An Explosive Celebration To Change The Status Quo Of Young Christians

Samantha Cartwright

Samantha Cartwright

By Jeffarah Gibson

Tribune Features Writer


STRENGTHENING the youth and the wider Christian community is the main aim of the Ignition Youth Explosion event tomorrow.

The youth night celebrations are part of the 84th annual Convocation of the Bahamas National Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention. It will be held at Zion Baptist Church, South Beach.

This event will feature the Ignition Youth Ensemble and Ignition Dance Ministry, which is a combination of singers and dancers from various Baptist ministries.

Both the Ignition Youth Ensemble and Ignition Youth Dance Ministry have been compiled especially for this national event.

Also featured will be well-known Baptist speakers like Minister Nikera Dean of New Destiny Baptist Cathedral; Minister Davonia Williams of Commonwealth Mission Baptist Church, and Rev Deno Cartwright of New Bethany Cathedral. They will be speaking on topics such as “Called to Be Lit”, “All Fired Up for Service,”, and “Don’t Let Satan Blow it Out”.

This night will also see performances by youth choirs, dance and mime groups, drama and solo artists.

“The main focus is to help strengthen the youth ministry of not only the Baptist Convention, but also of the wider Christian community. We are providing an opportunity for young people to minister to one another as well as utilise the gifts and talents given to them by God. We will gather together with the focus of building a stronger relationship with God through encountering his realness,” said Samantha Cartwright, National Baptist Director of Youth.

This event, she said, also provides the opportunity for young people to build new and stronger relationships with others who desire to serve God.

“We are believing and trusting God for all the young people who will come, to know that they can live a daily close relationship with God and have a glorious time while receiving His power and blessings,” said Mrs Cartwright.

“There are few positive events and activities available for Christian young people or those who are young at heart. Some young soldiers for Christ still feel that it is impossible or hard to have a fun time as a Christian; this event goes against that status quo. This is more than a celebration – this event will provide an opportunity for evangelism and expressions of praise and adoration. Baptists and non-Baptists are invited to attend.”

“It is our prayer that the nuggets deposited into the hearts and minds of our young people from the speakers, singers, dancers or artists will go a long way in encouraging some soul, saving another or helping one or two to realise their full potential in God. We want to encourage and foster unity among not just the Baptist Young people but also youth from all denominations reminding them that we are working for the same common goal.”


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