A Comic's View: Time To Enjoy The Funny Side Of Halloween


WITH PLP Chairman Fred Mitchell, wishing the demise of QC and human rights activist Fred Smith, coupled with Speaker of the House, Halston Moultrie still ‘freaking’ himself out in the HOA, politics in the 242 has taken a dark turn, this Halloween weekend.

Rather than continue down that dark path, which I quite easily could, seeing how there is material there, ripe for the picking.

Instead I will share a few funny Halloween tales, courtesy of me and my comedian ‘compadres’ at the Jokers Wild.


This Halloween road story has been retold over and over from various comics over my 22 years at the Jokers Wild Comedy Club.

Apparently one of my best friends in the business, globe trotting headliner Matt Davis, was preforming in Germany.

Bad Segeberg, Hamburg to be exact.

While travelling from Berlin to Bad Segeberg, Davis and his co-headliner, mutual good friend and one of the Jokers Wild’s favourite comedians, Paul Hooper.

Both legendary party animals, Johnny Knoxville and the entire cast from MTV’s ‘Jackass’ had nothing on these two.

So as the story goes, passengers on the train heading to Bad Sedeberg, thought that a hungover, still reeking of booze Halloween reveller, who was dressed up as a zombie, was actually a murder victim.

They were alarmed because his hands and face were smeared with what looked like blood.

Because they suspected foul play, fellow passengers on the train called the police and also alerted the ambulance service.

When paramedics arrived they soon realised that the (at the time, he’s old now) 24-year old man was in a drunken slumber rather than dead.

A little later the police boarded the train, questioned Davis and Hooper, and asked them to remove their frightening make-up.

Davis and Hooper were then allowed to continue on their journey to Bad Sedeberg.

An official police spokeswoman from Bad Sedeberg said:

‘Bad Segeberg is in a rural area and Halloween isn’t very well known there; so people weren’t expecting anyone to be dressed up on the train.’

Can somebody say ‘boondocks.’

An un-attributed acquaintance said to the local police (It was Hooper)

“I was on that train, and my friend looked just the same as normal. I don’t understand why they called the authorities”.

Stand up comedy brings many characters to the stage, ex-fire fighter turned stand up comedian Travis Howze is a prime example.

And he has some of the funniest stories ever.

Without fail, when asked if he had a funny Halloween story, he delivered this nugget.


At 8.00pm on Halloween, October 31st, two fire-fighters could see a fire raging in the back yard.

The homeowner was clearly in breach of the rule on burning leaves after dark.

One of the firemen knocked on the door, and they both waited each holding their helmet in their hand.

A little old woman opened the door and promptly dropped a bar of candy into each helmet.

She then told them, “Aren’t you boys are a little old for trick and treat, and closed the door”.

The fire-fighters left open mouthed.

Howze having a huge sweet tooth returned to the residence, until all the candy was gone and the back yard fire had burnt itself out.

Howze calls it dedication, and going above and beyond the call of duty.

Other comedians, well, we share a different opinion that can’t be repeated or shared here. (It involves cattle and manure).

Until next week, enjoy your Halloween weekend, hopefully it’s full of treats with zero tricks!


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