Traffic Men Have Their Own Power

EDITOR, The Tribune

Tuesday around 11am Nassau went dark - the whole island did not have any electricity but the Royal Bahamas Police, Traffic Division must had have a generator and in their eyes nothing changed and it would seem that they did not consider their presence at junctions controlled by traffic lights could need some assistance? Kudos to ASP Mark Stubbs.

Marathon Johnson everyone knows when the lights fail that is a scrummage - total chaos…were there any traffic police? There should have been immediately at least one traffic police officer at every junction with traffic lights….was it because it is 100 degrees outside? Was it because the Traffic Division was not told by HQ? Was it business as usual?

BP&L story as to the truck hitting the wooden transmission pole…boy that truck must have hit that 100ft high pole mighty hard and was very lucky it did not break. Imagine then…days without electricity. Go look the grid wires have a considerable distance between each other for a flash, wires actually toughing, as a result of wires crossing is quite a story.

Well BP&L and the PM taking credit for the idea that big business should be allowed to run their generators - I remember a letter to The Tribune a year or so ago on that…must be the mail finally got to OPM and BP&L Head office and someone read it!

Police needing that shooting alert system…absolutely no need a waste of $1.6 million cancel the order, Minister. Social takes care of that, instantly.



July 5, 2019


DDK 3 months, 1 week ago

Answer to your questions, laziness and ineptitude (aka lack of sense lol).


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