The ‘Singing Bishop’ To Host Feeding Initiative For Mothers In Need


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Bishop Lawrence Rolle, widely known as the “Singing Bishop”, has been hard at work heading up a hands-on ministry which often brings him into close contact with those who are hurting the community.

These direct encounters with the less fortunate, he said, has moved him to start various initiatives to help people over the years. One such initiative is a feeding programme through which grassroots communities get fed, clothed and spiritually counselled.

While Bishop Rolle successfully hosts this feeding initiative on a weekly basis, he knows assisting those in need is an immense task he cannot carry out on his own.

Therefore, he is calling on members of the public to donate in whatever way they feel inclined to this Saturday when a special event will be presented at International Deliverance Praying Ministry, 2nd Street, The Grove. It will be held from 11am to 8pm.

The event is being held as a precursor to Mother’s Day and is aimed at especially helping hurting mothers in the community. Specific mothers will also be honoured at this event as well.

“However people feel inclined to give and assist, we welcome it,” Bishop Rolle told Tribune Religion.

“We are honouring some of the mothers because we want to ensure people know they are appreciated. Some of them said they are so happy because some of them thought they have never been recognised,” he said.

Bishop Rolle has secured support of former Deputy Prime Minister Cynthia “Mother” Pratt who will donate cases of chicken. Member of Parliament Shanendon Cartwright has also pledged his support.

For the upcoming event, Bishop Rolle has made hats for women. He is also encouraging the public to donate and support the mothers and women in their respective communities.

“We have to do all we can for hurting mothers. We’ve seen some of our young women walking the street, the pressure of today, some of them can’t take it. We have to take care of them as they have taken care of us. It’s the mothers who ensure that this country’s survives, so we must do all we can for them,” he said.

Bishop Rolle, who personally sewed hats this week for his parishioners, said helping his people is all he knows.

On Sunday, he will also host a Mother’s Day concert at the Golden Gates Outreach Ministry.

Bishop Rolle said this event will be a truly uplifting experience.


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