Budget Under The Microscope

By Natario McKenzie

Tribune Business Reporter


The Financial Voice forum will present a panel of experts tomorrow to examine and offer perspectives on key aspects of the 2019/2020 budget.

The event will take place at the University of The Bahamas’ Harry C Moore Library and Information Centre, under the theme “The 2019/2020 Budget: Road to Recovery or Ruination?” The free event starts at 8pm and is open to the general public.

Hosted by financial consultant Karlos Mackey, the 90-minute to two-hour programme takes place before an on-site audience and will be aired live on OUR TV, Channel 212.

Speaking to a budget which government has termed a continuation of their strategy to bring great efficiency, productivity and accountability to the nation’s fiscal programme will be Marcellus Taylor, PhD, Director of Education, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology; Khrystle Rutherford-Ferguson, Vice Chairman, Bahamas Chamber of Commerce; Gowon Bowe, Immediate Past President, BICA; Dr Marcus Cooper, President, Medical Association Of The Bahamas and Christel Sands-Feaste, Partner, Higgs & Johnson.

Bringing a wealth of highly relevant knowledge and experience, the group will dissect the budget and communicate their findings, assessing how well the 2019/2020 budget articulates the government’s announced strategies, policies and goals. The focus will be on such essential matters as how funds have been apportioned, taxation, gains in ease of doing business, spurring economic growth and overall contributions to social development.

The on-site audience will be invited to comment and/or ask questions of the panel. The Financial Voice also invites questions via texts and emails from those following online or via television.

“We want Bahamians to realise that they do have a voice in their own country. We want you to realize that the Budget is still being debated and you as a Bahamian have a right to join the conversation, regardless of where you are. So if you can’t make it to the live audience, send in your questions. But let’s make this a national conversation. I am so proud that the Financial Voice can provide all Bahamians with an opportunity to share their thoughts, opinions and concerns in a live, interactive forum,” said Joan Albury, president of TCL Group. 

A brand of and organized by TCL Group, the Financial Voice is a yearly event which has become an eagerly awaited fixture on the Bahamas calendar, as many consider this layman-friendly analysis a useful tool in their personal financial planning.


John 4 months ago

Like the budgets of many previous governments, this budget cuts off too much fat for foreigners (in the Bahamas) and special interests groups. So while the aim and intention of the government may be to hit financial targets, its direction may be thrown off by its own pandering and its lack of testicular fortitude to go after the multi billions in assets and cash flows in the country that is not effectively being taxed. So government is, in effect, creating its own revenue shortfalls. And when this happens they will most likely go back to the poor and middle income, hardworking Bahamian, who is already in fear of losing everything he owns, and taxing him more. Why should vehicles, for example, that most Bahamians consider luxury products, be allowed to be brought into the country without duties being paid in consideration of all the other concessions given to motor dealers and in light of the government’s need to collect revenue? Food prices and fuel and energy prices continue to escalate. This is nothing more than a slave-making budget for local Bahamians, who will eventually have to pick up the slack for the unnecessary give aways. Some people may be selling luxury cars duty free whilst others may be purchasing and driving them.


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