek to have such an event. I have not seen the flyer but I would be willing to bet, of all the days of the week, it is to be on a Sunday.

The question then arises who are the residents in this very peaceful neighbourhood to complain to?

If you go and complain to the police, they go to the person holding the party and cite the specific neighbour making the complaint. Neighbours are not worried about that but how does naming the complainant become the issue?

Which agency should we complain to?

Quite frankly, if we are confused, we should rest this squarely on the table of the area’s representative and let him complain on our behalf. After all, does he not represent us?

At the same time, should the resident holding the party be a little more thoughtful and LAW ABIDING?



June 27, 2019


Well_mudda_take_sic 3 months, 2 weeks ago

Well don't bother complaining to Minnis - he and his favoured cronies have probably already bought their tickets to the event.


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