Time To Find Paper Trail

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Developments continue and projects are ongoing in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, but why do we seem to be always regressing in our understanding of the procedures and approvals required from our government agencies. Yes, I get it, we hardly trust anything related to the government and its ability to function to our benefit, but we must remember while we discount all institutions; (some may be deserving) we are also demeaning and dismissing the professionals who are given the charge of due diligence and due process.

The proposed $45 million Boutique ’Briland Resort is yet another project that is presently under the microscope and scrutiny, this time it’s the residence of Harbour Island and the tiki torches are out again. We should note a project of this magnitude requires steps and approvals from more than one government agency.

If we as a country would only try to understand agencies like The National Economic Council (NEC), The Bahamas Investment Authority and Bahamas Environment Science and Technology Commission (BEST) and the laws and precepts associated with these agencies, which are easily accessible on The Bahamas government website, we the people will find ourselves in debates that are less ‘on the surface’ and reckless conversations that have no bearing. It is one thing to object against a project that may harm our environment that does not positively impact a community, but to totally dismiss Bahamians who have no financial benefit, but to only do their job is really a red herring and discouraging to Bahamian experts who have years of experience. Anyone with a flicker of a light bulb going off should know that this type of project was years in the making, and I am positive a huge paper trail has been in existence fastened with review comments and consultative methodologies.




May 2, 2019.


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