Editorial: Money Talks When It Comes To Us V China

THE Bahamas has found itself in the middle of an international squabble recently.

On one side has been the US, with President Donald Trump, with his White House talking about the “predatory economic practices” of China. On the other hand, the Chinese have been a significant source of investment for The Bahamas in recent years. In response, China has talked of “irresponsible accusations” – and diplomatic relations between the two countries are tense amid battles over trade tariffs, imports and more.

For businesses here, of course, the key factor is this: Money talks.

Businesses, investors and the government turn to China for one simple reason – the money is there to put into projects. If the US wants to counter China’s influence, then talk is cheap, it needs to put money on the table.

That could be happening – in today’s paper, we hear that talks are to take place this week to spark investment in The Bahamas by the US.

That’s welcome – though the fact that the representative also harked back to a meeting two years ago as evidence of the US desire to invest is less encouraging.

The US is one of The Bahamas’ oldest partners – in business and in friendship. Our near neighbour to the north sends us our biggest share of the tourism sector. It is where Bahamians flock to in order to shop. Our children are scattered across many colleges over the water. They are a logical partner.

But while an old friend, it is not our only friend, and China has put money into projects here while US funding was absent.

It is not for The Bahamas to choose sides as the international squabble rages – but if the US wonders why investors turn their eyes to China instead of the US, it is in part because that’s where their projects can find support.

The US needs to back up its words with increased investment – it’s really as simple as that.

Answers needed after shooting

The early morning raid by police that left three people shot dead has raised many questions.

That is nothing new, of course. In the early stages of any investigation, there is much to be learned.

On Friday, we heard the police put their side of the story of what went on inside the house. Today, others in the house have given another side.

What we know is this – after two double homicides in less than 12 hours, Commissioner Anthony Ferguson said the police was setting up a special team to “look closely at certain persons” and within ten days three suspects are shot dead by police.

Any police shooting needs to be carefully examined to ensure it has been justified – a triple shooting by police even more so.

Guns reportedly found at the scene should be carefully checked by forensics experts to see if they match shots fired in the house. Angles at which victims were shot should be examined. The other side of the story should be carefully listened to.

There is nothing wrong with a rigorous examination of what took place – indeed, if the police have acted appropriately, it will enhance the reputation of the force.

We must make sure the truth is clear – a triple shooting requires nothing less.


birdiestrachan 4 months, 4 weeks ago

there are a whole lot of bullets going through that door.


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