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The Ripple Effect


There are so many things we have shared about “saying yes to me”. We’ve covered how it gives you a different outlook, how it makes you recognise your own worth; as well as how it should make you very selective about those with whom you share yourself. In fact, this entire series has been about helping others find a better path, a new purpose, a more positive attitude or viewpoint.

Our focus has been to shift mindsets for the better, allowing us all to recognise that when it comes to adding to ourselves, improving or enhancing us in any way, the possibilities are endless.

On the drive into work today I started thinking about water. Specifically, the surface of still water – peaceful, unbroken, flat, and smooth; a mirror image of the world above it and a blanket cloaking the world beneath.

Imagine someone tossing a stone into that water. What happens is absolutely phenomenal! The object that alights on the water moves it in such a way that though it has one point of entry, the entire surface of the water is activated. The disturbance creates movement that reaches sometimes all the way to the edge of the water.

One stone, no matter the size will disrupt what is unmoving and settled for inches, feet, maybe yards away; rippling, sometimes revealing what lies beneath.

Because of this, writing today’s article was difficult for me. How do you discuss something so important as the ripple effects of new decisions from a biblical perspective?

A ripple effect is defined as the continuing results of one event or action. In other words, one thing leading to another and so forth. What does the Bible say about this?

One needs only consider the life of Abraham for this. God promised him that because of one act of obedience and faith, not only would he be blessed but that all families of the earth would be blessed through him. (Acts 3:25)

How does this coincide with your yes? Believe it or not, our lives are like that water. Everything about us somehow reflects what we’ve surrounded ourselves with. But, like Abraham, could there be something better, more meaningful just below the surface? Just one yes away?

Sometimes we lock ourselves into endless patterns – same places, same faces, same activities. Our lives become a cycle of the words and deeds that can be predicted into the next day, the next week, and in some cases, months or years. In fact, we become uncomfortable if something new is added to that mixture. But consider this, could your yes, big or small, doesn’t matter, the new thing, be the very thing to change your life for the better? Additionally, could your yes be the impetus someone else needs to make changes of their own?

Let’s take a look at Abraham, or rather Abram, at the time. God told him, in Genesis 12:1, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.” The use of the adjective “your” (yes, I’m an English teacher) suggests that these things belonged to Abram. They were personal to him; they were all he knew. God is, in essence, asking him to say yes to a different way of life. Throw a stone into the water.

I think this is the point in the story where we can say, “…and the rest is history…” Abraham goes on to become the father of many nations, father of faith, father of the Jewish religion, need I say more?

Saying yes to yourself in all things positive has the potential to change your life, and its significance? A ripple effect of positive change for everyone around you.

God bless you this week!


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