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Honouring a Great Man of God’’

P – Privileged to serve the lowly of men.

R- Resting in the arms of Jesus, the Master.

E- Educated to the nth degree.

S- Socialite but humble unto God.

T- Turning a blind eye unto sin.

O- Overwhelmed by Grace and Glory.

N- Never failing nor Faltering but steering a straight course unto Christ.


The late Monsignor Preston Alexander Moss born October 19, 1939 to Preston Moss Sr and Veronica Moss was described by his colleagues in Christ Archbishop Patrick Pinder as a man of very deep faith” and “ deep understanding and knowledge of Holy Scripture.”

The most high reverend Sir died on Monday March 11, 2019 after fighting a lengthy battle and struggle with cancer. He fought a good fight and kept the faith.

Msgr Moss distinguished accolades are many and varied. Moss was amongst the first of many Bahamians in 2018 to receive the Bahamas order of merit award.

In 1999 the distinguished Monsignor, was bestowed a Protonotary apostolic, rank by Pope John Paul II.

In 1981 Moss was a part of a two-man entourage to represent the Vatican at Belize’s Independence Celebration.

Msgr Moss was ordained to the Catholic priesthood on June 4, 1965 and served as a beloved priest for over 50 years before retiring as pastor of St Anselm’s parish in Fox Hill in 2016. He was appointed Chancellor of the Catholic Diocese in 1973 and vicar General in 1975.

Archbishop Patrick Pinder told Tribune media that Moss’s strongest points were his very, very deep faith and very wonderful traits as an engaging preacher; with a deep, deep understanding and knowledge of sacred scripture; which drew him to many like a magnet. He will be sadly missed.

May his soul rest in perpetual peace, to God be the Glory. Great things he has done. We honour a great spiritual Bahamian leader.

Msgr Moss led by example and was considered a role model and high achiever in Bahamian history. Leading the way and being a great leader in the Catholic Church. I join the chorus of many mourners throughout the Bahamian society and the world at large. Moss’s passing has left a void which cannot in this lifetime soon be filled. He will be sadly missed. A sad time, but we rejoice with hope! Gone now, but not soon forgotten!



March 14, 2019


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