Gain An Edge: Now It’S Time To Give Back

Jared Symonette (left) and Mitthayo Barry (right) receiving their awards at the University of the Bahamas.

Jared Symonette (left) and Mitthayo Barry (right) receiving their awards at the University of the Bahamas.

“I want to give back to my country,” said Jared Symonette, top Accounting graduate of the University of The Bahamas (UB) and Governor General awardee.

Jared was one of the 600 plus students from various islands and academic disciplines, who comprised the 2019 graduating class of UB.

For each graduate, as the page turned and a new chapter of life has begun, they leave their alma mater with a sense of purpose. The path each takes may be different; for some, it will be unconventional, but the end goal hoped for is to make a difference in the lives of others at home or abroad.

Jared, a father-of-two admitted that he endured many trials but was determined to succeed and set the best example for his children. Always good with numbers, the field of accounting was the right fit for him.

“There were challenges, but through perseverance I was able to overcome,” said Jared, who was a full-time student while working to provide for his family.

“My kids are a big motivator for me, so I could always provide for them and be a beacon. I give all honour and glory to God and thank so many others who helped me along the way.”

Jared who also majored in Spanish received two additional awards: the Ernst & Young Award for Accounting and Bahamas Institute of Chartered Accountants Award for Accounting.

Now a UB graduate, Jared aspires to earn the Certified Public Accountant designation, join a public accounting firm and eventually work in government.

“I believe the best way we can help our country is by striving to do our best and give back,” he said.

Meanwhile, award recipient and North Eleuthera native, Mitthayo Barry, B.Ed. Primary Certification: Special Education, wants to go forward by becoming a teacher and a role model for young men needing encouragement.

“I know what love and care can actually do for a person so I decided that I want to catch students at the foundational stage so that I can mold them into what I believe a perfect gentleman should be coming in to junior high school,” he said.

“I had teachers that cared for me all the way up to high school so I want to do the same.”

Mitthayo intends remaining in Nassau to begin teaching.

“I want to remain here because this is where I feel I need to be. Being a male, I want to positively influence the young guys here who need support. Growing up on the island, it was very small but here in Nassau I feel as though I can impact more students,” he said.

Whether in the classroom or crunching numbers UB graduates Mitthayo and Jared have begun writing their new chapter fully grounded, focused and prepared to give back to their country.


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