Mdeez Murder Wasn’T Road Rage




Tribune Staff Reporter


THE initial police report about how popular singer Devon “Mdeez” Knight died was wrong, Police Commissioner Anthony Ferguson confirmed yesterday, three days after the homicide.

Police on Friday said a traffic collision happened at the junction of Prince Charles Drive and Fox Hill Road involving two vehicles at around 7pm. They said the male drivers subsequently became involved in an altercation resulting in one of them being stabbed multiple times about the body. Police said the injured man, Knight, was transported to hospital where he died from his injuries. 

However, the killing was not an incident of road rage. Instead, Knight was involved in an altercation with a tenant who allegedly stabbed him. An injured Knight tried to drive himself to the hospital but lost consciousness on the way and collided into another vehicle.

What prompted the altercation and attack is in dispute. The lawyer for a 32-year-old man police expect to charge with murder in the matter told The Tribune Knight attacked his client, a smaller man who subsequently drew a knife and stabbed the singer. Knight was the landlord for a property on which the suspect ran a car wash business, The Tribune was told, and Knight was there to demand payment of money owed to him. 

It is not clear why authorities took several days to correct the initial version of events. Commissioner Ferguson suggested officers had not yet completed their investigation in the matter to inform the public sooner. 

“As far as I am aware the investigations were just completed and we can confirm that it was a homicide and we expect to charge someone very shortly,” he said yesterday. “These are the things we have when there are these conflicts. When police give a report in the first instance, it is a preliminary report. We are advised there was a confrontation and it was during that time (Knight) was stabbed and he drove off and the vehicle clashed. When you see that, preliminary reports first, we don’t want to be accused of not telling you in sufficient time and I think the investigation brought us to where we determined it was a homicide.”

National Security Minister Marvin Dames, speaking to reporters, called the incident “unfortunate.”


bahamianson 1 year, 3 months ago

My sympathy to the family of this individual. i am so sorry for what happened to your son,brother uncle, nephew etc. Our country has to do better with everything. Where do I start? if i do, I will be here until next year. People, pay your bills!!!!!!! When you have a service, pay your bills. If you rent, pay the rent.We are too focused on material things and looking good. Spend money on what is important.How many landlords take their tenants to court only to have the judge tell the tenant put $50 on it. That is ridiculous . The judges need to be harsher with the duckers and maybe something like this may not happen. When people are owed money, they don't seek the courts because the courts give you the run around. What a country. when people owe you money, all you do is forget about it because you can't do anything about it.


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