Lockhart And Hoyte Are Financial Mvps

THE top scorer on Wednesday night in the Financial Bowling League was Sonith Lockhart of the BTC Night Hawks with a 638 high three-game series.

The runner-up was Charles ‘CQ’ Johnson of the Moonlight Strikers with a 244 high game and a 624-second high set.

Obinna Okpunna of the Deloitte & Touché struck for the second high game of 243.

The MVP for the ladies was Janice Hoyte of Rubis Oil Stars with a 212-second high game and an outstanding 587 high three-game series. She was followed by Joy Lockhart of BTC Night Hawks with a 536-second high set.

Camille Burnside of Kirky’s Bar Brawlers toppled the pins for the high game of 218.

The scores for the evening were as follows:

Rubis Oil Stars 2,

ZNS Hill Thrillers 1

Kirky’s Bars Brawlers 2,

Deloitte & Touché 1

Moonlight Strikers 2,

BTC Nighthawks 1

Strike Force 2,

Leno Corporate Services

Ther top five teams after eight weeks of the first half of play are as follows:

Teams Win Loss

Deloitte & Touche 14 10

Strike Force 14 10

Moonlight Strikers 14 10

BTC Night Hawks 12 12


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