Are These Cones Legal?

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I am fully aware there are strict rules as to blocking a road a such and alike the landscape people/workers do daily infant of Bah Mar.

The positioning of red plastic cones blocking one full lane - question is this sanctioned approved by the Commissioner of Police and if these cones caused an accident who is liable if they are there illegally?

I appreciate the workers do need a safe environment to work, but a full lane of traffic blocked and not just one stretch more than one many times on the same side and during high traffic periods.

If illegal then the landscape company needs to adjust and stop placing these cones.

This is a public road - not a private road.

Once on this there are numerous buggies riding up and down that same road unlicensed - can someone possibly Cable Beach Police do something? Are these vehicles permitted to drive on these sidewalk?

Presume yet again as usual the Police looking the other way or worst of all knowing these issues are breaking the law and doing nothing.



May 14, 2019.


Sickened 1 year ago

Silly observations. The landscaping needs to be done and this is the only alternative. And it's not like there is a ton of traffic at any time on that strip. If you can't see far enough ahead of you and change lanes in a safe and smooth manner then perhaps you need your license revoked! Plus, you've obviously seen them out there numerous times so you know to expect it - look ahead instead of looking at your phone!


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