Rotarians Take The Bahamian Message To Germany


Julien Believe

ROTARY International President Barry Rassin wanted to introduce the world to the sights, sounds and colour of his beloved home country, the Bahamas. Over the past year, he has achieved this as he travelled the globe, never failing to remind his fellow Rotarians of his roots.

To further enhance that knowledge and to share his passion for his home country at the Rotary International Convention in Hamburg, Germany, Mr Rassin has arranged that several talents from his home will be featured on stage during the event.


Jamaal Rolle

The opening ceremony on Sunday June 1 spotlighted two Bahamian artists.

Julien Believe, singer, songwriter and music producer, wowed the thousands of assembled Rotarians and VIPs, performing the Bahamas National Anthem with ‘first lady’ Esther Rassin holding the Bahamas flag. He rounded out the opening with a 20 minute set, including favourites Junkanoo, Caribbean Slide and Down on Bay.

Also featured was Jamaal Rolle, aka “The Celebrity Artist”, also a Rotarian, who created a work of art live, depicting a child receiving immunisation against the dreaded disease polio; its eradication has been a major focus by Rotary for the past three decades – and it’s now at countdown to zero.

“Mr Rassin has had a spectacular year, representing both Rotary and its contributions to humanity and his beloved home, the Bahamas. As his year in office draws to a close – it all ends on June 30, 2019 – not only Rotarians but also his country, the Bahamas, gives a huge thank you to him for representing them both at their very best,” a Rotary press release noted.


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