Too Much Brass, And No Privates

EDITOR, The Tribune

The month of March was proclaimed Royal Bahamas Police month and a series of official and community events across the country have been organised.

The OPM announcement of the enforced taking of vacation leave, how this was ever permitted to get this high I have to ask – retirement of the top Deputy Commissioner and two Assistant Commissioners surely could have waited to April?

How does the OPM have the authority anyway? The Police Act is very specific, but it seems this government forgets the laws and does what it feels it should do.

Minister Dames on ZNS…denied there is any replacement - so do we conclude the post of Deputy Commissioner and the two Assistant Commissioners are redundant and do not need to be filled?

Watch for the same coming at RBDF – will be larger than the RBPF.

Too much brass and no privates? Let’s cut both down to size and eliminate waste, but this was a stupid non-PR event of the Minnis Government…totally avoidable…Foot in mouth yet again.



March 7, 2019.


sheeprunner12 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Simmonds ........... and who do you blame for that mess???????? ....... Perry dem


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